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Sunday, 14 November 2021

McFarlane Gold Label Series Mandarin Spawn (Blue) - Pictorial Review

Mandarin Spawn in general is something I never planned on getting, due to the fact that the aesthetic don't really coincide with other Spawns released.

But a friend shared his purchase of Mandarin Spawn Deluxe version which seems quite cool. Scouting around, I found someone selling all 3 variants for roughly the price of Mandarin Spawn Deluxe. So why not?

I'll start with my least favorite out of the 3, Gold Label Mandarin Spawn (Blue) version.

Like I said, the design is unconventional as far as general Spawn design is concern. But he's not new, first appearing in 2007 in Spawn #165

Friday, 12 November 2021

McFarlane Malefik Spawn - Pictorial Review

 Another Spawn. Yeah you heard me

It seems that I'm in quite deep as far as these new Spawn releases are concerned. 

This time, is Malefik Spawn, designed as skin for Mortal Kombat 11 game.

I'm not sure about you guys but the most glaring difference I see in this release is the silver deco on his face, which seems...odd. Somehow it reminded me of the mask of a killer in 90s slasher movie (not saying it's good or bad though).

Sunday, 7 November 2021

McFarlane Gunslinger Spawn - Pictorial Review

Busy time, had been crazed by a lot of work stuff. 

Gunslinger Spawn was not my favourite back then, choosing Raven due to his aesthetic. But I'm fairly surprised by how much I'm enjoying him

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Tigatron - Pictorial Review

I think Tigatron is one of BW characters people look forward to. Well, not because there's anything special about him (it's the opposite, people still think he's just an oversized Cheetor) but because he's the last bot to complete the early Maximal crew, before the introduction of Fuzors (just like people aiming for G1 Season 1 and 2 lineup, or MPM releases for TFTM characters)

Alt Mode

Let us begin. First I want to make this clear. No, he's not Cheetor OS per say. We'll talk about that later. 

The tiger mode looks well proportion and bulky but not as muscular as his MP version. His base color is not all white but with light brown/cream on various parts of his body. I'm guessing it's for a more realistic look, for an animal that's white? 

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Transformers X Dracula Universal Monsters Draculus - Pictorial Review

This is something that was unexpected. The Transformers Collaborative line started in 2019 with the release of repaints homaging pop culture characters/movies like Ghostbutsters, Back to The Future and few others. However, it's possible that the Universal Monsters crossover won't just be a one-off release but with many more to come, focusing on horror/monster characters from Universal Studio.

The first release, Draculus, is based on Universal Monster's Dracula. I believe it is based on 1931 Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi

In Package

Personally for me, Draculus has the best boxart and presentation, followed by Back To The Future Crossover (1st version)

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

McFarlane Violator - Pictorial Review

 I think I've been reviewing McFarlane stuff non stop and haven't do any Transformers reviews lately.

Oh well...

Next, you can't have a hero without his villain. Another Megafig by McFarlane, Spawn's Violator

Saturday, 18 September 2021

McFarlane Raven Spawn - Pictorial Review

I used to have just one side line aside from my Transformers collection, which was ML X-Men (technically 2, the other was Black Series but by just collection unique Jedi and Sith, I get at most 2-3 per year)

McFarlane changed that for me, with the DC Multiverse releases. Batman: Metal, Death Metal then JL Snyder Cut. Still, with a small set of releases, consider those just filling the gap between TF releases.

Then I bought MK11 Spawn and ruined the dynamic. It opens the floodgate to many more Spawn releases.

Presenting, Raven Spawn

Friday, 17 September 2021

Haslab Marvel Sentinel - Pictorial Review

Finally, it's that time of the year. My 2nd Haslab release, Marvel Legends Sentinel. My level of giddiness for it is the same as how I was during Unicron release. 

This crowdfund project started on July 10th 2020 and ended on August 24th 2020. Unlike Unicron, Sentinel backers came flooding in from the get go and ended unlocking all 4 tiers.

In Package

First and foremost, I like the fact that Sentinel comes with brown carton box, unlike Unicron (although since Unicron came in brown box, technically he's without inner box?).

The artwork on all sides are beautifully done with sentinels fighting characters from House of X

Sunday, 22 August 2021

McFarlane MK11 Spawn (Sword Version) - Pictorial Review

Up next, another McFarlane review. Yes, I've been reviewing less Transformers due to the fact that I don't really buy the whole line anymore for Generations but rather getting just those that fits my intended displays (Headmasters-Masterforce-Victory). However I'm still collecting the Legend+ scale and Studio Series releases.

McFarlane Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn sword version was the first variant released before the mace and axe version. I've been on the fence ever since the release due to not being a hardcore fan of Spawn, just generally love the aesthetic.

However got a chance to grab him at lower than current market price so, why not?

He's as I imagined he would be, in a good way. The overall feeling of handling him is satisfying.

Monday, 16 August 2021

McFarlane The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Ciri - Pictorial Review

The 3rd figure of my Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt lineup, Ciri. I'll be honest I don't play the game but I like the design of Geralt and Eredin before. Let's see how Ciri turns out

I must say, I'm impressed. Ciri comes with her sword (and sheath), a base (as other McFarlane releases) and a sword slashing effect, which is something that should've been included with Geralt and Eredin before.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classic Ecto-1 Reissue - Pictorial Review

Next, is the reissue of Kenner's Ecto-1, for the 80s nostalgia of the middle-aged collectors.

I don't have the vintage version to compare so I'll try my best to review this, with some input from other collectors

The boxart is generally the same aside for the additional Hasbro logo (and some other wordings)

The box itself is sturdy and the colors of the boxart are vibrant.

Friday, 6 August 2021

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Playset - Pictorial Review

It's almost time for a new Ghostbusters movie, Afterlife which looks promising. As far as I know, GH Ecto-1 Playset is the third Ecto-1 released for Afterlife so far, the first is the Plasma Series Ecto-1 and 2nd is the Reissue of TF X Ghostbusters Ectotron.

There are 8 new Fright Features figures released for this Playset, 4 of the original Ghostbusters and 4 kids from Afterlife

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Transformers Studio Series SS86 Voyager Wreck-Gar - Pictorial Review

 As far as mainline goes, I personally think SS86 is the most interesting line compared to the others. While it is disappointing that they share the same line as movie Studio Series (smaller number of releases compare to they having their own specific waves), the waits are always worth it.

Coming up next, Voyager Wreck-gar

Alt Mode

Glorious, just like how I remembered him. This is the 3rd release of Wreck Gar since G1, after TFA and Generation.

Friday, 23 July 2021

Transformers Battle Across Time BW Grimlock - Pictorial Review

I've had taken his pictures for quite some time but never got around to do the write-up.

So far the plan is as an extension to having all the BW cast in Kingdom, I'll try to get all the repaints that uses a Kingdom mold.

This repaint follows the original Dinobot mold was repainted into Grimlock in Beast Wars toyline.

Alt Mode

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Transformers Generations Selects Deluxe WFC-GS25 Transmutate - Pictorial Review

This is somewhat irregular purchase for me, under Generation Select line,

Alt Mode

Transmutate is a repaint (with a new head) of Kingdom Paleotrax, the first fossilizer released. 

Saturday, 10 July 2021

MFT MS28 Thunderbolt (Not-Blitzwing) - Pictorial Review

 Finally, we're at the end of the Decepticon Triple Changer lineup by MFT

(Review of MFT Octane can be found here.

Let's get to it

In Package

Good artwork

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Transformers Studio Series SS-73 Grindor & Ravage

Next is for figure that almost nobody waited for. Never had discussion with people and they say "You know what I've been waiting for? SS Grindor"

Nevertheless, here he is, with Ravage

Alt Mode

Just like the ROTF Legend and Voyager class releases before, SS Grindor is a straight repaint of Blackout, transforming into an MH-53 Pave Low

Transformers Studio Series 86 Dinobot Slug & Daniel Witwicky

Now for the 2nd Dinobot after Grimlock. Fans have been waiting for proper, official Dinobots for ages, and was given false promise back in POTP. 

But after the promising release of Grimlock in SS86 line, we can now see how it'll be next

Behold, SS86 Slug (yes, not Slag apparently) and Daniel Witwicky

Alt Mode

I'll be frank. Daniel is a lump of useless plastic, just like Wheelie. So not gonna focus on him, almost at all.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Transformers Kingdom Titan Class The Ark - Pictorial Review

It's that time of the year, Titan-July!

The latest choice is kinda out of the ordinay, while previous Titans were legit Transformers characters, this time we have the Autobot Ark, the ship in which the Autobots crash landed on earth 37 years ago in 1984 (Not the timeline, the year of Transformers debut)

The Ark - Alt Mode

Monday, 28 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Darkseid - Pictorial Review

 Finally, the last figure of the Snyder Cut Wave (for me...for now. Martian Manhunter maybe?).

There are 2 versions of Darkseid available, this version which is mass release and Armored version where it was recently revealed to be SDCC exclusive

I was aiming for the Armored version at first but this version is more 'battle-ready' 

Sunday, 27 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Steppenwolf - Pictorial Review

 Now that we're done with the members of Justice League, time to proceed with the main antagonist, Steppenwolf. 

He is one of the main reasons I decided to collect the line. Wouldn't give it a second thought if the movie still use the theatrical version.

He is menacing. He is sinister. That's the vibe that I got from him right out of the box (also the quality, but we'll talk about that later). He is one of 2 Megafigs released under this line and comes with a base stand and an axe.

Saturday, 26 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Superman (Black Suit)- Pictorial Review

Now for the last members of Snyder Cut Justice League, Superman Black Suit Version. I opted for this version cause this is how he appeared in the movie (and my wife already asked for the Blue/Red version. Can't stand to have duplicates of the figures)

McFarlane WW84 Wonder Woman - Pictorial Review

Coming back to McFarlane. I bought her for my wife before Synder Cut wave was revealed. She kept her MISB and when the news of Snyder Cut wave came out without a new Wonder Woman, I had to trade the new Blue/Red Snyder Cut Superman for her.

WW84 Wonder Woman is a solid figure with nicely done, bright-colored armor. But it does make me wonder, are the colors as such following the bright theme of WW84 movie, as opposed to Justice League Snyder Cut theme? If a Snyder Cut version of Wonder Woman being released, will she be spotting a darker armor instead?

Friday, 25 June 2021

MFT MF-45R Fire Rescue (Not Artfire) - Pictorial Review

 Taking a break from McFarlane reviews for awhile, here's one of MFT newest release, MFT MF-45R Fire Rescue (Not Artfire), the 4th repaints of the mold.

In Package

The box art is different from the previous releases of the mold, a more common design for MFT releases.

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Batman (Masked Version) - Pictorial Review

Continuing on, next is Snyder Cut Batman Masked version. As of now, other available versions are Unmasked and Chase Platinum (goggles on forehead. Yeah, I know). As far as Batman goes, it's a simple choice.

The suits are based on the final battle version, a nice mix of black and gray.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut The Flash- Pictorial Review

 Now, time for the main man of JL Snyder Cut (I like his role better compared to in the theatrical release)

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Cyborg Unmasked - Pictorial Review

 Let's keep the reviews going.

Next, Synder Cut Cyborg Unmasked version. I opted for this version the mask version made minimal appearance in the movie and insignificant meaning to me. As far as I can tell, both versions are identical sans the mask.

Of all the lineup, didn't really paid much attention to him, just a character I needed for my Snyder Cut lineup. Boy, I was wrong.

The whole sculpt is phenomenal! I can't believe the amount of detailing on him from head to toe.

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Aquaman - Pictorial Review

McFarlane is another slippery slope for me. Started with Dark Knights as I love the design and their twisted backstories. Then I decided to have the counterpart for each of them, you know, balance, as all things should be.

Impulsively expended the line with Death Metal but with the small lineup (so far), it should be okay.

It all changed when the fire nation attacked.. I mean when Snyder Cut version of the movie was released with awesome design of Darkseid and Steppenwolf. With McFarlane later revealed their full lineup of JL Snyder Cut (technically no Wonder Woman under that release, just WW84), decided to collect all.

Monday, 21 June 2021

McFarlane DC Multiverse The Batman Who Laughs (w Sky Tyrant Wings) - Pictorial Review

Last year during the start of the pandemic, I was bored and ventured out of the normal Transformers lineup (and some Diaclone) into other things that was part of my childhood. So February last year, I started my first action figure collection with Marvel Legends, focusing on the characters from the X-Men Animated Series.

I completed almost 90% of the lineup in 3 months and so that's that. Then, McFarlane's take on DC Dark Knights really caught my intention. 

After much contemplation (knowing that I won't stop at just one), I started with Batman Who Laugh w/ Sky Tyrant Wing.

My first impression of him was "Wow!"

Given that mostly I handled Marvel Legends and Black Series figures at that time, this figure feels different in hand. 

Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Rhinox - Pictorial Review

Finally, the original 5 of the Maximal team, Rhinox, the BW counterpart of G1 Ironhide. This is the 2nd modern version of the character after the Generation Thrilling 30 version that was released on 2014. 

Alt Mode

Saturday, 19 June 2021

HasLab Crowdfunding War For Cybertron Unicron - Pictorial Review

Lo and Behold, the figure that was dubbed Divorce Class Unicron (jokes aside, I still don't understand the concept of asking permission to buy what you want)

Unicron was first revealed in July 2019 as the second Crowdfunding project by HasLab, after Star War's Jabba's Sail Barge and was released in Malaysia on February 2021, the longest PO for Hasbro release (and most expensive official mainline Transformers).

Alt Mode

Comes in a brown box while the figure itself encapsulated by styrofoam. First complaint. Being that this is a collector's item, Hasbro should've included another carton box outside instead of just using the box with the artwork cause when handling, chances are the box will be damaged

Unicron comes with the figure itself and his wing accessories, display stand, extra face plate (damage version), small stand, and few others

Right out of box, he's in planet mode and no matter how many pictures you've seen, in hand, he really is huge. Despite the planet's surfaces are made out of interconnected panels, the tab are secure that disconnecting them is not quite easy (in a good way). The protruding pillars on the sides are made out rubber but hard enough they don't bend easily. The stand itself is solid and able to withstand the weight even during transforming 

MFT MF-49B Audio Wizard (Not-Twincast) - Pictorial Review

The inevitable repaint of MFT MF49 Emitter/Blaster, KO OS of Magic Square Blaster

Alt Mode

The alt mode is solid although the handle is quite easy to unpegged. The cassette can be stored inside the tape deck but need a bit of effort to take out. Overall the finishing is nicely done without any smudges etc.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Transformers Kingdom Commander Class Rodimus Prime - Pictorial Review

 The most anticipated figure from Hasbro mainline this year, Commander Class Rodimus Prime (usually it's the Titan but The Ark is not your usual Titan)

One of the thing that's highly debated was Is He Worth the Commander price tag. Let's try and see

In Package

Front View

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

MFT MS27 Poison (Not-Octane) - Pictorial Review

One of the recently released, the 2nd Decepticon Triple Changers tackled by MFT, Poison (Not-Octane), and the one I had been waiting anxiously since his reveal.

Alt Mode (Tanker)

MFT MS25 FlyWheel (Not-Tracks) - Pictorial Review

MFT is a new line that I collect, after my hiatus in 2015. At first they focused on making KO of Iron Factory releases, among others, then releases their own mold under Mechanic Studios (MS).

The reason for collecting them was the G1 accuracy for most of the releases and it's space-saving, not to mention pairing them with Hasbro's Titan looks better

Alt Mode

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Scorponok - Pictorial Review

 I didn't start collecting Kingdom Beast Wars when they were first released but my wife decided that some of them are nicely made and wanted them.

So, all or nothing

Alt Mode

The resemblance to the character model is uncanny. BW Scorponok is a character that didn't received love from Hasbro in previous Generations and Masterpiece lines so it's great to finally have an update of him.

The different tones of purple used blend in nicely with highlights of the red at the tip of its stinger and legs. Quality wise, everything pegs in securely however, the scorpion legs are loose a their ball joints which is actually a bummer, given how strong and tight Blackarachnia spider legs.

On the issue of hollow parts on the tails, half of it just Hasbro being Hasbro while the other half is due to the transformation where one on the robot legs peg into the tail

Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron - Pictorial Review

I haven't been updating the blog for 6 years now but I thought I might try easing into it slowly. For starter, let us see Transformers Kingdom recent release, the character that never been properly release under official line, Galvatron

This is the 3 mold iterations of a G1-Inspired Galvatron toy under Hasbro (after Universe 2.0 and Titan Returns, excluding Galvatronus from Combiner Wars).

Alt Mode