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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Unique Toys Ordin O-02 Alberich - Pictorial Review

Sorry for the delay of this review as I know the 3rd component is on his way to retails as we speak. Hope you enjoy the review of UT Ordin O-02 Alberich (Not-Rippersnapper).

Taking Sharknado to another level
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Just like the rest of the Terrocons, Rippersnapper first appeared during G1 episode Grimlock's New Brain, with his fellow teammates under the order of Galvatron to retrieve the anti-electrons. In IDW Generation 1 Continuity, Rippersnapper was a big fan of Sixshot during the war. The Terrorcons were taken hostage by the Reapers with intend to lure Sixshot out.

G1 Rippersnapper
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Review of Unique Toys Ordin O-01 Troll (Not-Blot) can be found here.

In Package

Box : Front View
Alberich comes in quite a small box, just like Troll. The artwork used on the front is really nicely done, reminding of IDW circa 2007/2008.

Box : Back View
On the back, all 3 Alberich's alt mode are shown. I strongly advise that the box be opened with extra care as it can easily be torn.

Alberich comes with a tech spec and an instruction sheet just like most 3rd party releases.

It's quite surprising to see how simple Alberich is packed.

The combiner hand is not packed in separate compartment but rather just put behind Alberich's legs. However, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, really space-saving.

Alt Mode

For those who aren't familiar with the Terrorcons, all five members transform into some sort of mutant/mythical animals. Okay, clear? Alberich transform into a shark with hands and legs, standing upright.

Side View
Compared to G1 Rippersnapper, Alberich looks a bit long as opposed to short and round version of the G1 toy. Despite the design, Alberich can stand quite easily in alt mode, not tumbling down.

Back View

The connector of the tail really reminds of the design TFC used for the Not-Aerialbots team. I'm not implying anything but the similarity is uncanny.

Alberich comes with small, 2 dual-missiles and are attached on his fin. I personally like the size of the weapons, unlike the big weapon most figures has nowadays.

The shark's head sculpt is simple but nicely done with minor detailing. Unlike Troll, Alberich's jaw can be opened, revealing really sharp teeth. Considering the shark's head is not involved in the transformation, it's a shame that it doesn't have any range of movement aside from slight tilt to the front.

The shark's hips are on ratchet joints, to able Alberich to support his upper body weight while the knees and the paws are on a hinge. The shoulders are on a [limited] ball joints and the elbows are on a [very loose] hinge. Due to the he transform, Alberich lacks waist joint.


Alberich is basically the opposite of Troll as he's slender and high while Troll is short but wide. Due to the unnatural characteristic of these (unlike all the Not-Predaking), am really curios to see what they'll look like once complete.

Could've been better if Troll's jaw can be opened

Robot Mode

My biggest surprise when taking him out of the package was how light he is and how thin the plastic feels compared to Troll. Was fairly disappointed as Troll's weight and material were some of the good qualities the new Unique Toys had.

Side View
Transformation between mode is fairly simple once you get the idea of what to do. Unlike Troll's clean and genius transformation, Alberich is simpler with a lot of kibbles on his back, making him look like carrying a dead shark on his back.

Back View

For those who don't prefer the shark's hands visible in alt mode, you can just simply fold at the elbows with the palms facing upwards (there's no locking mechanism though).

Just like Troll, Alberich's head sculpt is nicely done, color homaging G1 Rippersnapper.

Alberich's detailing and paint apps are nicely done, without any smudge anywhere. Kudos to Unique Toys for their quality control on the finishing.

Despite the back kibble, Alberich is quite stable and can pose really well.

Despite liking the his weapons in alt mode, I personally feels the dual-missiles launchers are a bit underwhelming and small to be used in robot mode. The weapons are original design, not homaging to G1 Rippersnapper's guns.

Alberich has decent articulations, just like Troll. The head is on a swilvel joint and the shoulders are on ratchet joint, to support the weight in alt mode. He also has double-jointed shoulders, wrist swivels, waist-swivels, universal joints on his hip, hinge on the kness [that are quite loose..] and ankle tilts.


Compared to Troll, Alberich is almost half-a-head shorter which is something that I don't really prefer. Still, I'll wait and see if Alberich's height will be the same UT's Not-Cutthroat (same limb position) and Troll will be the same as Fenrir.

Combiner Mode

Ordin's hand is pretty well design, with all the fingers on ball joints which gives them wider range of movement. The base of the thumb is on ratchet joint and the middle of the fingers are on hinges.

I really like Alberich's combiner mode, more than most combiners ever released. It resembles the G1 cartoon design with the shark can be seen on the upper part of the arm while the lower part is plain.

The alt mode's arms and legs are folded but there are no locking mechanism holding them into place, just relying on the tightness of the joints.

While the combiner port looks the same as MMC Feral Rex's, the size is different so be careful if you're trying to mix and match between these 2 combiners.

Alberich's crotch is pulled down, revealing Ordin's elbow that is on a strong ratchet joint.

Size Comparison with TFC Red Cross in Arm Mode

Alberich is a decent figure and I really look forward the remaning 3 members. However, I found out that the quality of the figure is much lower than his predecessor, Troll. The plastic feels lighter and the joints are far more loose than Troll. Hopefully Fenrir onwards will be on Troll's level rather than Alberich.


  1. Hi,

    I have one unrelated question. What are Blot (Troll) and Sinnertwin (Fenrir) alter mode supposed to be? I'm younger than G1 Cartoon, so I do no know. I've some sources, but they have different animal modes.


    1. Haha. Honestly, I'm not really sure what kind of creature Blot is, he looks like a weird monster with ape body proportion. Sinnertwin can be considered as 2-headed dragon