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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Petition : Haslab Omega Prime To Be Made Available Through Toy Shop

 It's been a long months, busy with a lot of things. Hoping to pickup the pace in the near future.

I'm posting this to ask everyone to help sign this petition of making Haslab releases available through local toy shop for Malaysia and Singapore

With the release of Omega Prime exclusively through Pulse, we'll experience a significant price increase compared to previous Haslab releases. At retail of RM1350, the total price might be increased to RM1600 to RM1700 (RM100/RM200 shipping + 10% tax).

Not sure whether it'll make a difference but maybe we can try to show how much local collector will prefer to have this made available through our local toy shops so that the price would be more affordable and payment only when item is released

I'll try and share the petition with Hasbro to show what we feel about this. Thanks for those who support

The petition can be found below

Thanks for the support

Sunday 15 October 2023

Transformers Studio Series Core Class ROTB Noah Díaz Exo-Suit

We're really closing in on to the completion of ROTB lineup. Next we have the [somewhat bearable] human character of ROTB, Noah Diaz [Exo Suit]. 

Jet Blaster Mode

No he doesn't look exactly like in the movie. Noah follows his appearance at the end of the movie wearing an exo suit [technically he's wearing parts of Mirage] but this toy also comes with a jetpack. 

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Transformers Studio Series SS-106 Leader Class Optimus Primal - Pictorial Review

A long overdue review. Had finished the photography last week but haven't got around to sit and start writing. 

Presenting the leader of the Maximals in Rise of The Beast, SS106 Leader Class Optimus Primal

In Package

Perfect choice for the box's artwork. Optimus Primal in gorilla mode looks as intimidating as it gets. One thing I never got used to is how soft the boxes are nowadays.

Thursday 28 September 2023

Transformers Studio Series SS-105 Deluxe Class Mirage - Pictorial Review

Moving on to our next review, the Autobot that was clearly meant to replace Bumblebee (and I actually like the character), Mirage

Before we proceed... 

huhuuu Mirage should be an F1 car.. 

huhuhuuu he should be called Jazz instead... 

Get over it. As much as I like G1, this is not

In Package

One glaring issue you can see here is they put Mirage's early character design with different head sculpt, on the box. 

Well...not really an "issue" though. It's just weird thinking how much earlier did they produce the box that it used the old design. I could understand for the mainline but SS was always meant to be released later than the mainline. 

Did they made it even before the movie got delayed? 

Transformers Studio Series SS-104 Deluxe Class Nightbird - Pictorial Review

We're almost closing the chapter of Rise of The Beast Studio Series, impressively in less than 1 year. Our next release is Studio Series ROTB Terrocon Nightbird, the last of the bad guys trio.

Nightbird is based on her G1 iteration of the same name, which is also a cool, ninja-like assassin.  

In Package

SS-104, Nightbird. Really cool artwork on the front. Too colorful compared to her appearance in the movie though.

Friday 15 September 2023

Transformers Studio Series SS86 Commander Class Ultra Magnus - Pictorial Review

I can't say that I've been waiting for this for quite some time as I generally have a rule to not 'upgrade' my existing figures (as it would be an endless cycle of buying the same figure). No excuse for getting this. I have display for my Movie 86 fig (with Kingdom Magnus) and 1 display for Headmaster series.

I'm bumping my Kingdom Magnus to the Headmaster series so technically I don't have a duplicate figure

In Package

SS86 Ultra Magnus is the first Commander Class figure under the SS lineup (both live action movie SS and SS86) and the 2nd Commander class of the year after Armada Optimus Prime.

It seems like pattern recently is 2 Commander class per year with last year Motormaster and SG Jetfire.

Ultra Magnus (UM) comes in a windowless box with a very well done artwork of him, based on the 86 Movie (I'd guess it's the scene where the Autobots are escaping Galvatron's attack)