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Monday, 25 November 2013


I feel compelled to post this as never had I have as much doubt on choosing which version should I buy. For official figures, I just follow my CHURG-mold-only rule, simple as that.

Even for 3rd Party releases, I usually made my decision whenenver the product was revealed albeit a few impulse buy like PE Motobot for instance, sold my iGear Delicate Warrior for her. Deciding on TFC Hercules, TFC Uranos, Toyworld Hardbone and Brainwave, all of them were simple choices. But now, there are 3 companies that set to release 3 entirely different Not-Predaking

1 - Unique Toys War Lord

War Lord was never in my consideration. The fact that the individual bots are too small and they looked more like a custom of G1 toys (which they initially were) as opposed to a 'REAL' 3rd Party release

2 - MMC Feral Rex

 This guy is awesome! Had a chance of reviewing R-03 Bovis before and I must say, the quality is superb! The plastics are solid and the joints are tight. All the individual bots look great though not a fan of Not-Razorclaw.

3 - TFC Project Ares

Found the picture today, combining Nemean (Not-Razorclaw) with prototype limbs. There are much to be tweeked as these are only for test shots but i really like them, aesthetic wise. Saw a review of Nemean, clearly showed that the joints and plastics are getting better on him compared to Uranos and Hercules.

I've been back and forth on which is my 'ultimate' Predaking. After weighing a lot of factors like design, quality and price, I will opt with TFC Project Ares.

However, I'll make sure to do MMC Feral Rex review as I already started with Bovis and maybe one day, Unique Toys War Lord

Monday, 11 November 2013

Generations Calvin Johnson Exclusive IDW Megatron - Pictorial Review

First of all, I would like to say that there's not much info on this variant so even my post's title is likely to be wrong. Pictures of this figure surfaced on the internet months ago bearing that name and that's it, nothing else known about it (at least not to my recollection)

Did some googling about Calvin Johnson, he's actually an American football wide receiver for the Detroit Lions of the NFL, nicknamed 'Megatron'. I'm really interested to know how Hasbro will release this

Pic Credit : Web

Not much I can tell (since I know sooo little about him) and this will be a short review since the mold has been reviewed here

Generations IDW Deluxe Megatron

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fansproject [Causality] CA-12 Last Chance - Pictorial Review

It's been 3 months since I last reviewed Down Force and now Intimidator (Not-Menasor) is one step closer to finishing with CA-12 Last Chance (Not-Dead End)

The last limb of Menasor, Dead End of the Stunticons transform into Porsche 928, forming Menasor's left arm (although not exclusively). Along with the other Stunticons, Dead End was given life  by Vector Sigma in an attempt by Megatron to form a ground-based unit, rivaled by Autobots' Aerialbots

Released 27 years ago

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mastermind Creations R-03 Feral Rex Bovis - Pictorial Review

Gestalts are forces to reckon with, tipping the scale in whichever war or battle they participates in. However, there's one particular team, whose combined form feared even by the other combiners, the King of The Beast, Predaking of the Predacons.

Pic Credit : Web
Fusing Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage, Tantrum and Razorclaw of the Predacons, Predaking is ferocious demon with extreme physical abilities and personality. The perfect hunter and predator, Predaking, despite being animalistic, differ from his kind of uncontrollable and stupid machine.

Pic Credit : Web

Forming Predaking's right leg (although not exclusively), Tantrum seems to have his patience replaced and all filled with violence. And if you count pointless fight, endless destruction and senseless violence as 'fun', then he's the most fun bot out there