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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Maketoys MT-03 HyperNovae - Pictorial Review

First and foremost, this review wouldn't be possible without the help of a dear friend, who's kind enough to lend me this figure, one of my favorite characters in Transformers

Pic Credit : Web
Presenting, one of the most graceful Transformers out there, Nova Prime, predecessor to Nominus Prime. Back then in Cybertron, there was another big war being fought, long before Optimus Prime/Megatron time, ended in the hand of Nova Prime. With the end of Chaos, Nova ventures to Cybertron's underground with his closest comrades and advisors, Jhiaxus, Galvatron, Cyclonus and Dai Atlas, to find the Guiding Hand.

World with no factions
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Even with the purest of intention, Nova Prime slowly drift away, believing more than he should, on the prophecy of "All Shall Be One" , planning the Expension to enslave all lifeforms under his empire. Running out of time when Vector Sigma's flow of new sparks ceased, Nova Prime and his team boarded the Ark to start the Expension.

Nemesis Prime
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Nova Prime discovered a portal while on their way to the Benzuli Expanse and, blinded by his greed and pride, went into the portal to the Dead Universe and never be seen again. Not as Nova Prime

Pic Credit : Web
Nova Prime was actually a concept design made for Optimus Prime by Don Figueroa but the toy never seen the light of day. However, there was a company that produced this design and if not mistaken, only 2 figures exist (1 design, 2 variants)

By Master Collectibles
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Knowing what the fans want, Maketoys took the liberty of [mass] releasing the first Not-Nova Prime figure, dubbed MT-03 HyperNovae

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

TFC Nemean [Project Ares] - Pictorial Review

Year of Predaking, no doubt about it. In 2013, Hasbro releases Platinum Edition Predaking and on top of that, 3 companies releases their own version of Predaking. I did a review before on one of MMC Not-Predaking's component, MMC R-03 Bovis

Now, let's see my choice of Not-Predaking, TFC Project Ares, Nemean

Pic Credit : Web
The King of the Beasts, the most fierce and savage among the Predacons. Leading the Autobots hunts, Razorclaw is a dedicated predator, commited with drop of fuel in his system. Forming the most dangerous combiner, Predaking, the Predacons formidable force can only be rivaled by Skylynx

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Generations Rhinox - Pictorial Review

Yet another release that caught the fans by surprised, after the release of Generations Waspinator. The Ironhide of Beast Wars era, Rhinox. Thanks to my friend, who's a hardcore Beast Wars collector, for this piece

Pic Credit : Web

One of Maximal's aces, Rhinox is the most dependable of all of them. A mix of Ironhide's brawn and strength with Wheeljack's intelligence, Rhinox are both effective both on field work and as a strategist, pulling the strings to make sure the Maximal won the battle. He's part of the Axalon's crewmember that crashed on earth during the pursuits of Megatron and his Predacons army

Beast Wars Rhinox
Pic Credit :

Even with the glory of Beast Wars era, Rhinox received a cruel life in Beast Machine era as he and Silverbolt were captured and stripped of their organis bodies and placed into the body of Tankor and Jetstorm respectively

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Toyworld TW-T03 Trace - Pictorial Review

Recovering from the heartache of Doubledealer, now is a review of a figure that I've been anxiously waiting for, the next Not-Throttlebot by Toyworld, TW-T03, Trace. It seems than this year has been a good year for Toyworld and I especially love most of their releases. Can't wait to see their next release for Not-Throttlebots, Not-Headmasters and of course, the IDW versions of Not-Megatron and Not-Magnus

Pic Credit : Web
The bot that talks more than he should, Chase will strike others as being a motormouth braggart. Still, despite his flaws, Chase able to win the attention of all his comrade with his enthusiasm and flaring charisma. A rather great scout, Chase paid attention to details and the perfection of the mission he carried out. That would include taking things into his own hand which most often than not, led him into trouble

.. Yet he can reach 240 mph top speed..what's your excuse?Pic Credit : Web

Generations Doubledealer - Pictorial Review

*First of all, I would like to apologize on how brief this review is and I kinda half-assed on transforming the figure. Was actually a bit dissapointed at how this figure turns out*

Now, another official release. Hasbro decision of releasing a repaint of Generations Blitzwing as Doubledealer surprised me. Sure, repaints are inevitable but for Blitzwing, I would've guess the next logical variant would be Overcharge, considering he's a redeco of G1 Blitzwing, released as an eHobby Exclusive on 2005.

Pic Credit : TFWikiNet

Before we begin, let's make things clear. Don't confused Doubledealer and Doubleclouder. Although sharing the same toy, Doubleclouder was a character from Japanese-exclusive series, Transformers : Super-God Masterforce. Despite being the same, both Doubledealer and Doubleclouder has different background and stories to them

Doubledealer (also known as Dealer) is on both sides of the war but at the same time, on neither. His real side, his only concern is himself. Allegiance on sale, Doubledealer is the best comrade a bot could have if they can pay him enough. As valueable he is to both sides, neither choose to fully trust him.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Toyworld TW-02 Orion - Pictorial Review

Throughout Transformers history, it's not something to for Transformers figure to be inspired by the comic series and vice versa. Transformers continually upgrading and changing their design in one series after another which gives a vast diversity to each of the characters. That makes them unique

IDW (Idea and Design Works) currently owns the license for Transformers comic book, replacing the now-history Dreamwave Productions, starting from May 2005. Focusing mainly (but not exclusively) to a rebooted Generation 1 continuity. From The Transformers : Infiltration series, IDW Publishing is moving forward strongly, creating another universe, a great one at that, for the Transformers fandom

Infiltration (2005-2006)
Pic Credit : Web
 For a character that constantly receiving new design and reimagining, one version kind of stands out, Optimus Prime of IDW's The Transformers Series

One of my favourite 3rd Party company, Toyworld, took the challenge (and as if anticipated Hasbro/Takara direction towards the IDW Continuity) to release an update of Optimus Prime that the fans had long longing for.....

Pic Credit: Web

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Generations IDW Goldfire - Pictorial Review

Death in G1 Transformers was not a common thing. Having children as the target audience, the dark tone and storyline were not introduced in the series, up until Transformers The Movie (1986) where almost everyone died. Literally! Death was everywhere, I s**t you not!

Pic Credit : Web

Apparently after 2 years, killing a bot is actually easy
Pic Credit : Web
While some stay dead, making way for newer characters, some return as either their ownself eg Optimus Prime, or they are being reformatted into new bot, eg Megatron to Galvatron, much stronger and powerful (at least till the end of the episode). A lot of people debated whether the later can be count as death since the bots were alive prior to the reformatting. But lets keep it short and consider it as the death of the character itself

Pic Credit : Web
Part of the rescue team led by Rodimus Prime, Bumblebee and the crew fall into the trap set by a Transformers-Hating couple by using the body of the deceased Optimus Prime as bait. Exposed to the hate plague, the Autobots ran amuck and started battling each other. Severely damaged by the Superion, Bumblebee body was reconstructed by the Quintessons, saying that he's no longer a 'Bumblebee' but a 'gold bug' (referring to the shiny body) thus dubbed Goldbug by Optimus Prime 

The resemblance is uncanny!
Pic Credit : Web

Generations IDW Autobot Skids Fix - Tutorial

As I mentioned before in the previous review (Generations IDW Skids), Skids has limited articulation on the legs due to the design of the top part of his thighs (connected to the ball joints). Here's the easy fix, thanks to my friend, Mr Low Ghim Joo for pointing that out

Not enough clearance due to the shape/design

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Hong Leong Transformers Debit Card Roadshow In Collaboration with TransMY

It's been a long time since I've been joining any Transformers Exhibition (with TransMY). Back in 2011 when Transformers : Dark Of The Moon was released, we were really active, invited by various event organisers to help them exhibit our Transformers collections inconjunction with their event

DOTM Launching
DOTM Launching

Transmy Roadcrew during the eve of the event

Malaysia International Toy Fair 2011

Queensbay Mall Transformers Exhibition 2011

2011 was a year full of fun for us the roadcrew, went to places and met a lot of people. Am really grateful to be able to be apart of the gang, these collectors-by-heart. FYI, TransMY is a non-profit group so more or less, all the events that we went for were on voluntary basis

This year, we were invited to join in Hong Leong Transformers Debit Card Roadshow, from December 4th - December 8th 2013, at 1Utama Kuala Lumpur. Exhibition wise, it's not much but it's fun to join an event again.

Some pictures

Some of TransMY crew

First day Setup Crew

The Exhibition

For the first 3 days, the exhibition will consist of Transformers G1, Transformers Prime, Transformers Movie Trilogy and also CHURGs.

*Note : Since it's working day, we try to keep the exhibition to a minimal first, waiting for the weekend

Some of the activities

My wife doing the Targetmaster challenge

the 'how fast you can transform'

He's really really really participating in everything

And the customizing contest

The weird one....

Man of the hour, thanks dude!

Thanks to Fallen Kia of
With every registration, people will get a Hong Leong Bank Transformers Debit Card and also chance to participate in 5 games to able yourself to win Transformers Merchandices

The Roadshow will continue till 8th of December 2013. You can visit us at

TransMY Facebook



All are invited!

* pic credit : various source of TransMY Crew, not exclusively mine

Monday, 2 December 2013

Generations IDW Autobot Skids - Pictorial Review

Glad to see how the new Generations take on a more obsecure characters, not only the frontliner. Now, it's time for Skids!

No, not THIS retarded abomination! Don't get me wrong, I like the movie franchise, enjoyed every one of them. But THIS here tainted the name of Skids soooo much that I think it's one of the reason Hasbro decided to fix that

Now, THIS is Skids!
Not initially seen in the initial Autobots crew that crashed landed on earth, Skids first appear in episode 45, Quest for Survival and the second (and last), episode 50, Triple Takeover. Skids is usually 'absent' where he spend most of his time inside his on head but one of the best theoretician onboard.

Initially part of the Diaclone toy line, Skids transform into a Honda City Turbo in blue while there are also red and black color scheme

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Generations IDW Waspinator - Pictorial Review

Hasbro surprised many with their choices in the new Generations 3.0 (Thrilling 30) lineup, starting from Springer and Blitzwing, then the gigantic Titan Class Metroplex. Not only that, they also released a character from a line that its reboot back in 2008 was long forgotten, Waspinator of Beast Wars!

The Maximal

Many not know Beast Wars, some even call it an abomination for me personally, Beast Wars had on of the best storyline of all the Transformers series, albeit with some shady computer-animation (but understandable considering the time it was aired)

Pic Credit : Web
Either people had watched Beast Wars or not, most of them WILL know him. Despite being a fan's favorite, the universe (well, Beast Wars universe, at least) hate him! Imagine any bad circumstances, any disaster, any battle, you can bet that most probably Waspinator sustained (at least some) damage.

Pic Credit : Web
However, all the tortures, the humiliations, the disrespect, the constant explosions and everything the universe throws at him, Waspinator is a survivor and loyal to the Predacons'cause

Beast Wars Waspinator (1996/1997)
Pic Credit : Web