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Monday, 20 April 2015

Generations Combiner Wars Protectobots - Pictorial Review

Now, time for Combiner Wars. The Protectobots are released under the third wave of the line with different approach as before. Unlike the Aerialbots and Stunticons, all members of the Protectobots are all released in the same wave.

G1 Protectobots
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Aside from G1/G2 version (and comic books), the Protectobots (as a team) were never included in any other newer Transformers series unlike Constructicons, Aerialbots and Combaticons for instance, that made appearance (an iteration of them) in the Energon/Superlink series among others.

Some back stories of the characters and a third party version of them by TFC can be found below

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Q-Transformers QT-02 Bumblebee and QT-08 Bumble - Pictorial Review

Just for fun, I'm doing a review of a new Japan Transformers line, Q-Transformers, that was launched late 2014.

Q-Transformers is, in a way, a continuation of Choro-Q line and exhibit similar design of super-deformed characters that transform into fully licensed vehicles.

The cartoon series, Q-Transformers : Mystery of Convoy Returns was released in support of the toyline and also a mobile game under the same name.

The first wave was released on December 26th, 2014, consisting 8 characters which are 
  • QT-01 Optimus Prime (Western Star 4900 SB Tractor)
  • QT-02 Bumblebee (2014 Camaro Concept)
  • QT-03 Lockdown (Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4)
  • QT-04 Crosshairs (Chevrolet Corvetter C7)
  • QT-05 Lamborghini Countach LP500S)
  • QT-06 Prowl (Nissan Fairlady Z-280Z-T)
  • QT-07 Hot Rodimus (Toyota 86)
  • QT-08 Bumble (Daihatsu Copen)

Monday, 6 April 2015

Fansproject Function XV M.A.D.L.A.W (Master V) - Pictorial Review

Continuing from where we left off, here's a review of another Sixchanger, by another company that's not Mastermind Creations, but the old-timer, Fansproject, with their take on G1 Quickswitch, Function XV M.A.D.L.A.W (Master V).

Pic Credit : TFWiki

What do we know about him? Well, aside from his appearance in Marvel The Transformers comic #240 Out To Lunch! and his own commercial (where he was declared to be Sixshot's son, adamant to make up for his father's mistakes), Quickswitch was only in G1:Season 5 (which consist of  more than 10 episodes from previous seasons and The Transformers: The Movie), at the end segment of Five Faces of Darkness Part 2. 

All the end segments featured stop-motion puppet of Powermaster Optimus Prime and a [real] boy, Tommy Kennedy (some information can be obtained here).

PuppetMaster Optimus Prime
Pic Credit : TFWiki

So, is that it? Yes, technically. It's because Quickswitch is actually the Hasbro version of Sixknight, a character that appeared in Masterforce series. Both versions was released simultaneously in 1988.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

I will explain about Sixknight if I do a review of toy version of the character in the future (a repaint is coming, from what I heard).

G1 Quickswitch
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Three out of six Quickswitch's alt modes are basically the same as Sixshot which are robot mode, Cybertronic Jet, laser pistol while the rest are a drill tank (while Sixshot is a tank), a hovercraft (Sixshot's off-road vehicle) and a flying puma (Sixshot's winged wolf).

In Package

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mastermind Creations R-01C Terminus Hexatron Continuum - Pictorial Review

Sorry for not having new reviews recently, was in the middle of moving to a new house and also my daughter was not well for quite some time.

This review of MMC R-01C Terminus Hexatron Continuum will be brief as the main review had been done for R-01 Terminus Hexatron. This figure is the 4th variant after Hexatron Super Nova (Limited Edition), Terminus Hexatron and Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary.

In Package

This is by far my favorite packaging compared to the rest of Hexatron's variants. It's not that the packaging of the Reformatted Line is bad or anything, but there's something about the badass artwork on the box that I love so much. But is that it?

Nope, inside there's a second clear packaging, homaging G1-style packaging. While I personally don't prefer this clear packaging as they tend to crack overtime, with proper care and handling, I don't think there will be a problem here.

Back View
The Japanese style artwork at the back of the box really gives me G1 Headmaster vibes.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Generations Combiner Wars Menasor - Pictorial Review

The review of Stunticons wouldn't be complete without reviewing the combiner himself, the mighty Menasor.

Dreamwave's G1 Menasor
Pic Credit : Web

Decepticon's 2nd combiner after Devastator, Menasor is the name of the combined form of the Stunticons. The Stunticon's ability to match the Autobots dominance of the road is the not the end of Megatron's secret weapon. Unveiling their combined form when they were confronted by the newly created Aerialbots, Megatron predicted his genius Plan B to be smart and foreseeing the end of the Autobots, only to be matched Superion, the combined form of the Aerialbots.

G1 Menasor
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Combiner Wars Stunticons

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Generations Combiner Wars Stunticons- Pictorial Review

Sorry for being late doing this review, these 3 months had been extremely busy with work. Not only that I'm currently in the middle of moving to a new house.

For the Combiner Wars releases, I'll be doing 2 parts of review for each team, the first as individuals and the second will be on the combined mode. Basically, this review will only focus on the team members of Decepticon's Stunticons.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

The Stunticons were Megatron way of breaking Autobots' dominion over the road/land, created from various stolen human vehicles and customized. The Stunticons were given life by Vector Sigma with Megatron special request, 'to fill them with hatred for the Autobots and everything they stand for'. But before they were granted life, Megatron brought them for a 'test drive' via remote control, forcing them to do all kind of 'stunts' from summersault, flip to bashing through forests. They are the arch enemy of the Aerialbots.

G1 Stunticons
Pic Credit : TFWiki

In this review, I'll do them part by part, starting with in-package image of all the members, then alt mode and finally robot mode. The combiner mode and the combiner itself, will be done in the next review.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Transformers Cloud TFC-A03 Hot Rodimus - Pictorial Review

Transformers Cloud is a Japanese toyline that started in 2014 with the Decepticons are exclusives to e-Hobby while the Autobots are exclusives to TakaraTomy Mall. Main title of the series are called Spacetime World:Guardians Of Time (GOT).

Each Cloud releases comes with a comic book, starting with TFC-A01 (Optimus Prime), TFC-D01 (Megatron), TFC-A02 (Brawn), TFC-D02 (Starscream), TFC-A03 (Hot Rodimus), TFC-D03 (Shockwave) and soon to be release in March, TFC-A04 (Roadbuster) and TFC-D04 (Hellwarp).

The story began with multiple universes existing as product of the mysterious omnipotent being, the Creator. Realizing that all the universes needed order, the Creator selected a universe called "Cloud World" and dispatched an emissary, SARA to guide the inhabitants keeping the peace across the multiverse.

Guardians of Time

As part of the task, SARA can open dimensional gates allowing the Transformers to travel all across the multiverse and asking in return, for them to gather surplus energy from various sources in different universes. Cloud World Autobots are seen to travel in various other continuity for that purpose, like 33rd HM Spacetime (which refers to the 33rd episode of The Headmasters, Duel on the Asterois) and 24th BW Spacetime (refers to 24th episode of Beast Wars) where both episode involves significant energy surges.

As of now, I've owned 4 Cloud releases which are TFC-A01 (Optimus Prime), TFC-D02 (Starscream), TFC-A03 (Hot Rodimus) and TFC-D03 (Shockwave) as only these 4 out of 6 uses original CHRUG mold, plus the upcoming TFC-A04 (Roadbuster) and TFC-D04 (Hellwarp).

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Hot Rod was first introduced in The Transformers : The Movie (1986) as a young Autobot stationed in Autobot City. He was the first to suspect something is wrong after Daniel pointed out a hole on the Autobot Ship while they're fishing (yes, fishing). He was present during Optimus Prime's dying moment after bravely fighting Megatron (many would argue Hot Rod's interference in the fight was the cause of Optimus Prime's death but I personally think Megatron would've done the same with him being close to the gun) and caught the Matrix when it was being passed to Ultra Magnus (which many would also argue that it's the reason why Magnus can't open it during an attack afterwards. To me, it's been decided by the Matrix beforehand)

What do you mean it doesn't "make any sense"?
Pic Credit : Web

During the battle against Galvatron inside of Unicron, Hot Rod was overpowered by the new leader of the Decepticons before he manage to tap into the power of the Matrix with the most epic soundtrack playing at the background.

Arise, Rodimus Prime!

In Package

Transformers Cloud series comes with a box with character artwork on the front, in this case Hot Rodimus. The artwork combines with its pair with the Autobot character facing towards the right and the Decepticon (in this case, Shockwave) facing towards the left.

Pic Credit :