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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Generations Doubledealer - Pictorial Review

*First of all, I would like to apologize on how brief this review is and I kinda half-assed on transforming the figure. Was actually a bit dissapointed at how this figure turns out*

Now, another official release. Hasbro decision of releasing a repaint of Generations Blitzwing as Doubledealer surprised me. Sure, repaints are inevitable but for Blitzwing, I would've guess the next logical variant would be Overcharge, considering he's a redeco of G1 Blitzwing, released as an eHobby Exclusive on 2005.

Pic Credit : TFWikiNet

Before we begin, let's make things clear. Don't confused Doubledealer and Doubleclouder. Although sharing the same toy, Doubleclouder was a character from Japanese-exclusive series, Transformers : Super-God Masterforce. Despite being the same, both Doubledealer and Doubleclouder has different background and stories to them

Doubledealer (also known as Dealer) is on both sides of the war but at the same time, on neither. His real side, his only concern is himself. Allegiance on sale, Doubledealer is the best comrade a bot could have if they can pay him enough. As valueable he is to both sides, neither choose to fully trust him.

In Package

In Package - Front View
Like I said, never would've imagine Doubledealer repainted from Blitzwing

Unlike most of Generations 3.0 releases which has their design taken from IDW's, Doubledealer artwork looks nothing like him. Put this in black-and-white, no one could've guess who he's supposed to be

Doubledealer, the mercenary

Before we prceed, let's make it clear about the real Doubledealer. A triple changer, G1 Doubledealer transform into an ICBM missile launcher truck and some-sort of an eagle, unlike shown above, having alt modes of a jet and a tank

Doubledealer with Knok and Skar
Pic Credit : Web

Alt Mode - Jet Mode

Like Blitzwing, Doubledealer transform into some-sort of a futuristic jet with a black mounted rocket boosters.

I might be wrong but the teeth and eye decorations on the nosecone might be homaging his G1 eagle alt mode

Hasbro apparently didn't even try to fix the problem that Generations Blitzwing has on his rubber nosecone, before releasing Doubledealer. It's a shame considering how much better this mold would be with a fixed nosecone

With Generations Blitzwing
Alt Mode - Tank Mode

The color scheme in this mode makes him look like Gigatank (half of Masteforce's Overlord)

With Generations Blitzwing

Robot Mode

Despite the alt modes that doesn't suits him, Doubledealer looks great in Robot Mode. The paint job is way better than Generations Blitzwing with almost no smudges whatsoever

Hasbro could've done better with head sculpt though. Doubledealer face feels....dead, for some reason

Doubledealer has better joints than Blitzwing, tighter. However, Hasbro could've spent a bit more time fixing the shoulder pegs that kind of ruin this mold.

Doubledealer has decent articulations which makes him fun to play with, if you can put the shoulder problem aside

However, considering Hasbro wants to take the cheaper route of using Blitzwing mold for Doubledealer, at least give him more than a new (and not really accurate) head, like his signature shoulder missile or anything. With that, AT LEAST the robot can be Doubledealer-enough (like Hasbro did with Sandstorm)

Personally, this has been the first let-down for me in terms of CHURGs releases, for a long time. Usually I'm able to get behind the repaints and remolds no matter how simple they were. But Doubledealer really dissapoint me


  1. The DMY Missile upgrade, which included clips to fix the shoulders, along with the truely inspired Reprolabels set really saved this figure, and made this a very worthy Doubledealer for anyone's collection. The question is, do you like Doubledealer enough to invest an extra $40.... It was a resounding "yes" for me, as I like the IDW character and loved the G1 toy.

    1. Great. For me, I'm skipping add ons as there are too many figures to get