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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Generations Legends LG-09 Brainstorm - Pictorial Review

For most fans, 3rd Party releases are always better than HasTak. That, to me is not the case. But, there are some releases that most fans will agree that HasTak did better jobs. One of it would be Generation Springer. Now, for another one, Brainstorm. 

For G1 Brainstorm back story and also review of Toyworld's take on the character, please click here and here. This figure however, are of a more darker Brainstorm, the IDW version.

IDW Brainstorm
Pic Credit : Web

In Package

Brainstorm's box design follows the same design as the previous Generations Legends releases. The box is quite big as you can see the extra spaces inside.

The artwork follow the design of IDW Brainstorm but with less detailing.

Back View

Brainstorm doesn't come with a tech spec (per se) but the instruction sheet is folded into some sort of booklet with the picture of Brainstorm on the front and tech spec on the back.

Also, inside the booklet, there is a 2-pages comic book which I don't really understand what it's about. However, I found out something interesting..

A column showing Brainstorm firing at Scorponok. This doesn't mean anything to me if I didn't heard the rumor about Titan Class Scorponok.


I can't find any mention of the name on the box so I'm going to assume they didn't change it...

For those who had experienced with Toyworld and Perfect Effect's headmasters, HasTak version of Arcana might be a bit underwhelming, especially the arms. The best however is the head as it is on ball joint which allow quite a wide range of movement. The shoulders are on limited-range ball joints, the hips can only move forward and no knee joints (opposite direction doesn't count)

Side View
For those who wonder why are the hands designed as such, they gave Brainstorm's head a nicer and more streamlined shape rather than just a cube, like the G1 version, and also 3rd party Headmaster releases.

Just like Toyworld version, Brainstorm's face on Arcana's back can't be hidden at all.


Right : Takara, Left : Hasbro

The only difference between Hasbro and Takara version of Arcana is the brown used by Takara is a bit darker than the Hasbro version, on Arcana's face and Brainstorm's mouthplate.

 Alt Mode

HasTak opted for  a modernize version of Brainstorm in alt mode, rather than a straight copy of G1 Brainstorm, much like Fansproject's Smart Robin.

I personally don't mind the simplistic approach HasTak took on him as the alt mode does look good, aside from the back portion. Considering how near-perfect it is, it's a shame that such simple problem exist ruining the whole aesthetic.

The design would be perfect if the back portion can be folded upwards at least.

Despite my minor complaint, I really like Brainstorm design in alt mode, a nice homage to the character.


Left Takara, Right Hasbro

Some people contemplated whether they should take to the Takara version or Hasbro. As you can see, there're few significant differences between these two version. The cockpit on Takara is translucent orange, following G1 Brainstorm. Takara version also has more detailing where the red stripes can be seen on the wings and the front part of the alt mode. Comparing this two, the Hasbro version feels a little bit 'incomplete'.

Just like the G1 version, the cockpit can be opened and the headmaster can be put inside as the pilot.

Dog fight

Robot Mode

Arcana, standing in front of Brainstorm

The mechanism of the headmaster is a bit faulty and fans are advised to be cautious when pulling out the headmaster. What you should do is pull the gray plastic above the cockpit downward and tilt the head forward while pulling it. 

Head on!
While this gimmick is not exactly the same as the G1 version, there's a panel that folds down when you attached the head (not functioning really well) revealing his tech specs bar graph for his Speed (SPD), Strength (STR) and Intelligence (INT).

I must say, I have no regret selling my Toyworld Brainwave when the Hasbro revealed Brainstorm. Heck, I would sell FP Smart Robin if I had him too.

Despite the simplistic approach, Brainstorm is a really good figure, designed for practicality.

Side View
The figure is kibble-free, aside from the front part of the jet, folded to his back.

The head sculpt is nicely done and without debate, people would know he's Brainstorm. The way Arcana's arms are design allow the head to be more streamline rather than just plain and square.

Not only the aesthetic, Brainstorm also have decent posebility despite lacking few point of articulations.

Brainstorm comes with a ball-jointed head, swivel and hinge on his shoulders, double ratchet joints on his elbows, universal joint on the hips, swivel on the thighs, ratchet joints on the knees and [small degree] ankle tilt.

He lacks 2 crucial joints, the first being a waist swivel and then hands swivel.

However, that doesn't stop him from being posed in b****s ways.


It is obvious that the Hasbro version looks a bit dull and plain compared to the Takara version due to the color of the cockpit, the missing red stripes and also the shade of red used on his chest.

The awesome twin!

This mold is one of the best to be released in 2014, making me remembered why I love official releases. Now, the bigger question, will the rest of the team be released? I sure hope so. I've been thinking a lot recently and I come to the conclusion that I won't stop collecting in the near future. Not 1 year, not 2 years, hopefully not even 10 years. So, rather than running around chasing 3rd party releases all the time just so that "I have him on my shelf", I'll try and wait patiently for the official figure to be released. Unless if the 3rd party release is tooo damn awesome! LOL


  1. it is quite ok for the price of RM110. This robot is simple and the step to change to jet is also simple. Hopefully taratomy and hasbro will continue making chromedome and others headmaster robot.

    1. I don't really mind simple design as long as it is practical and serve the purpose, in this case is the robot mode. The alt mode however could've been better