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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

TFC Prometheus [Project Prometheus] - Pictorial Review

*Just noticed that the setup of my camera went haywire, sorry for the quality of the pictures*

It has been almost a year since Gumball was released, and now; Project Prometheus is reaching it's end. For those who missed, below are the reviews of the 5 members of Prometheus chronologically.

Pic Credit: TFWiki

Defensor's existence revolves around the safety of others, specifically to safeguard human life. Yet, in return it becomes his weakness, taken advantage of by his rival, Bruticus and the Decepticons. 

G1 Defensor
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Group Shots

To recap, the journey so far;-


TFC Not-Protectobots come with a lot of weapons;- at least a pair of gun each, except for Hydrant. However, aside from the two pairs that are attached to Prometheus's feet, I couldn't find any way to combine the weapons nor did any instruction mentioning that. So, this is just for fun, combining the guns of all five members. How I missed the way Hercules's gun were formed.

Alternate Configuration

Before proceeding, here's an example of using Verti-Aid as the leg, replacing Warning Line.

Despite the ability, I think the alternate configuration of Prometheus looked really weird... not my cup of tea. Given the shape of Hydrant in combiner mode, the last thing I want are blocky legs.

Let us move on....

Prometheus Alive!

Prometheus was the most controversial combiner ever released by TFC. Unlike previous offering, TFC opted for G1 design almost to the letter in terms of his proportion....but not in a good way.

Fully combined, I'm relieved that Prometheus doesn't share the same quality issue as Ares, his predecessor. 

Prometheus's design is quite clean, aside from the ladder attached to his back. Prometheus can stand without any difficulty unlike what fans experienced with Ares. And no, I haven't used the silicon pad included with Verti-Aid.

The head sculpt is not fans' favorite, as I saw people's complaints on the board. However, I was told by Ben that the blue part can be taken off by unscrewing the head. To me, I prefer him as such with the blue part gives Prometheus a seamless head design to the body.

Despite looking the same, the hands are not recycled from any previous releases.

Any gun that comes with the limbs can be attached to the side of the feet, not only limited to Gumball and Warning Line's guns. They serve as a stopper to keep the legs from sliding to the side as well as restricting the angle of the tilt.

Prometheus is what I hoped Ares should be. Overall, the combiner is solid and everything pegs in nicely, without any small parts bumping into you as you're posing him. 

The hip has improved and able to withstand the weight of Prometheus even during different poses. However, using ratchet joint for the feet, personally, is not a good idea. I wished they'd used the ball joint system (just like MMC Feral Rex) but only time will tell how long the friction on the ball joint will last.

Prometheus comes with good articulation for a combiner. The head is on a ball joint, while the shoulders and elbows are on ratchet joints and hinges. He also has wrist swivels, ratchet joints on the waist, universal joint on the hips, ratchet joint on the knees and feet.

My weapon configuration is not really good so if anyone has better way of doing it, kindly let me know.


Prometheus is the same height as Uranos, nicely scaled. These two are the exact opposite of each other in terms of build; Prometheus is bulky and large while Uranos is tall and slim, fitting each combiner's nature.

Defend the Autobot City!

Design wise, he was the first that I had doubt with, after the news of Hydrant. However, I'm still glad that I follow through as I personally like Prometheus. Yet, even that the quality gets better, it is still not on-par with other combiners.

I hope TFC's direction with their Masterpiece series is not an indicator of them quitting the combiner line. I would love to see the remaining 4 (or 5, depends on how you counted them) combiners to be produced by TFC.


  1. As much as I love Defensor as a combiner, I think I prefer most of these as stand alone 'bots. TFC has done a good job again. I sat this one out, but their version of Blades and First Aid are awfully tempting.

    1. yeah, ,there's significant different between the first 3 components and the last 2

  2. I have also waited on this one, the first 2 bots were not very impressive to me, but they kept getting better, and I really like the combined mode.

    I'm waiting for one of the retailers to offer all 5 for a discounted, combined price and I will get the set.

  3. Hi,

    It looks really impressive. Sad to say I won't be able to get it (currency issues XD), but very nice pictures, like always. :)

    Do you thing TFC will stop combiner line?


    1. Yeah, we were affected by currency issue also but since I already had the first 2 releases, might as well complete them. I think they won' least I hope they won't

  4. Jeje, but our currency issue is different, it takes me 5 to 6 months to earn money to buy only 1 figure, while you get 3 or 4 in a single month (I admit that I'm not a collect and ia have many responsabilities, so I can't put too much money on this, that is the reason for the long time, and on the top of that I'm on wedding issue, so you what that means :P).

    I have to say that, even if somehow I share your feel, I'm to read you say "I hope they won't". Why would you somehow "wish" they do not continue with the combiner line?


    1. sorry to hear about that.

      No, what I mean is I don't think they will stop the combiner line. I REALLY hope they won't stop :)

  5. jajajaj, ok. Do not need to say sorry, getting marry is the best of the best (My wedding is on next year, but I joying the preparation, althought it hard some times).

    About the combiner line, jeje, I got the wrong idea :P I'm planning to change to Combiner Wars because #1 They do the same that I like from TFC Toy (Scramble-city) but better (because arm/leg switch) and #2 their A LOT cheaper.

    Anyway, even if I can never buy any toy, I still really like your blogspot, and will keep after as long as you can work on it jajaj :)