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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Generations Trailcutter - Pictorial Review

Next, let's go back to basic to one of the key characters that was there since the beginning of G1 Series, Trailcutter

Not, it's not a hat
Trailcutter (formerly known as Trailbreaker, changed due to trademark issue) was part of the Autobots crew on board of the Ark that stranded on earth for millions of years. Awakened in 1984, Trailcutter was reformatted with Toyota 4WD Camper Truck as his Alt Mode

Stop watching the TV!
Pic Credit : Web
Trailcutter assumed quite a number of role in the cartoon, from strategist, spy, you name it. However, his most notable role would be saving all the Autobots with his force field from being disintegrated by the sun in "Megatron's Master Plan Part 2"

In Package

Seriously, can't have enough of these, really digging Generations 3.0 packaging style

By far, to me the comic book that is packed with Trailcutter has the best cover artwork, depicting Trailcutter in his Cybertronian Mode rather than Earth Mode.

Trailcutter's comic book really caught my intention, more than others, with a lot of fan-favorite characters featured

Chromedome, Brainstorm and recently revealed Tailgate

G1 Deluxe Insecticons Barrage and
Chop Chop (which will be release with Legend Megatron)

Will there be more Titan other than Metroplex?
Alt Mode

Rather than a modern pickup truck, the alt mode looks more like an armored pickup truck (based on the side window). The truck bed canopy is removable (forming his Battle Shield in robot mode)

He seems to be lacking in details especially on the rear part and also the rims

Trailcutter is small in his alt mode (not as small as ROTF Deluxe Ratchet though) but with solid feel to it. Everything pegs together and if you think of other CHURGs Deluxes such as Perceptor, Ironhide and Ratchet, Trailcutter isn't too far off

Robot Mode

Trailcutter made me love Generations even more. A really good design and great homage to the old Trailcutter character

The head sculpt was really well-made, with the frown on his face.

Unlike IDW Bumblebee, Trailcutter's back aren't hollow

If you still think that Trailcutter's back is a bit hollow, his shield can be stored at the back to also cover it

Encountered a tiny design(?) flaw where the peg for the parts that hold his shoulders can't fit in right and pop-out. However, the joint that connect it to the lower part is tight enough for it to not fall off

Size Comparison with Universe Starscream

Trailcutter comes with wide range of articulations especially on his shoulders and knees with swivel joints above the elbow. However, he has a really basic joints on his feet

It's good enough

Trailcutter's shield can also be held using the peg underneath it

100% recommended!


  1. How do you repair the peg issue?

    1. I didn't since the grey parts are hard to take off. still, the grey parts are not loose so it won't be swinging around at all on mine

    2. i have to start learning..cause two of my toys has been destroyed son..

      just a reminder for you..but don't scold them...that's my advise...
      at the end of the days..children is more important..

    3. haha, thanks! i'm gonna be a father my self, next year