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Monday, 16 February 2015

Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Armada Megatron - Pictorial Review

Comes together with Generations Combiner Wars Megatron is an unexpected pair (well...not if you saw the news back then), a repaint of Megatron, Armada Megatron!

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Armada Megatron is the main antagonist in the cartoon series Armada, the first installment of "Unicron Trilogy", before Energon and Cybertron. In the continuity, the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons escalated resulting both enhancing their power with the small race of Transformers called Mini-Cons. Believing that they made the conflict worse, the Mini-Cons seek help from the Autobots to escape Cybertron. The attempt almost fail due to an ambush by the Megatron and the Decepticons resulting the Mini-Cons, in their damage starship warped and crash-landed on earth.

Armada Megatron
Pic Credit : TFWiki
In Package
*Please take note that I won't be going into details for this review as it's a variant of Leader Class Megatron previously reviewed.

The fourth CHRUG Leader Class figure after Jetfire (Hasbro and Takara) and Megatron, Armada Megatron comes in the same Combiner Wars box as Megartron.

The small artwork at the front are based on the toy rather than the original version of Armada Megatron.

Back View

Character's Bio

Armada Megatron comes with the same accessories as Megatron except that he lacks the sticker sheet.

Tech Spec

Alt Mode

Armada Megatron transform into a tank, just like Megatron. Although, the alt mode made more sense for him compared to Megatron as it was his original alt mode in the Armada cartoon (albeit the tank was different).

The tank is mostly green and purple with dark gray highlights on both sides and the turret.

Despite using the same mold, the color scheme made Armada Megatron looks better than Megatron, with nice attention to the detail on the surface.


With Leader Class Megatron

Just a recap, this is not the first Neo-Armada figure released by HasTak. No, not even Generations Armada Starscream (which I couldn't find anywhere due to all my stuff in boxes). The first was back in 2008, Universe 2.0 [Armada] Hot Shot.

I must say, these scale does look nice together in terms of the scale.

Jolt, the Mini-Con that came with Hot Shot can be attached on Armada Megatron via the Mini-Con ports.

Robot Mode

I was a bit skeptical when Hasbro made the announcement as repainting a G1-style Megatron into Armada Megatron is something that would never crossed my mind. However, in hand, he does look okay, really like the homage to the original design (the tank treads, head)

Back View

Side View
Having the tank treads separated to the side, he looks almost kibble free, compared to Megatron. Hasbro did a good job design the part as such, giving different look and feel to both characters.

Unlike Megatron's head, Armada Megatron has smaller head with insect-like horns homaging to Armada Megatron but smaller in size.

Poseability-wise, he's the same as Megatron. The treads that are pushed higher gave clearance to his waist allowing 360o rotation.

Armada Megatron comes with a ball-jointed head (wide range), ratchet joint on the elbows, wrist and waist swivels. The hips are on universal joints with swivels just below them. The knees are on ratchet joint and there's small, almost none, ankle tilts. 


The only retool part between these two figures are the head while the others are the same. However, with the alternate configuration and different paint apps, both figures are 'unique' enough to pass as separate characters.

If memory serves me right, Generations Armada Starscream is the same height as Universe 2.0 Hot Shot or at least, roughly the same.

Let us go further back

Here's Armada Megatron, side by side with his ultimate weapon, Tidal Wave. Although, this is the Energon version as I couldn't find the Armada version in short time.


Not a good day..
Personally, I think Tidal Wave looks great standing side by side with Armada Megatron, it would've been better if I had used Armada Tidal Wave whose color scheme matched him. Considering he's a repaint, there's not much that could be shown to get your attention...except maybe this!

The original Armada Megatron can combined with Tidal Wave with the aircraft carrier and battleship clipped onto his arms while the troop transport clipped on his back. While this isn't an official configuration, with the existence of the Mini-Con ports and 5mm peg holes, the new Armada Megatron can at least mimic the configuration.

The problem however is the troop transport. Coincidentally, the 2 Mini-Con ports on his back matched the screw holes on the troop transport....almost, by few millimeters. What I did was I pushed the treads closed together the ports matched the screw holes. As of now, I haven't seen any affect on the figure yet but do at your own risk.

The add ons are very heavy and Armada Megatron have problem even standing straight due to the quality/build of the legs.

Will there be any more Armada figures to be released? Sure hope Hasbro redo Armada Optimus Prime, with better super mode.


  1. eh figure ni nnt mesti ada version takara jgk kan? osem weh blog kau. thumbs up!

    1. Thanks bro. Usually ada tapi takde news lagi skang