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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Takara MP10A Convoy BAPE Version (Knockoff) - Pictorial Review

Not too often but there are few Transformers releases made as exclusives for a specific brand. One of the famous one would be Pepsi Convoy!

Carbonated drink is the right of all sentient being
Pic Credit : Web

One brand in particular had released a number of exclusive, even more than others. A Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing company founded in 1993 (currently owned by Hong Kong company), currently available [at most part] around the world.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

The first of the exclusive was released in 2011, a green Convot Reissue BAPE Ver. The green version is the first out of 3 Bape Version of Convoy Reissue, released at 2011 (Green), 2012 (Black) and 2013 (Red Camo). The most recent release was quite different where it's no longer a Convoy Reissue but instead, green-camo Takara Masterpiece, MP10A Convoy.

This review however is not of original MP10A but instead a KO version.

In Package

First of, this figure is currently being sold at 95USD, roughly the same price as MP10B when it was first released.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Black-Plastic-Life on TF-Prototype!

We are now on TF-Prototype!!

The guys at TF-Prototype has been a strong supporter of this blog despite the fact that I'm just a small time reviewer. Thanks guy!

Get your 3rd Party/4th Party Transformers News here or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Black-Plastic-Life on TF-Prototype

Fansproject LER-02 Cubrar w/ Tekour - Pictorial Review

Dinobots, Dinobots, Dinobots (after Combiners, Combiners, Combiners!!) !!

There are 2 versions of Generation-size Dinobots currently in the market, the first being Toyworld version and second is Fansproject. Both now are on their 2nd figure and here's the review of LER-02 Cubrar w/ Tekour (Normal Retail Version), Fansproject version of Dinobot Slag (Toyworld version of Sludge will be arriving maybe after Chinese New Year).

Another version of Dinobot Slag (by Fans Toys) and character background can be found here.

Review of LER-01 Columpio w/ Drepan can be found here.

In Package

Packaging for LER-02 has the same design as LER-01 Columpio w/ Drepan.

Cubrar's Artwork

Back View

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Belated New Year (and belated haul)

We've been in 2015 for more than 20 days now. Really love the releases planned for this year especially the new Combiner Wars line. 

Also preparing for this year TFSS 3.0 as unlike previous years, all of the mold are CHRUG variants which means I'll be getting all of them. 2015 Botcon theme has been announced but we have yet to see any character plan for it. But I'm estimating the use of Orion Pax (if not this year, maybe next year) and also few more using last year Generation figures.

As of now, most of my pre-2015 releases has been completed, just a few more to go than I can just start at current and future releases

Dinobot (Henkei)
Cheetor (Henkei)

Perceptor (United)

Takara Generations
Orion Pax (Takara Generations)
IDW Megatron (Takara Generations)
Rhinox (Takara Generations)
Waspinator (Takara Generations)
Minicon Assault Team (Takara Generations)
Armada Starscream (Takara Generations)
Skybite (Takara Generations)

TFCC Shattered Glass Drift
TFCC Eject
TFCC Rewind
TFCC Scourge

Botcon Strika
Botcon Shattered Glass G2 Optimus Prime
Botcon Shattered Glass Grimlock

Megatron (Deluxe)
Megatron (Deluxe Special Edition)
Optimus Prime (Deluxe)
Optimus Prime (Deluxe Special Edition)
Cyclonus (2-Pack/3-Pack)
Ratchet (Autobot Warriors Set)
Perceptor (Autobot Warriors Set)
Kup (Autobot Warriors Set)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Fans Toys FT-05 Soar - Pictorial Review

I think this is one of the releases fans been waiting for quite so far, with the success of his predecessor, he becomes one of fans' favorite even before he was release, especially to Masterpiece collectors. I give you, Fans Toys FT-05 Soar (Not-Swoop).

Detail about the character and a review of Planet X's version of Swoop (Fall Of Cybertron version) can be found here.

Review of FT-04 Scoria can be found here.

You can pre-order yours at 1 Toy.

In Package

In general, Soar still maintained the same box design as Scoria but if you look closely, the name of the line has been changed from Iron Dibots to Iron Dinobots. I'm not sure whether the former was a mistake or Fans Toys changed it on purpose.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

TFC Red Cross [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

I know it's late but still, Happy New Year!

This will be my first review for 2015, another release by TFC, the fourth member of Project Prometheus, Red Cross (Not-First Aid)

Pic Credit : Web

First Aid in general appeared togather with the rest of the Protectobots in Generation 1 cartoon, rather then just by himself. It's actually a common fate shared by almost all combiner team members. Aside from that, First Aid also played the role of Autobot's doctor from time to time, healing both his comrades and also aiding their human allies.

G1 First Aid
Pic Credit : Remy

Other TFC Not-Defensor reviews can be found below :

In Package

Red Cross's packaging follows the same design as the rest of his team members, following TFC way of doing specific design for each combiner team.