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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Generations IDW Megatron - Pictorial Review

Now, let us move forward to the character whose design mesmerize the fan during his debut in the IDW The Transformers (Ongoing Series), Megatron

Pic Credit : Web
In the event of All Hail Megatron Series, the Autobots counter attack after their previous defeat, and manage to stop the Decepticons. Evil as he was, Megatron ordered the Decepticons to flee and let the Autobots get nuked by the human. However, distractions cost him his life and Optimus Prime landed the final blow.

Picked up by Starscream (yes, Starscream) and retreat, Megatron was put on life support and given a new body, a much powerful body.

In Package

Megatron, like Bumblebee was, is part of the Generations 3.0 1st deluxe wave. Packed as Bumblebee was, Megatron comes with a free comic

The cover artwork was nicely done. With the way the face was design, the cover kind of give a darker tone to it

Alt Mode

Megatron transform into a stealth bomber, based on the design by Don Figueora in IDW Publishing The Transformers (Ongoing) series

The alt mode felt solid and everything seems to peg into place. Notice the tone of his wings tip, it's different from the main body colors due to the fact that they're separate parts which are painted translucent plastic instead of solid black colored plastic

He is considerably small even for a deluxe figure. Which kind of dissapointing as I can see how majestic he can be if he's up-scaled to Voyager Class

Robot Mode

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. That's my first impression of him. Nicely proportioned and clean finishing

The detailing on the face is awesome, considering it's a Deluxe figure.

Size Comparison With United Laser Prime
Maybe one thing that bothered me, is the size. To me, the Laser Prime mold, by standard, was already small. And seeing that Megatron is slightly smaller than Laser Prime kind of disappointed me

If only they made my toy as a voyager..

Articulations wise, he's kinda impressive. Playing around with him is fun and mostly intuitive.

Megatron comes with a bit limited head movement even though it's on a ball joint, wide range on the shoulders, more than 45o on his elbows and kness, wrist swivels and double jointed thighs.

His fusion cannon looks great but from some angle, you can see the hollowness.

My vote? 80:20, 20 being his size alone, haha


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