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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Tigatron - Pictorial Review

I think Tigatron is one of BW characters people look forward to. Well, not because there's anything special about him (it's the opposite, people still think he's just an oversized Cheetor) but because he's the last bot to complete the early Maximal crew, before the introduction of Fuzors (just like people aiming for G1 Season 1 and 2 lineup, or MPM releases for TFTM characters)

Alt Mode

Let us begin. First I want to make this clear. No, he's not Cheetor OS per say. We'll talk about that later. 

The tiger mode looks well proportion and bulky but not as muscular as his MP version. His base color is not all white but with light brown/cream on various parts of his body. I'm guessing it's for a more realistic look, for an animal that's white? 

He tabs properly in alt mode, the same with Cheetor (and Shadow Panther) but the design of how the tiger head attaching to the body had been changed (hence no tab breakage)

There's additional joint above his paw compared to Cheetor but it's quite loose and looks unnatural most of the time (or maybe it's my fault?)

Visible dual-tones

One of the complaints about Cheetor was that the lack of his blaster. Luckily, Tigatron came with one. Unluckily, unlike his MP counterpart, you can't hide it in alt mode, just attach underneath his body

He's significantly bigger and bulkier. But the size difference becomes larger in robot mode.

Will we get Tigerhawk one day?

I like how even they're the same class, Tigatron, Rhinox, Dinobot and Optimus Primal are different in terms of the size.

Robot Mode

I must say, he's quite close to the character model and his MP version.

Transformation wise, there are differences compared to Cheetor, namely the hands and the legs.

Most people argue that he looks the same as Cheetor, just bigger, hence he's just an OS version of Cheetor. But the similarities are due to the original character model of him and Cheetor. Despite sharing the same base transformation, there are significant differences (which Hasbro don't need to do, but they did) between them.

He looks good overall but the proportion at the side of the tiger head is quite weird, especially from this angle.

The addition of heels improve his stability, something he needed due to his size and bulkiness of his upper body (compared to Cheetor)

Articulation wise he's generally the same as Cheetor. The blaster helps him getting into more poses.

As I mentioned, while the size difference in alt mode is not much to some people, it is quite significant in robot mode.

Visible differences on his hands and legs

Maximal crew, assemble! One thing that worries me initially was how serious are they in updating the Beast Wars figures and releasing them under the main line. Good to know that we've already completed the main Maximals. Now, waiting for few more Predacons (which already rumored to be released next year)


  1. A fair and honest review. Keep up the spirit!

  2. Does anyone else have a problem with the ball joint where his front tiger's leg pops on coming loose?! I hope I didn't damage it by cutting the cardboard and tearing the rest to remove the figure. Sigh. I'm a 5 year old trapped in a 39 year old's body sometimes! Seriously though.. the leg wants to come off quite easily! If you just slightly move it in a swivel motion, it just ever so gently falls off. I doubt it's something I did removing him from the box. I imagine it's multiple molds, and is simply a little larger than the ball joint it pops over.
    I'd hate to exchange him to get one that has loose robot mode legs.. mine is tight otherwise.
    Please advise.

  3. To reiterate, I'm seeing how my Shadow Panther transforms, and his legs are loose as well. So, it's not like it's uncommon I imagine. I'd still like to read if anyone else has similar issues.. thank you

    1. Sorry for the later reply. On mine, it's not too tight but not too loose to the extend of it easily moveable