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Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Transformers Studio Series SS-101 Leader Class Scourge - Pictorial Review

 Saving the best for last. The SS ROTB releases that caught the attention of the fans when first revealed.

SS-101, the first of the 2nd hundred lineup, starting up strong. Terrocon Scourge, the leader of the Terrocon. The big baddy

In Package

Unlike the deluxe and voyager, SS leader comes with windowless box. Others might prefer otherwise but with that artwork, hard to care.

Transformers Studio Series SS-98 Voyager Cheetor - Pictorial Review

Moving on to the 2nd Beast release of SS ROTB, Cheetor. Just revisiting Beast Wars, personally for me Cheetor was the Bumblebee of the series. Had always loved his character's growth and arcs.

In Package

From the artwork, it's obvious SS Cheetor is different than ROTB mainline Cheetor (in a good way).

Transformers Studio Series SS-97 Deluxe Airazor - Pictorial Review

Withith Transformers: Rise of the Beast upon us, let us review the toys for the characters of the movie, under the Studio Series line, brought to you courtesy of Hasbro SG and Hasbro MY

First up, SS-97 Airazor, voiced by beloved Malaysia legend, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh

In package

A bit of background. Rise of the Beasts comes under 2 different toylines which are the Rise of The Beasts (mainline) and the Studio Series.

For those who were wondering why they released 2 lines simultaneously, it's due to the delay the movie had. Supposedly the mainline would come out before the movie and Studio Series version would come out maybe a year after. Hence that's why some of the mainline releases have different design than in the movie 

Transformers Studio Series SS-99 Voyager Battletrap - Pictorial Review

Let's move away from the beasts for now

Now for a figure that I was more curious about than the rest, SS-99 ROTB Battletrap. I can't put my finger why Battletrap feels a bit more different aesthetic wise, from the rest of Studio Series Live Action releases.

In Package

I really like the character artwork on the box, wouldn't mind if they made it into a collector card of some sort.

Transformers Studio Series SS-100 Deluxe Bumblebee - Pictorial Review

Next is SS-100, the face of Transformers Live Action movies, Bumblebee. It doesn't look like a coincidence that the first 100 SS lineup starts and ends with Bumblebee.

In Package

If you noticed, the Bumblebee in the artwork is bulkier and less lean compared to the Bayverse version. He resembles Volkswagen Bumblebee from BB Movie more in terms of proportion.

Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Transformers Rise Of The Beast Exclusive Fan Channel Limited Edition GWP (Gift With Purchase) - Pictorial Review

As you are all aware, the latest installment of Transformers Live Action Movie will premier on 8 June 2023, titled "Rise of The Beast" (ROTB). 

Checkout the Trailer below

Supporting the movie, there are 2 mainlines being release concurrently for the movie which are the Rise of The Beast line and also under Studio Series. 

In conjunction with the release of the movie and the toy lines, Hasbro is giving a chance for the fans to collect an exclusive Rise of The Beast merchandise, badge/coin collection.

Let's go through the merchandise first.

The set consist of of 1 Collector box and 5 unique badges/coins.

The box has a nice finishing to it, with premium feel.

Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 - Pictorial Review

This is the review for the complate wave of Marvel Legends Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3, released ahead of the premier of the movie, courtesy of Hasbro MY and Hasbro SG.

The set consists of 7 characters which are Star-Lord, Rocket, Drax, Mantis, Nebula, Kraglin and Adam Warlock. There are 2 Star-Lords per carton of 8. The figures retailed at RM124.90 each for Malaysia.