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Saturday, 31 August 2013

TFC F-16 Falcon [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

Finally, nearing the end of Project Uranos however, despite the long wait, I dreaded the fact that it arrived simultaneously with ACG-HK Metroplex... I'm broke...

Let's continue, with the last member of TFC's Project Uranos (but not the last release, waiting for Wing Of Uranos), F-16 Falcon, Not-Skydive

Pic Credit : Web
Being the geek of the group, Skydive enjoys reading, a lot, before the hobby was destroyed with the release of Twilight Saga (LOL). However, foes are not to take him lightly, as he's capable of mimicking any flight patterns, any aerial tactics thanks to his filled up databank through his 'geeky' hobby. Just as his team members were, except for Silverbolt, Skydive was not, initially, bound to the whole Autobots cause.

Monday, 26 August 2013

TFC AV-8B Harrier II [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

It's been 4 months since the last update on Project Uranos. It might be old news already for some, I've just received the 4th member, AV-8B Harrier II (Not-Slingshot)

Pic Credit : Web

A selfish jerk! That pretty much summed him up. Slingshot, along with other members of the Aerialbots, was created as countermeasure and answer to The Stunticons threats. However, Slingshot made it clear that the safety of the earth, human and fellow Autobots are none of his concerns. Not to mention his zero respect to his commander, Silverbolt.

Despite having his opinion about the Autobots and protecting the innocence changed, Slingshot admired the Decepticons Jets and more, Megatron himself. It didn't last as Slingshot and the rest of the Aerialbots went back in time to Cybertron's pre-war era and watched with their own optics as past-Megatron casually destroy past-Orion Pax.

Pic Credit : Web
With that, he declared that Megatron will never be able to run from the Aerialbots ever again! Which Megatron did...over and over again...

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Generations Hoist - Pictorial Review

Generations 3.0 continues, now with 2 additional Deluxes through the 2nd Wave release, Generations Hoist and Thundercracker. Sadly though, Thundercracker is FOC Starscream's repaint which by default, I won't buy it. So that left me with Hoist. Who is Hoist?

Pic Credit : Web
A familiar face to the fan (maybe because he looks like Trailbreaker), Hoist is one of the favorite recurring character in the G1 cartoon. Most notable episode would be "The Master Builder" where upon rejection, Hoist and his trouble-mate, Grapple, turns to the Constructicons for help so they could build the Solar Power Tower (which back then, was a big deal)

Although not apparent, Hoist was a doctor to the Autobots, almost as much as Ratchet was. Hoist never really played a big role throughout the series but he were there for the most of it. Before we move on, here's a blast from the past

G1 Hoist
Pic Credit : Web

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Midnight Express~

Finished my long overdue review of Planet X's Genesis, maybe will be taking some normal stuff after this.

Was surprised to see that my Photobucket links are down due to fact that I exceeded the bandwith usage. Was MORE surprised that I reached the 16000 mark during last weekend.

Thank you all for the support! My hedgehog bid thee goodnight

Planet X Genesis - Pictorial Review

Everyone loves big bots! No one can deny that. Back in the 80's, aside for the combiners that ran around, destroying cities, there was Omega Supreme, one of the largest Autobots out there

Pic Credit : Web
Once a member of the legendary Guardians, Omega was in charge of guarding the Crystal City of Cybertron. Betrayed by his now-corrupted-to-evil friend, the city's creator, The Constructicons, Omega Supreme was taken aback while he watched the destructions of the city. Thus begin the million years hunt for revenge.

Pic Credit : Web
Omega Supreme can be considered lucky enough to be one of the characters that appeared in other continuity/timelines other that G1 itself. The character also appeared in Transformers Energon and Animated series, bearing the homage of the original Omega Supreme.

Much recently, through the popular third-person shooter video game by High Moon Studio in 2010, Omega Supreme also made an appearance in Transformers : War For Cybertron

He skipped leg-day
Pic Credit : Web

In 2012, a newcomer in 3rd Party league suddenly made an appearance, and amazed the fan. Planet X made their debut with teaser of their 1st project, Genesis. Being a literally unknown company, Genesis caught the fan's attention with this ambitious release.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fansproject [Causality] CA-11 Down Force - Pictorial Review

First and foremost, thanks to 1 Toy for lending me this figure to be reviewed

Pic Credit : Web

The third member of the Stunticons, Drag Strip is the most competitive spark in the group. Winning no more becomes an option, it's a must for that he rather be obliterated than losing. Like the rest of his comrades, Drag Strip debut in the 2-part episode "The Key To Vector Sigma"

Drag Strip is one the recurring charatcters that showed up in almost all publications. He was originally voiced by Ronald Gans in the G1 animated series

Back in the days
Pic Credit : Web

In 2008, Drag Strip, a re-deco of Classics Deluxe Mirage was released under Universe Special Edition which only had 4 figures on its catalogue.

Now, let us continue with the 3rd release of Fansproject's Not-Stunticons, Down Force (Not-Drag Strip)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Generations IDW Orion Pax - Pictorial Review

Now, for the best of the bunch, the last of Generations 3.0 First Wave Deluxe, the most anticipated (I know I did), iconic and obscure character in the G1 continuity.

Before there was a Soldier, there was a civilian, before there was war, there was peace, before there was the greatest leader Autobots had ever had, there was the run-of-the-mill bot, Orion Pax

Orion Pax and Ariel (the former Elita-One)
Pic Credit : Web

Based on the G1 continuity, before the war broke out and devastate Cybertron, bringing the inhabitants to the brink of extinction, Optimus Prime was known as Orion Pax, hard-working dock worker that knew nothing about war, let alone commanding one side of it.

Towards the end of Golden Age of Cybertron, a new generation of Cybertronian surfaced, more powerful  with the new robot-mode flight, lead by the one and only, Megatron. Fate brought them together, Megatron took interest in the dock warehouse where Orion Pax was at and the clash begin...but ended shortly with Orion Pax and Ariel being critically wounded. 

End of Orion Pax
Pic Credit : Web
Brought to Alpha Trion who in return, helped to save them, Orion Pax and Ariel were both used as the first subject to his new reconstruction process, restructuring and reconfiguring them as Optimus Prime and Elita-One respectively. (Elita One's name shares the same root meaning as Optimus Prime's: "Best First")

G1 Orion Pax and Dion
Pic Credit : Web