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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Transformers Cloud TFC-A03 Hot Rodimus - Pictorial Review

Transformers Cloud is a Japanese toyline that started in 2014 with the Decepticons are exclusives to e-Hobby while the Autobots are exclusives to TakaraTomy Mall. Main title of the series are called Spacetime World:Guardians Of Time (GOT).

Each Cloud releases comes with a comic book, starting with TFC-A01 (Optimus Prime), TFC-D01 (Megatron), TFC-A02 (Brawn), TFC-D02 (Starscream), TFC-A03 (Hot Rodimus), TFC-D03 (Shockwave) and soon to be release in March, TFC-A04 (Roadbuster) and TFC-D04 (Hellwarp).

The story began with multiple universes existing as product of the mysterious omnipotent being, the Creator. Realizing that all the universes needed order, the Creator selected a universe called "Cloud World" and dispatched an emissary, SARA to guide the inhabitants keeping the peace across the multiverse.

Guardians of Time

As part of the task, SARA can open dimensional gates allowing the Transformers to travel all across the multiverse and asking in return, for them to gather surplus energy from various sources in different universes. Cloud World Autobots are seen to travel in various other continuity for that purpose, like 33rd HM Spacetime (which refers to the 33rd episode of The Headmasters, Duel on the Asterois) and 24th BW Spacetime (refers to 24th episode of Beast Wars) where both episode involves significant energy surges.

As of now, I've owned 4 Cloud releases which are TFC-A01 (Optimus Prime), TFC-D02 (Starscream), TFC-A03 (Hot Rodimus) and TFC-D03 (Shockwave) as only these 4 out of 6 uses original CHRUG mold, plus the upcoming TFC-A04 (Roadbuster) and TFC-D04 (Hellwarp).

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Hot Rod was first introduced in The Transformers : The Movie (1986) as a young Autobot stationed in Autobot City. He was the first to suspect something is wrong after Daniel pointed out a hole on the Autobot Ship while they're fishing (yes, fishing). He was present during Optimus Prime's dying moment after bravely fighting Megatron (many would argue Hot Rod's interference in the fight was the cause of Optimus Prime's death but I personally think Megatron would've done the same with him being close to the gun) and caught the Matrix when it was being passed to Ultra Magnus (which many would also argue that it's the reason why Magnus can't open it during an attack afterwards. To me, it's been decided by the Matrix beforehand)

What do you mean it doesn't "make any sense"?
Pic Credit : Web

During the battle against Galvatron inside of Unicron, Hot Rod was overpowered by the new leader of the Decepticons before he manage to tap into the power of the Matrix with the most epic soundtrack playing at the background.

Arise, Rodimus Prime!

In Package

Transformers Cloud series comes with a box with character artwork on the front, in this case Hot Rodimus. The artwork combines with its pair with the Autobot character facing towards the right and the Decepticon (in this case, Shockwave) facing towards the left.

Pic Credit :

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Generations Legends LG-09 Brainstorm - Pictorial Review

For most fans, 3rd Party releases are always better than HasTak. That, to me is not the case. But, there are some releases that most fans will agree that HasTak did better jobs. One of it would be Generation Springer. Now, for another one, Brainstorm. 

For G1 Brainstorm back story and also review of Toyworld's take on the character, please click here and here. This figure however, are of a more darker Brainstorm, the IDW version.

IDW Brainstorm
Pic Credit : Web

In Package

Brainstorm's box design follows the same design as the previous Generations Legends releases. The box is quite big as you can see the extra spaces inside.

The artwork follow the design of IDW Brainstorm but with less detailing.

Back View

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

TFC Prometheus [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

*Just noticed that the setup of my camera went haywire, sorry for the quality of the pictures*

It has been almost a year since Gumball was released, and now; Project Prometheus is reaching it's end. For those who missed, below are the reviews of the 5 members of Prometheus chronologically.

Pic Credit: TFWiki

Defensor's existence revolves around the safety of others, specifically to safeguard human life. Yet, in return it becomes his weakness, taken advantage of by his rival, Bruticus and the Decepticons. 

G1 Defensor
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Group Shots

To recap, the journey so far;-

TFC Verti-Aid [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

A figure that I've been looking forward to, but mostly because he's the last component of TFC Prometheus. To be frank, when TFC revealed their version of First Aid and Blades months back, only Red Cross (First Aid) really caught my attention while Verti-Aid seemed a bit underwhelming. So, we'll find out whether my first thought of him justified.

Pic Credit : Web

In IDW Generation 1 Continuity, Blade was part of Autobot security force, on duty in the city of Kaon. The force was given task of hunting down the renegade operators of the gladiatorial contests held in the slum areas of Cybertron, which they succeeded. Among the captives, the soon-to-be-known-as Megatron.

Pic Credit : Web

Blade's G1 toy transform into a rescue helicopter that really looks like a Bell UH-1V Iroquois. Despite being a Scramble City-style combiner limb, Blade normally form Defensor's right arm.

Previous TFC Not-Protectobots' reviews can be found below

In Package

The last release of TFC that will be using this design. Personally, I like that every TFC combiners has their own theme but keeping the overall look and feel of the packaging.

Unlike other members of Prometheus, I don't really like the artwork of Verti-Aid as I don't really feel the connection between him and Blade.

Back View

Monday, 16 February 2015

Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Armada Megatron - Pictorial Review

Comes together with Generations Combiner Wars Megatron is an unexpected pair (well...not if you saw the news back then), a repaint of Megatron, Armada Megatron!

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Armada Megatron is the main antagonist in the cartoon series Armada, the first installment of "Unicron Trilogy", before Energon and Cybertron. In the continuity, the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons escalated resulting both enhancing their power with the small race of Transformers called Mini-Cons. Believing that they made the conflict worse, the Mini-Cons seek help from the Autobots to escape Cybertron. The attempt almost fail due to an ambush by the Megatron and the Decepticons resulting the Mini-Cons, in their damage starship warped and crash-landed on earth.

Armada Megatron
Pic Credit : TFWiki
In Package
*Please take note that I won't be going into details for this review as it's a variant of Leader Class Megatron previously reviewed.

The fourth CHRUG Leader Class figure after Jetfire (Hasbro and Takara) and Megatron, Armada Megatron comes in the same Combiner Wars box as Megartron.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron - Pictorial Review

I was working out on the review of LG-09 Brainstorm when this arrived and the sane thing to do is to put that Brainstorm on hold and proceed with the tyrant, Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Megatron.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

One of the greatest villain of all time, Megatron led the Decepticons force fighting for the control of Cybertron against the Autobots, an act that brought war upon the entire universe.

In Package

Hasbro surprised the fans with the announcement of Leader Class Megatron under the Generations Combiner Wars series. Most are skeptical while others ridiculed Hasbro's attempt to reboot the character for CHRUG line. Let us see, shall we?

Megatron comes in a big box with the same theme as the previous Combiner Wars releases. I just noticed that the word "Transformers" laid out vertically on the side resembles Age Of Extinction box design.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Unique Toys Ordin O-02 Alberich - Pictorial Review

Sorry for the delay of this review as I know the 3rd component is on his way to retails as we speak. Hope you enjoy the review of UT Ordin O-02 Alberich (Not-Rippersnapper).

Taking Sharknado to another level
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Just like the rest of the Terrocons, Rippersnapper first appeared during G1 episode Grimlock's New Brain, with his fellow teammates under the order of Galvatron to retrieve the anti-electrons. In IDW Generation 1 Continuity, Rippersnapper was a big fan of Sixshot during the war. The Terrorcons were taken hostage by the Reapers with intend to lure Sixshot out.

G1 Rippersnapper
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Review of Unique Toys Ordin O-01 Troll (Not-Blot) can be found here.

In Package

Box : Front View
Alberich comes in quite a small box, just like Troll. The artwork used on the front is really nicely done, reminding of IDW circa 2007/2008.

Box : Back View