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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Transformers Cloud TFC-A03 Hot Rodimus - Pictorial Review

Transformers Cloud is a Japanese toyline that started in 2014 with the Decepticons are exclusives to e-Hobby while the Autobots are exclusives to TakaraTomy Mall. Main title of the series are called Spacetime World:Guardians Of Time (GOT).

Each Cloud releases comes with a comic book, starting with TFC-A01 (Optimus Prime), TFC-D01 (Megatron), TFC-A02 (Brawn), TFC-D02 (Starscream), TFC-A03 (Hot Rodimus), TFC-D03 (Shockwave) and soon to be release in March, TFC-A04 (Roadbuster) and TFC-D04 (Hellwarp).

The story began with multiple universes existing as product of the mysterious omnipotent being, the Creator. Realizing that all the universes needed order, the Creator selected a universe called "Cloud World" and dispatched an emissary, SARA to guide the inhabitants keeping the peace across the multiverse.

Guardians of Time

As part of the task, SARA can open dimensional gates allowing the Transformers to travel all across the multiverse and asking in return, for them to gather surplus energy from various sources in different universes. Cloud World Autobots are seen to travel in various other continuity for that purpose, like 33rd HM Spacetime (which refers to the 33rd episode of The Headmasters, Duel on the Asterois) and 24th BW Spacetime (refers to 24th episode of Beast Wars) where both episode involves significant energy surges.

As of now, I've owned 4 Cloud releases which are TFC-A01 (Optimus Prime), TFC-D02 (Starscream), TFC-A03 (Hot Rodimus) and TFC-D03 (Shockwave) as only these 4 out of 6 uses original CHRUG mold, plus the upcoming TFC-A04 (Roadbuster) and TFC-D04 (Hellwarp).

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Hot Rod was first introduced in The Transformers : The Movie (1986) as a young Autobot stationed in Autobot City. He was the first to suspect something is wrong after Daniel pointed out a hole on the Autobot Ship while they're fishing (yes, fishing). He was present during Optimus Prime's dying moment after bravely fighting Megatron (many would argue Hot Rod's interference in the fight was the cause of Optimus Prime's death but I personally think Megatron would've done the same with him being close to the gun) and caught the Matrix when it was being passed to Ultra Magnus (which many would also argue that it's the reason why Magnus can't open it during an attack afterwards. To me, it's been decided by the Matrix beforehand)

What do you mean it doesn't "make any sense"?
Pic Credit : Web

During the battle against Galvatron inside of Unicron, Hot Rod was overpowered by the new leader of the Decepticons before he manage to tap into the power of the Matrix with the most epic soundtrack playing at the background.

Arise, Rodimus Prime!

In Package

Transformers Cloud series comes with a box with character artwork on the front, in this case Hot Rodimus. The artwork combines with its pair with the Autobot character facing towards the right and the Decepticon (in this case, Shockwave) facing towards the left.

Pic Credit :

Back View

As I explained above, Rodimus comes with a comic book with him, with SARA and Shockwave on the front cover.

Facing of FOC Bruticus

Cloud figures come in a simple packaging with the inner box slide out from the side of the outer box.

Helicopter Mode

Cloud Hot Rodimus, being a repaint of Generations Springer, is a triple-changer that transform into robot, helicopter and armored car. And there was ruckus everywhere!

The helicopter mode looks fine but due to it being a triple-changer, the color placement of Rodimus in helicopter mode is the least good looking to me. But still, the front portion of the helicopter looks nice and not at all messy. The color of the rotor and the blaster does look out of place but I'm not sure will it be better if those two are colored red or maybe orange.

Back View


Cloud Rodimus with Takara Generations Sandstorm and Springer (sorry I'm not sure where I put my Hasbro Generations Sandstorm and Springer) making him the 5th variant of the mold.

With Cloud Shockwave

Vehichle Mode

The second alt mode for Hot Rodimus is an armored car. Between the two alt modes, it seems that the paint scheme is more focused on this alt mode rather than the helicopter mode.

Side View

Back View

The paint application is really nicely done with very clean finishing even on the 2 flaps (above the front tires, a problem for Generations Springer variant) and the painted clear plastic for the roof. The flame deco is not really accurate to G1 Hot Rod/Rodimus though but good enough for people to recognize the character he represent.


For those who'll be using Hot Rodimus for their CHRUG Rodimus Prime, here's a comparison between him and Classics (2006) Rodimus (Hot Rod).

However, the best version to be used with Cloud Hot Rodimus is the 2012 UN-23 United Rodimus Prime (again, sorry as I'm not sure where I keep him) due the color of the wings.

Pic Credit : Web

Robot Mode

Before we start on the robot mode, it's worth mentioning that NONE of the Cloud releases received any retool whatsoever, just a straight repaint. One might point out that Brawn has a new head but that actually was made for the cancelled GDO Brawn.

Honestly, I'm not sure what's the problem cause I really like this variant. To be honest, being a mold collector, most of the time I will just open my new mold variant to check and they will go straight back in box (just like I did yesterday with 2014 Million Publishing Exclusive Shouki).

Side View

But him, I've been transforming him back and forth for few times when I got him.

Back View

The mold itself was very good to begin with (I sold off my Warbot Defender right away after looking at Generations Springer image for the first time) and with this deco, it makes him look even better.

The crest on the head might not be very G1-ish but in IDW continuity, Hot Rod/Rodimus iterations already adopted this design (also previously, Energon Rodimus). The paint app is nicely done with quite a lot of detailing on him, even more than Springer and Sandstorm.

More Than Meets the Eye
Pic Credit :


Would've been better if side-by-side United Rodimus

With Cloud World Autobots Leader, Cloud Optimus Prime

Just like Springer and Sandstorm, Rodimus has a very good range of movement, making him a lot of fun to play with.

Rodimus comes with ball-jointed head, hinge and swivel on the shoulders, ratchet joint on the elbows, waist swivel, universal joint on the hips and ratchet joint on the knees and swivel above them.

The rotors convert into a sword much like Generations Springer's.

The design and posebility of the figure seems fitting with the newer aesthetic of Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime (after G1 iteration) as he is portray to be an agile and skillful fighter but also capable leader (eg Energon Rodimus Prime and Animated Rodimus Minor).

Let's do this, Prime!

A lot of people said the using Generations Springer mold as Rodimus and making him a triple-changer is blasphemous. So, let's examined a few facts

1 - It's unclear that Hot Rodimus is basically Hot Rod or a Prime as after G1 continuity, the name had been used loosely for the character. The name Rodimus had been used by during Energon while the name Rodimus Prime had been used in Animated series (though the toy uses Rodimus Minor) with both of the characters are in a way a leader/commander of the Autobots but not a Prime so not transforming into a futuristic truck is acceptable.

2 - If he is indeed Rodimus Prime, the character almost never transform into a futuristic truck again after the G1 continuity (and also Titanium Series and Masterpiece but both are takes on G1 Rodimus Prime character) so tying the him to that alt mode not rational.

3 - Most characters introduced in CHRUG will at least have minor changes but enough homage to the original characters. These figures had their alt mode's characteristic changed and for some, totally different alt mode like RTS Perceptor (and e-Hobby Magnificus), United Frenzy/Rumble (and TFCC Eject/Rewind), the Junkions, Fansproject City Commander and few others.

4 - Cloud is a small line/series that I think the details will never merge with the main continuity so the fact that he's a triple-changer will stay here. But there's a lot of G1 characters' aesthetic that had been changed since G1 but accepted in the main storyline like IDW Magnus with Minimus Ambus or Unicron is no longer a creation of Primacron but is The Chaos Bringer, twin brother of Primus

If Cloud Hot Rodimus  is actually Hot Rod, it's not weird for him to have a 3rd mode, character change. But let's say he's actually a Prime. Orion Pax with the Matrix transform into a big truck with trailer, Hot Rod with the Matrix acquire 3rd alt mode. Good enough for me, Cloud Hot Rodimus will be my version of Rodimus Prime, not Fansproject Protector anymore (until Hasbro come up with better figure)

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