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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dr Wu DW-P15 Rain Storm - Pictorial Review

There are few categories of 3rd Party releases, from a full figure, add ons (armor, extensions), replacement (heads, etc) and also weapons.

Dr Wu is one of the companies that focused on the release of add on weapons and recently recently, IDW-inspired weapons for Generations Springer

Monday, 28 October 2013

EHobby Exclusive Generations Magnificus - Pictorial Review

Transformers revisiting their root is nothing new. Releasing a figure in pre-transformers color can be traced back even during G1 time till now, from Diaclone Ultra Magnus (Pre-Ultra Magnus) to TFTM All Spark Power Fracture (GoBots Crasher) and even Fansproject DIA Commander.

Pic Credit : Web

Another example of that is G1 Magnificus, an exclusive redeco of G1 Perceptor release by eHobby.

Pic Credit : Web
A former Mebion's Decepticon military counsul, he was ousted by his foes, surviving on instinct which later become powerful fighiting skills, as he was sent into pit-fighting arenas, teamed with Ga'mede. In Dreamwave Generation 1 continuity, Magnificus is part of the same cloning program, by Shockwave, that produced Sunstorm.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Takara United TG-20 Ratbat - Pictorial Review

Haven't been reviewing normal/mass release figures for quite some time now but I'll make an exception for him.

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Ratbat, along with Lazerbeak, is one of Soundwave's main minions. With alt mode of the ancient where most newer generation of kids won't even have a clue, Ratbat transform into a cassette tap, fitting into Soundwave's cassette player alt mode

Obsessed with efficiency and self-surviving, Ratbat was featured during the Battle of The Autobot City when the Decepticons ambushed and later succeeded in killing Optimus Prime. Taking Lazerbeak's task, Ratbat act as spy and information gatherer to give the Decepticons advantage over the Autobots

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

TFCC 2013 Breakdown - Pictorial Review

It's been awhile since I went back to my hometown, took a day off on Monday just so that me and my wife could spend considerable amount of time at my parent's house. Comes back to the office today with a parcel awaiting me

There are 7 TFCC 2013 figures which are Scourge, Slipstream, Jackpot, Circuit, Breakdown and Ultra Mammoth with only 2 figures on my list, Scourge ( too expensive on secondary market nowaday) and Breakdown with Depthcharge being the freebie

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First of all, this will just be a short review as the character had already been posted in Fansproject Causality CA-09 Car Crash and the figure is actually the 9th variant of the mold (Universe Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Generations Red Alert, Henkei Lambor, Sunstreaker, Red Alert, TFCC Punch-Counterpunch and G2 Breakdown from 2010's G2 Redux boxset)

In Package

Breakdown comes packaged in a box as opposed to simple baggie as most TFCC figures used to be.

Breakdown comes with a biocard/character card and an instruction sheet. Really like the phrase "If I'm so paranoid, then how come everyone IS watching me?"

Alt Mode

The first thing that I noticed was Breakdown is actually off white rather than white he was showed in stock pictures

I really like the color scheme though it does seems a bit...'minimal'. However, paint apps are nicely done with next-to-none smudges

Comes with a rubsign on top of the roof. This however, I think could've been applied better

Comparison Shots

Side by side comparison with G2 Breakdown from 2010's G2:Redux Boxset

Robot Mode

Honestly, there's a lot of repaint that failed. Lots and lots of them. But this Breakdown works, to me at least

Quality wise, Breakdown is tight and solid despite being the 9th variant of the mold.

In case you missed it, the head mold is a new mold, first used for G2 Breakdown in 2010.

Back in 2008, this mold was considered to be a great figure with awesome articulations compared to some of the Classics and Universe 2.0 releases. And it really this, even with today's standard

Comparison Shots

Having both side by side, suddenly fell in love with them, haha

I'm guessing Breakdown will be the only figure for TFCC 2013 that I will get for now considering how crazy Scourge's (and most RTS Laser Prime molds) price right now

Oh well!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Toyworld TW-T02 Aurora - Pictorial Review

I can't believe I missed this guy. Bought him sometime last year but postponed my review due to his color making white background unusable for photo-shoot. Experimented a bit with black background so I think I should give this a try

Searchlight is a member of the The Throttlebots, first appeared during the rescue attempt of Optimus Prime's body in G1's The Return Of Optimus Prime. A somewhat recurring characters, Searchlight and the Throttlebots came and went throughout the Headmasters series

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Often mistaken as a lone ranger, Searchlight always find peace in silent and comfort in the night. Also mistaken is his keen senses of his surrounding, portraying him a paranoid loner.

Pic Credit : Web
1981's Searchlight transformed into a Ford RS200 rally car.