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Friday, 19 December 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 Quantron - Pictorial Review

I think it's about time I finished Maketoys Quantron reviews, after taking quite a long time doing one members at a time.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Computron is the combined form of Autobot's Technobots, created by Grimlock in the G1 episode, Grimlock's New Brain. Recognized as the arch nemesis of Abominus, Computron counter the brute force of the Terrorcons with his lightspeed computational power.

G1 Computron
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Computron has 2 default configurations that are frequently used by the fans. One is following his cartoon/comic edition with Afterburner as the right hand and Strafe as his left while the second configuration is the opposite.

Fun Fact. Since the Decepticons are known as Destrons in the Japanese market with changes such as Combatron and Stuntron, Computron is known as Computicon in keeping with the naming convention used there.
Maketoys Not-Technobots (Recap)

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Metalstorm - Pictorial Review

Now, let us get back to Quantron. This will be last review before the grand finale, Quantron himself. Metalstorm (Not-Scattershot) is the leader of the Technobots and one of my favorite G1 characters.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Scattershot is a triple-changer that was created by Grimlock and appointed to lead the Technobots to counter the threat of the Terrocons. During the first part of The Rebirth, Scattershot was the one made out the 100 "blips" heading for them while he was manning the radar screen at the Autobot City. During the Decepticons assault, Scattershot used his rarely-seen 3rd mode, a cannon.

Example of where the rubsign shouldn't be
Pic Credit : TFWiki
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Monday, 24 November 2014

TFC Hydrant [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

Another combiner review, coming up! Let's take a break from Maketoys Quantron for awhile and proceed with TFC latest offering, Hydrant (Hotspot) of Prometheus (Protectobot).

Pic Credit :
Hotspot and the Protectobots are closer to the human than any other Autobots, giving their all in protecting them. However, it doesn't mean that they are not natural fighters. Countless time has the Protectobots become the opposing force battling the Decepticons, especially, the Combaticons.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Blindfire - Pictorial Review

The last of Quantron's limbs, before we move on to Metalstorm (Not-Scattershot) and finally, Quantron (Not-Computron) himself. Sorry for the delay as there are too much on my plate right now, hopefully will be able to settle all pending reviews in a week or two.

Pic Credit : Web

Strafe was created alongside the other Technobots by the [temporarily] genius Grimlock from components found within Unicron's head. Strafe was the first to show what he can do, given task by Grimlock to disable Unicron's internal defenses.

G1 Strafe
Pic Credit : Web
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It's obvious that Blindfire has the simplest transformation of all the five. However, that's not particularly a bad thing.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Celeritas - Pictorial Review

We are now on the 3rd member of Maketoys' Not-Technobots, Celeritas. Just FYI, celeritas is a Latin word, translated as "speed", referring to his G1 character, Lightspeed.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Created alongside with the rest of the Technobots, Lightspeed was the one who took charge leading Afterburner and Nosecone on a rescue mission to save Strafe and Scattershot using cross-fire strategy against Terrorcon Hun-Grr.

G1 Lightspeed

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Sonic Drill - Pictorial Review

Next, review of Quantron's Sonic Drill, Maketoys take on G1 Nosecone.

No, I'm articulated!
Pic Credit : Web

For those who didn't know, before there are Technobots, there's only Nosecone. He was the first to be built by Grimlock in an attempt to counter the Terrocons and save the Autobots. With his help, the temporarily-intelligent  Grimlock managed to create the last G1 Autobot Combiner team (at least in G1 US Cartoon).
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Based on the number of the transformation sequence, Sonic Drill seems to be more complicated than Overheat. And he is!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Overheat - Pictorial Review

It's been quite sometime since I last reviewed Maketoys releases and I never had a chance to review their first combiner, Giant. 

Now, moving on to their 2nd combiner (3rd if you count yellow Giant), MTCM-03 Quantron (Not-Computron). We'll start with Overheat, MT version of Afterburner. Brief background of the character and review of Warbotron version of Afterburner can be found here.

The full box picture will be updated later (or included in the review of the last component).

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Quantron comes with an instruction booklet and product catalog mostly featuring updates for their Battle Tanker series.

Overheat section