Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Generations IDW Deluxe Crosscut - Pictorial Review

Now, a release from the same wave as Windblade, Generations Crosscut. Crosscut is one of the new "original G1 characters" in Transformers universe, an ambassador to almost every world known especially earth.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

In IDW Dark Cybertron Chapter #7 The Dead Are Not Enough, Crosscut can be seen battling the Ammonites with the help of Swerve...who he confused with Rung...

Pic Credit : TFWiki

G1 Crosscut was released on 2002 as e-Hobby Exclusive and sold togather in set with Road Rage. G1 Crosscut is a retool of G1 Skids and comes with a different head and hood.

Since this is another repaint, I won't be elaborating much on the figures. Please proceed below for more detail review on the mold/design itself

Generations Skids

AoE Breakout Battle Rollbar

In Package

This sight isn't something new considering I've already lost count of the number of Deluxe releases under the IDW Generations. But what caught my attention was his artwork on the cover of the comic book.

Back View

The character bio highlight his role as an ambassador which come to past in the IDW Continuity where he later becames an artist.

Crosscut comes with IDW Dark Cybertron [Hasbro Exclusive Cover] Series #7 , The Dead Are Not Enough with the appearance of Nautica and Chromia at the end.

Alt Mode

 Following his G1 iteration, Generations Crosscut uses the same mold as Skids, transforming into a [generic] hatchback.

The alt mode consist of mostly unpainted grey plastic with few very minor detailing, just like G1 Crosscut with the Autobot Insignia on the hood and the black stripes on the side.

Like I said....minor

Crosscut comes with 2 black guns as opposed to gray guns for Skids and purple for Rollbar. Just like the previous 2, his guns can be attached to the side.

Group Shot

Personally I think of all three, Crosscut is the most disappointing in alt mode. Being that it's unpainted grey plastic, there are few flow marks that are visible.

 This is one of the favorite part of being a mold collector, LOL!

Robot Mode

Crosscut comes with a new head that follows his G1 iteration closely. Not only that, the [red part of the] head, the crotch and his feet are metallic red instead of solid colors which really surprised me at first.

However, upon closer inspection, I forsee that the color will easily fade if not careful which already happend right out of package.

Side View

Unlike Rollbar, the only detailing that can be seen from the back are the two black stripes.

Despite my complaint, he is gorgeous! I like him more than Skids and Rollbar, mostly due to the Optimus-like head sculpt and also his color scheme.

Luckily, Crosscut have tight joints all over, an improvement from Generations Skids. The metallic red is also used for his missile pods.

Group Shots

Based on my collecting rule, all this 3 are something that I will surely get, whether or not I like them. With Rollbar and Crosscut released date close to one another, kind of dreading it a bit. Glad that it didn't stop me, these 3 look great togather.

PS : There should be another variant (aside from Takara version of same character) coming, Screech!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Transformers Lost Age TRU Japan Exclusive Rusty Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

It's been 4 months since the launch of Age Of Extinction Toyline, but unlike the previous movie lines, I feel that AoE has a very limited offering in terms of their figures. Since May, we've seen a lot of repaints being done for these 2, Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime and The Dinobots, ranging from regular Hasbro and Takara releases to Convention Exclusives.

Fans were disappointed when the first picture of Leader Class Optimus Prime for AoE surfaced, given that usually he's the best figure in the line. I was quite surprised to find out that compared to him, Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime stands out more and comes out way better than the rest of the AoE figures.

Best of the bunch
Pic Credit :

Up until now, there are quite a lot of of variants for this figure starting from Hasbro Version, Takara Version, Platinum Edition (With Voyager Grimlock), Evolution 2-pack, Breakout Battle 3-pack, Autobots United 5-pack, Nemesis Prime and also, Rusty Version.

Rusty Version Optimus Prime was released as Toys "R" Us Japan Exclusive.

In Package

The packaging of Rusty Version is the same as the regular version of Evasion Optimus Prime aside from it having chrome base at the side of the box rather than white, and a Toys "R" Us Japan sticker at the top.

Back View

Character bio explaining why Optimus Prime adapted this mode

The instruction sheet included is actually from the Lost Age Evasion Optimus Prime AD-02.

Alt Mode

The fans have been complaining on and on about how Optimus Prime should be using the same truck design as his G1 incarnation; and in the 4th installment, their wishes come true [but the complaining still goes on]. Based on the initial form that Optimus Prime took in Age of Extinction, the alt mode is heavily based on G1 Optimus Prime's White Freightliner [with few details drawn from the Marmon 97 seen on-screen] as opposed to the cab-over semi truck.

Rusty was initially thought to be just another version of "Battle Damaged", a word used quite frequently in the franchise but none can match this. As the name implies, the truck mode is full with rust from front to back, including the rims.

The level of detailing on the figure reminds me more of a custom figure rather than official release; with slightly higher price than Takara Version of Evasion Mode.

The paint scheme isn't generic as the parts are mostly painted differently from each others. You can see the difference between the left and the right gas tanks.

The front half of the truck is nicely done where the overall paint job is nicely put with a lot of detailing. The only way to make this better is to have real battle damage effect on it.

Just like a normal Evasion Optimus Prime, his gun can be attached at the back of the truck but as I said before, I don't really prefer having weapons on top of an alt mode.

Single smokestack


With Breakout Battle Rollbar
Not sure how detailed the Evasion OP that comes with Rollbar will be, but Rollbar seems to be out of place when placed side-by-side with Rusty.

Robot Mode

This might not be a news to you but I love the Evasion Optimus Prime design. Personally I think he can be considered as the 'perfect' Movie Optimus Prime for Voyager Class, taking over the title from Hunt For The Decepticons Battle Blade Optimus Prime.

However, the figure is actually cream colored rather than white as shown at the back of the box. The rusty effects can be seen from the front and the side, not to mention on his Iron Cannon.

Back View
From the back however, there isn't much paint app aside from the gas tanks and the back of his hands. This might be because the back side consists of parts that aren't even visible in alt mode.

This version of Evasion uses the face-plate version head sculpt, in which I personally think a better choice. The chest panels are clear, painted plastic which is the reason why significant difference in tone can be seen between the chest part and the rest of the body.

Most of the detailing from the truck's cab ends up either facing inside his body or facing the top, which is why most of the detailing can't be seen in robot mode.


With AoE Breakout Battle Rollbar

Stable state of mind

A really well-designed toy, I must say. Evasion Optimus Prime does not only have great aesthetic but also tons of fun. The head is on a ball joint and a hinge, swivels and ratchet joints on the shoulders, bicep swivels, hinges on the elbows and also wrist swivels. He also comes with a waist swivels, universal joints on the hips, thigh swivels, hinges on the knees, as well as ankle tilts.

SAMMMM!! Oppss..

If I ever begin to collect anything from the non-CHURG line, maybe he'll be the one that I'll be getting right away, I really like him... and he's readily available. What I would like to find out is; which is a better representation of this version Optimus Prime, this Rusty Version or the one that comes in the Breakout Battle set