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My biggest haul to date!

It's been a long 5 days, too tired to do anything, having no more than 4 hours sleep each day. But it was worth it!

My princess was born on April 20th, 2.55 am (+8.00 GMT) and both baby and mommy are safe. Couldn't be happier than this

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Maketoys MCB-001 Armageddon Add On Kit - Pictorial Review

First of all, for a brief history of the character, please go to the link below:-

Planet X Genesis Pictorial Review

This review is a courtesy of X2OToys, thank you! Moving on..

Back in 2013, Hasbro released Platinum Edition Year of the Snake (YOS) Omega Supreme, a redeco/retool of Energon Omega Supreme based on War For Cybertron version of Omega Supreme. Despite having a new head and a massive, articulated claw arm, he is still seen far away from being the 'perfect' Omega Supreme by the fans.

Enter Maketoys! In the same year, Maketoys announces their new project, MCB-001 Armageddon Add On Kit to enhance the look of YOS Omega Supreme.

In Package

On the front, there's a silhouette of what looks like an Omega Supreme with Armageddon Add On Kit in robot mode and city mode. Notice that it's not exactly YOS Omega Supreme but it does somehow look better...

At the back, there are a few images showing the details and features of the kit.

In Package View

Armageddon comes with an instruction manual showing how to assemble the kit in robot and city modes. There's no technical spec/biocard included in this set unlike most 3rd party releases.

Armageddon Add On Kit

There are a few components in the add on kit which frankly, I don't know what they're called, haha. Quality-wise, the plastics feel very solid and the detailing is awesome.

Robot Mode

I'll do things differently this time, starting with the robot mode first.

Impressive! That's one word to describe him. Attaching all the parts takes almost no effort at all, with every connector pegs firmly into Omega Supreme.

The new blaster arm attaches easily on Omega's left hand. However, the green part at the end of Omega's hand needs to be detached and attached to his left foot. Sorry as mine is missing the green part and I can't demonstrate the assembly. The example can be seen below:-

Pic Credit : Maketoys

The attachment on the side of the legs are done using the connector ports that were also used to attach Energon Optimus Prime drones.

Back View

The back pack consists of most of the parts of the add on kit. All the parts are connected securely to each other and pegged inside of Omega Supreme. The back panels from YOS Omega Supreme are reattached at the back of the add on.

Due to the increase in the weight especially on Omega Supreme's back, the leg attachments can also act as stabilizers.

There's an LED installed at the tip of the blaster hand, controlled by an on/off switch, which is better than how Planet X did theirs before.

Standard Supreme Class Size

Base Mode

Next up, we have the base mode which also includes a launch platform.

Assembling the base mode took quite some time and a lot of referring to the manual. However, after you're familiar with it, things become a lot easy. The connection between parts are strong and they hold up nicely.

In my opinion, the base mode is way better than the robot mode. In this mode, you can clearly see how great the detailing and design of the kit, looking more like part of Omega Supreme than an add on.

Blaster Arm attached to Omega Supreme's claw
Overall, the kit is nicely done with paint scheme that matches Omega Supreme's paint job to the latter.

Aside from the LED in the blaster arm, there are two more installed in the leg attachments that act as spotlights in base form. However, I'm not sure whether it's just mine or not but there seems to be a wire exposed on both of the attachments.

Size Comparison with Henkei Convoy

The kit really takes me by surprise. 3rd Party companies trying to use YOS Omega Supreme as a base for an add on is expected; however Maketoys did really well on the execution, especially the base mode.

This is the 2nd Omega Supreme that fits the neo-classics lineup, and while Genesis might appeal more to those who favor game accurate version of Omega Supreme, Maketoys add on converts YOS Omega Supreme into a hybrid style of the character. The improvement of the kit gives in both mode are significant enough in making YOS (for me personally) at least bearable and not just another 'redeco'.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Maketoys Manga Mech Series Trash-Talk & Cogwheel - Pictorial Review

Here's another review made possible by our sponsor,  X2OToys , Maketoys [Manga Mech Series] Trash-Talk (Not Swerve) and Cogwheel (Not-Gears).


Pic Credit : TFWiki

Swerve is one of those characters that was made popular again after quite sometime. Made his debut in Transformers G1 cartoon series and had almost limited screen times with few notable appearance in G1's Five Faces of Darkness and Forever Is A Long Time Coming. Aside from those, Swerve hardly ever appear again. However, in IDW G1 continuity, Swerve is one of the frequent casts, appearing in a lot of the episodes. 

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Gears on the other had, was a familiar face in Generation 1 cartoon series. Although he's one of the original crew of the Ark, Gears was involved in seldom involved in the battle due to his non-combatant nature (or maybe he just doesn't really care much about earth in general).

Gears was also featured in other continuities such as Dreamwave Generations 1, G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers and most recently, IDW Generation 1 where he joined Rodimus as the crew of the Lost Light, on a mission to find the Knights of Cybertron. 

In Package

Maketoys Trash-Talk and Cogwheel comes in a brown outer box, just like what you can see with MT Hyper Novae. One thing that caught my attention was that there's a label at the top left stating 'Manga Mech Series'. I've heard rumors previously that MT coming up with Not-Metroplex as a continuation of their Armageddon add on for Year of the Snake Omega Supreme, a part of their city-bot series. Maybe 'Manga Mech Series' is their Not-Minibot series?

Maketoys releases might not have the best quality of boxes, but the designs are awesome.

Back View
On the back a lot of pictures showing Trash-Talk and Cogwheel's gimmick and design. Also featured are the extra accessories.

Side View

Side View

The set comes with, aside from the figures, a gun and an alternate head for each of them, an instruction manual and also a drink tray.

The manual is a simple single row-six columns two-sided paper, showing how simple the transformation for both of the figures.

The set also comes with a drink tray with 1 jug and 2 glasses. For those who aren't familiar, this is a homage to a part of the IDW Generation 1 continuity, that started with Swerve mistakenly thought Blur wants to open a bar with him (Swerve was Blur's fanboy). It all soon came into being when shortly after the event with Sparkeater, Swerve remembered his earlier plan to run a bar. And he did. (That's how the story goes, if I'm not mistaken, haha)

"Sign my bra!"
Pic Credit : TFWiki

The set also comes with an extra head for each of them (Left for Trash-Talk and Right for Cogwheel)

Alt Mode

Trash-Talk (also Cogwheel since they share the same basic mold) transform into a semi-cybertronian alt mode as opposed to earth mode like Generations Scout Class Swerve.

Side View
The transformation from both modes are equally simple, with slight similarities as Generations Swerve. The plastic is quite sturdy, roughly the same as previous MT releases (and somewhat resembles FP's Not-Stuncticons Team)

Back View
From the back of the alt mode, you can clearly see that Trash-Talk (and Cogwheel) comes with ratchet-jointed knees.

Compared to Generations Swerve, Trash-Talk is slightly bigger and comes in mostly-white color scheme as opposed to Generations Swerve almost fully red.

I like to see that Trash-Talk not as a replacement/alternatives of Swerve, rather a cybertronian-form for Swerve's earth mode.

The drink tray (and also jugs and glasses) can be attached on top of Trash-Talk. This however does not improve anything aside from the fact that it can be used for both alt mode and robot mode

Cogwheel has a same mold as Trash-Talk aside from the front hood and also the gun that he comes with, with different paint scheme

Back View

Side by side view

Both front hoods can be opened, showing something inside which I guess to be spotlight of some sort, really don't have any idea.

Robot Mode

As IDW Swerve as he can be. Honestly, Maketoys did a fine job getting his design right. Like he came right out the comic books itself.

Despite being a rather small figure, Trash-Talk comes with fine detailing, not any less than most Deluxe and Voyager figures out there. As mentioned before, the transformation is pretty much straight forward and fairly intuitive.

A clean design
Back View

Right on the dot! The head sculpt is perfectly done, capturing Swerve outgoing, enthusiastic, joyfully irreverent and upbeat personalities.

Trash-Talk is a tad bit taller than Swerve, with bulkier look and better proportion.

Moving on to Cogwheel. Despite using the same mold, Cogwheel comes with different head and also retooled chest part. These, paired the paint scheme, gives him a substantial difference compared to Trash-Talk

Back View

Cogwheel headsculpt homaging his appearance in Generation 1 cartoon series

Aside from the difference in Trash-Talk and Cogwheel head/chest design and paint scheme, both also comes with an individualized gun.

Articulation wise, these two are fun to play with. Despite being small, MT properly design Trash-Talk and Cogwheel to have decent articulations for better playability.

Before we continue, just a tips. Both figures comes with a rather solid and tight ball jointed head which although have wide range of movement, hard to turn etc. And design in which the heads are confined makes it a lot harder to turn them. So, to ease out, the inside of the front hood can be taken out to make it easier.

Aside from that both also comes with a double-jointed shoulders, swivel above the elbows, hinge on the elbows and wrist swivels. There's also waist swivel and hinge, ball jointed thighs, swivel above the knees and also ball jointed feet.

Due to their size and build, it's not a surprised how stable these two are.


Bottoms up!

To change to the alternate heads, their chest assembly can be pull out as such, taking out their chest, head and hands in one piece.

Before we continue, both parts can be switch with one another giving a different mixture of paint scheme

Trash-Talk comes with an almost-destroyed alternate head with half of the jaw falling out of the socket. Despite being really small, admired how detailed it is. Why the face?

Pic Credit : TFWiki
The alternate head is actually a reference to IDW's The Transformers : More than Meets the Eye #12, 'Before and After', where Swerve accidentally shot himself when trying to lift a huge weapon


Next, Cogwheel's alternate head is a reference to G1 Gears toy version as opposed to G1 cartoon version for his normal head.

This set also sold together with MFB add on referring to Swerve's My First Blaster, built by Brainstorm to suit Swerve small body. However, I didn't get a chance to review this yet, here's some photos of the set.

Assembling Instruction

With the release of Generations Swerve, does this set have a place in fan's collection? Well, personally, this is a must for fans of Maketoys, that's for sure. 

Also for those who love to have a proper size neo-minibot team, this is the way to go. Comparing this set to the previous effort of other companies, Trash-Talk and Cogwheel are properly design figures rather than glorified, enlarged legend class figures. Quality wise, Maketoys almost never fail.