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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

TFC Red Cross [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

I know it's late but still, Happy New Year!

This will be my first review for 2015, another release by TFC, the fourth member of Project Prometheus, Red Cross (Not-First Aid)

Pic Credit : Web

First Aid in general appeared togather with the rest of the Protectobots in Generation 1 cartoon, rather then just by himself. It's actually a common fate shared by almost all combiner team members. Aside from that, First Aid also played the role of Autobot's doctor from time to time, healing both his comrades and also aiding their human allies.

G1 First Aid
Pic Credit : Remy

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In Package

Red Cross's packaging follows the same design as the rest of his team members, following TFC way of doing specific design for each combiner team.

I personally really like Red Cross's artwork, a great interpretation of the character based on the design of their toy. The way it is done, it could easily be official artwork.

Back View

Red Cross comes with a tech spec and an instruction sheet, just like the other TFC releases. The instruction covers transformation for all modes, including the scramble city limbs configurations.

Also, he comes with a pair of guns, a connector and Prometheus's left hand. This is quite surprising as the previous pictures released by TFC showed Red Cross as the right arm rather than left.

Alt Mode

Red Cross's alt mode is based on actual ambulance though I'm not really sure the specific model or type but it's quite common. In alt mode, he's quite heavy and rather big, more than I expected despite being hollow on the front part.

The transformation is fun but not at all complex. In alt mode, Red Cross can be divided by 3 parts. The front portion that transform into his backpack, the middle section that is mostly his hands and body, the rear part which is the legs. However, if not transformed carefully, he'll suffer the same fate as Universe Ironhide and Ratchet where the the gap between panels are annoyingly visible. TAKE YOUR TIME!

Back View
The plastic used is quite thick making the panels feel really sturdy and solid (even more solid than the panels on Hydrant's legs)

Backward "AMBULANCE"

The alt mode might be considered plain as the detailing are not a lot but they are actually enough to represent real ambulance.

Another detailing is the Star Of Life symbol, a stamp of authentication or certification for ambulances, paramedics or other EMS personnel.

Homaging G1 First Aid, Red Cross's guns can be attached via the connector which pegs at the ambulance's rear.

Size Comparison

Size-wise, Red Cross looks great in display with CHRUG figures and actually my preferred size as opposed to the size of Universe Ratchet and Ironhide.

IF you could just ignore Warning Line's humongous alt mode, TFC Not-Protectobots is shaping up rather nicely with the color scheme used match each other.

Robot Mode

Red Cross is currently my favorite bot of TFC Not-Protectobots and judging by the prototype of Verti-Aid (Not-Blades), he'll remain my number one.

The design and detailing of Red Cross is nicely done. The head sculpt is dead on G1 First Aid, aside for the cross on his forehead. The lightpiping is nicely done, no surprised there.

Perhaps the biggest complaint is the backpack. There are 2 ways it can be configure, the first is locking it to the body. By doing this, the backpack is secure but is rather high and pretty obvious.

Back View

If you have trouble locking it, make sure you don't push the front bumper all the way inside but rather just halfway.

Another way is letting the backpack hangs on his back, just like the earlier prototype pictures. By doing so, the backpack will be less obvious than the first configuration.

Since there is no lock/peg, the backpack need to be pushed as close to the body as it can to secure its position. By doing so, it will bump with the back of his shoulders and hands.

TFC did well giving him a lot of detailing especially on his body. However, I wished the blue cross on the shoulders aren't made out of translucent plastic as the screw holes are pretty obvious.

Comparison Shots

Being a bit wide, Red Cross was thought to be smaller than Warning Line and Gumball but in fact, he's roughly the same size except for his shoulders height.

Articulation-wise, Red Cross really doesn't disappoint.

Red Cross comes with a ball jointed head, swivel and hinges on his shoulders, upper arm swivels, ratcheting elbows, waist swivels, ratcheting universal joint on the hips, upper leg swivels, hinge on the knees and ball-jointed feet. The thing that I'm quite disappointed with is the lack of wrist swivels.


The joints are tight to be able to the stability test. Not only that, the backpack is not an issue at all.

Combiner Mode

Comes with Scramble City ability, Red Cross can transform into both Prometheus's leg and arm, just like G1 First Aid did. 

The official configuration for Defensor is First Aid forming his left arm however commonly switch with Streetwise, becoming the left leg.

To be perfectly honest, I won't be using Red Cross as leg mode.

Side View

Just like Warning Line and Gumball, Red Cross's leg mode is really sturdy and can withstand the weight of Prometheus without any problem. Reconfiguration of the combiner port needs to be done for Red Cross to be the leg.

While the scramble city ability is a good gimmick, Red Cross is too boxy and if paired with Gumball (or even Warning Line), you'll have a square Defensor from top to bottom (however I'll revisit this during Prometheus's full review).

Even in arm mode, there are 2 configuration for Red Cross.

The first is what shown in the instruction. Basically, Red Cross will still maintain most of his alt mode, giving him a square-ish look, reminiscing G1 design and aesthetic.

Another is by following the image at the back of the box. The front part of the alt mode is folded and the panels on the lower arm are lifted. For those who prefer a more G1 look, the front part can be folded outward to resemble G1 Defensor toy and animation.

I won't be getting into Prometheus's design and articulation this time as I had already during Hydrant's review. I will do a full review after the release of Verti-Aid

For me, using the first configuration, Prometheus looks too plain and to boxy.

Articulation-wise, it won't matter between this or the second configuration.

The configuration of my choosing. There are people who complain that Red Cross is too bulky but from what I see, if he wasn't design as such, you'll end up with bulky, wide Defensor with skinny left arm.

What worries me is will Verti-Aid be as bulky as Red Cross in arm mode?

Even after adding Red Cross, Prometheus is still able to pose properly without the hips failing him, which is a good sign. We'll see how he'll do when Verti-Aid comes in the picture.

1 more to go!

Sorry for the short review. Will go in detail when Prometheus is complete, expected in March/April


  1. Always loved the Protectobots, especially First Aid. So tempted to pick up Red Cross even though I don't own any of the others!

    1. He's a good figure. so, will u eventually want to get the rest?

  2. Weiiii Short, but very good review, like always. Prometheus looks like a box with arm and legs but very nice jajaj Maybe he looks better than previous guys. Waiting for Verti Aid as well.

    1. Yeah, sorry about that. One thing I hate reviewing Combiners is that after first 2-3 releases, I don't know what to say anymore :)

  3. By the way, who is the next combiner in the list? Whirlwind? Felisaber?

    1. Not sure yet but based of release date, might be Felisaber, Muddy or Alberich. Hven't got any release date of Whirlwind yet

  4. Jeje I forgot to asked for Muddy and Alberich.

    Another thing: Did you see Hasbro's Combiner Wars subline? I think that they are doing it because 3rd party's combiners are make "a whole" to Hasbro.

    1. already have the superion set :) still, don't feel like reviewing them, haha

  5. I agree with you :). But now that I made the question, would you mind to give me an "overall" opinion about it, and how you feel it in comparison with a 3rd Party Combiner.

    1. It could be something really brief like size, quality and articulations for example. I will not ask for the price because I can buy the whole team of any Combiner Wars toy with money I would only buy 1 or 2 members of any TFC team jajaja.

    2. To me, they're best used as individual bots, really G1 homage. The aerialbots alt mode are quite lazy. The combine mode is ok, good articulation and all but design a bit weird

    3. OK, thanks for the comment. As you already should know, I'm not a fan of not-combiner toys (in case you see me inactive for a while). See you on the next Combiner review :)

      Sincerely, one of your Loyal Followers jajaja

    4. Thanks. Am grateful for your support sir :)

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