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Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Sorry for not updating the blog for quite sometime. Here I'm announcing my review will be [temporarily, I hope] put on hold for unspecified period of time.

I've been swamped with my work these past couple of years and I don't see it getting better in near time. Also, my attention will also go fully to my family so I can't see any way for me to cater for both aspect of my personal life AND posting quality reviews in acceptable time.

In addition, I'm trying to stablize my financial situation so I won't be able to get my hands on any new exciting stuff for the time being. Although before, I was lucky enough to have friends providing me their stuff as review materials, most of the stuff were bought by me and for the review to be done fast to help other collectors made purchasing decision, I often paid more than usual. Given the current situation, that's a luxury I couldn't afford.

Thank you all for your support, especially my loyal readers. Hope that one day I'll be able to come back and sharing with you guys my reviews. 

Till All Are One!