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Monday, 28 October 2013

EHobby Exclusive Generations Magnificus - Pictorial Review

Transformers revisiting their root is nothing new. Releasing a figure in pre-transformers color can be traced back even during G1 time till now, from Diaclone Ultra Magnus (Pre-Ultra Magnus) to TFTM All Spark Power Fracture (GoBots Crasher) and even Fansproject DIA Commander.

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Another example of that is G1 Magnificus, an exclusive redeco of G1 Perceptor release by eHobby.

Pic Credit : Web
A former Mebion's Decepticon military counsul, he was ousted by his foes, surviving on instinct which later become powerful fighiting skills, as he was sent into pit-fighting arenas, teamed with Ga'mede. In Dreamwave Generation 1 continuity, Magnificus is part of the same cloning program, by Shockwave, that produced Sunstorm.

In Package

[Decepticon Outcast] Magnificus comes in a compact box with G1-themed box design withMagnificus's artwork on the front.

Box size
Back View
On the back are Magnificus bio and tech spec which I don't understand about 99% of it. The top part of the box follow most United's box design

Packed nicely in alt mode

Alt Mode

I have to admit that I'm a bit bias when it comes to black repaints but he is gorgeous that even if I hate black (god forbid), I'll still grab him. Pity that he doesn't come with Ga'mede

Magnificus comes in Black and Red with 2 shades of grey and a Decepticon insignia on the hood

The paint apps on him is as neat as it gets, something that even Takara was lacking this past few releases.

I have yet to discover what "M381ON" means, appreciate if anyone can help me out. Front to back, Magnificus's alt mode is really nice, fully colored including the rims.

* thanks for the people ( alot of them, apparently, it's obvious to everyone but me) for pointing out to me that M381ON = MEBION*

Robot Mode

Badass! Magnificus, like his G1-self, is a repaint of Perceptor (in this case, Reveal The Shield's Perceptor) with a new head that is nicely sculpt homaging G1 Magnificus

I do wish, however, that the light-grey plastics to be painted instead of just plain colored

Another issue is that the eyes are just painted yellow instead of proper light-piping

Chest Compartment

If you have Reveal The Shield Perceptor, than you'll most probably have issue of loose joints especially on his thighs and the backpack popping off. Magnificus seems to have better quality on his joints and the backpack stays on better than the mold's previous variants


With Reveal The Shield Perceptor

With the chrome parts, Magnificus is more similar to RTS Perceptor's than United Perceptor

"My logics win!"


  1. M381ON=Mebion if not mistaken..another issue for me-->why they dont give a gun for them?how to fight with the only one missile shoulder?

    1. thanks bro! Should've known that. Agreed on the gun issue though, they kinda look naked without guns