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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Been quite busy lately, haven't had a time to do any reviews. Plus, I haven't received most of the newer releases yet including TFC Uranos's Blackbird, Planet X Genesis, Toyworld, Aurora, etc.

However I've been doing quite excellent in terms of my Henkei/United hunt, since I decided to start collecting them, been able to get Henkei Inferno, United Grapple, Henkei Hound and Henkei Prowl. Waiting for next month budget for my Ganbo Exclusive Thrust and Dirge together with Henkei Ramjet.

One thing I've noticed that collecting the classics line is kinda exhausting especially when you haven't start when it began. Everynow and then, you have new releases in front of you, old releases to get and 3rd party releases that doesn't make it easier

The newly announce E-Hobby Exclusive United Magnificus

Despite all that, I'm getting married in 2 months!