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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kre-O Micro Changers Combiners Constructicon Devastator - Pictorial Review

After getting the Preview Wave, I was hooked! Brick had never been my cup of tea but the image of the new Combiners set really get my attention. Found all 4 of the set at a local Toys R Us, went back home with all 4

Let's start with Constructicon Devastator set

In Package - Front View

Clash of the Titans

These few months had been so kind, I've gotten a lot of the figures that I aimed. To name a few, United Artfire, United Stepper, Botcon G2 Breakdown, Toyworld Grindrod and a lot more. However, I'm pretty far behind on my photo sessions, need to catch up as well as post the older ones. But before that, enjoy The Clash Of The Titans!

Xovergen Trailerforce TF-01 (Not-Powermaster Prime)

Been busy for weeks, not to mention caught a flu that seems doesn't want to go away. Missed my fiancee also. Tough week

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Brick! (no, not G1)

First thing first, Kre-O Transformers is the first line of Kre-O Series, a line of construction toys marketed by Hasbro.

Kre-O Transformers Logo
Pic Credit : Web

"Ok...something's not right with me, Ratcher!"
Pic Credit : Web

 The first Transformers set was shipped in June/July 2011. Revealed during 2011 New York Toy Fair, some of the sets includes Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream and Bumblebee.

Kreon Figures
Pic Credit : Web

Packed together with the set are several Kreon figures (resembles Lego's Minifigs) that includes (normally) the character itself, humans and extra Transformers Kreon of other beloved characters

In 2012, Hasbro took the line to another level by releasing Kre-O Transformers Micro Changers, a transforming (well, sort of) Kreon. Starting with preview wave of 6, the line aim for the old-timer with release of Kre-O Transformers Micro Changer Combiners set

Monday, 21 January 2013

Renderform RF005 Kit Nebulous Tempest - Pictorial Review

I mentioned earlier that recently Hasbro and Takara seldom release straight-repaint figure anymore without small retooling/remolding, especially giving new head for the figure. But 3rd parties has been doing this for quite some time. While company like Fansproject and a few others focused their release on add ons/weapons, some offered fans with alternative heads (Fansproject did, by the way, releasing a new head for Classics Cliffjumper and iGear's Kup head). Some of the companies are Beelzeboss and Renderform

Renderform is a garage kit label, a custom made upgrade kits/accessories by Venksta. More can be found here Renderform.

Here's a review of the RF005 Kit for Universe Darkwing

Drowsy babble

Mid of last year marked the start of a great run, a new life. Socially and luckily, my hobby too.

Had a chance of catching up on the releases that were left out. Considerably done, now onto Shattered Glass

Thanks for the support dear

Newest haul

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Transformers Universe Darkwing - Pictorial Review

One thing that Transformers collectors could expect in any line of the releases. REPAINT! It started long ago and continued till this day. However, recently, Hasbro/Takara choose an alternative way of reproducing existing mold which is retool/remold.

This wasn't the case for years back where a straight repaint were done whether or the not it's resembles the said character (which most of time, didn't)

An example of it, here's Transformers Universe Darkwing (2009), repainted from Universe Silverbolt.

Pic Credit : Web

First of all, he shouldn't be confused with Decepticons Hydra which appeared in G1 Masterforce series. However, he did made an appearance in the commercials for the Powermaster toys.

Repaint as a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, his new alt mode is an XB-70 Valkyrie jet.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Project Uranos - Mix & Match

Well, this isn't neseccary but just for fun, here's Eagle and Phantom with Hercules


As you can see, leg that's form by Eagle is abit more longer than of Hercules (thus the thigh is away from each other to match the height). And extending Fireflight's arm mode can match up Hercules's Rage of Hercules set (although a bit skinny)

It's to early to judge, can't wait for the rest of the team

Whose are theseeee???!!!

TFC F-15 Eagle [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

Next is the 2nd part of Project Uranos, released not along after Phantom, the F-15 Eagle (Not-Air Raid).

Pic Credit : Web

Nothing much can be said about him but during the attack of Decepticons with their new weapons, the Stunticons, Air Raid had proven to be the most effective out of the Aerialbots in the battle, taking down Seekers whent his fellow members took a few hits

With that heroic act in mind, let us see the warrior, 80s style!

Pic Credit : Web
More or less like his team member, Fireflight. Don't get me wrong, this was almost 30 years ago that during that time, Air Raid and his geng was PRETTY DAMN AWESOME!!

Let's move on to TFC version of the Not-Air Raid, F-15 Phantom

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

TFC F-4 Phantom [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

After the success of Project Hercules, TFC offered fans with similarly craved by fans figures, continuing their effort in releasing yet another Transformers G1-Not-Combiners, Uranos (Not-Superion)

First of all, the team that formed Superion was Aerialbots, a 5-jets team consisting Silverbolt (Leader, Concorde SST), Air Raid (Boeing F-15C Eagle), Fireflight (McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II),  Skydive (General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon) and Slingshot (McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II).

Pic Credit : Web

Rebuilded from old shuttles, they act as a counter-measure of Decepticons newly formed combiner team, Stunticon. Stunticons were set out to 'take the ground' dominated by Autobots (as most are land vehicles) resulting in Autobots taking the area once dominated by Decepticons, the sky

Pic Credit : Web

For the first release, TFC had given has F-4 Phantom (Not Fireflight). First, let see him from the last century's prespective

In G1, he can describe as a reckless flyer, pays no attention to the safety of others as he can get easily distracted.

Pic Credit :Web
Toy representation, as it were. And he was small! Really-really small. Now, for TFC's offering

Monday, 14 January 2013

Tokyo Toy Show 2012 United Black Henkei Convoy

Here's a review of a repaint of Classic Voyager Optimus Prime, United Black Henkei Convoy

In Package - Front View
Packed in a white box, different from normal United releases (even if compared to United WFC Darkside).Comparing the cost, it's just a bit more expensive than normal United Voyagers.

Busy week~

Been busy weeks, haven't gotten to spend extra time with my fiancee, hope today can take her for a walk and show her a good time, owe her that much

Did a cover of Canon Rock months ago, played that one time only

Haven't been playing guitar much nowadays, maybe will start when all things cleared out

TFC Hercules [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Finally, started from July 2011, the set finally completed on January 2012. To recap, let us first have a look G1 Devastator and next, the Hercules Team (Not-Constructicon) assembled

TFC Madblender [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Finally, we're on the last member of team Project Hercules before diving into Hercules. These review seems strech out a bit possibly because I've had them for a long time already and kinda 'old-news'.

But, my TFC Project Uranos's Eagle and Phantom should be handed to me any day now, hope will post here as soon as possible

Okay, back to Hercules's Madblender (Not-Mixmaster)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fansproject WB-003 Warbot Assaulter

Reset my set so spent a few hours taking pictures of Assaulter. Thanks to my brother for this great Engagement Present, you rock! By the way, here's a bit about Assaulter (Not-Broadside)

Pic Credit : web

He's one of three G1 Autobots Triple-Changer with Springer and Sandstorm. He transformed into  a jet fighter (F/A-18 Hornet) and a 1200 ft aircraft carrier (mass shifting, apparently)

Still, that's not the biggest problem. Although impossible, he has a great design which sadly wasn't presented all that well

Problem? It's 1986 for god sake!

Friday, 11 January 2013

TFC Neck Breaker [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

It's Saturday and I've to wake up early to go the office supervising some maintenance work....yay me..
So I thought of continuing the reviews since there're 3 reviews left for TFC Project Hercules.

Let's go to the 4th member, Neck Breaker (aka Not-Bonecrusher)

In Package - Front View

TFCC 2012 Exclusive Runamuck Pictorial Review

Now, for the TFCC 2012 Free Subscription Figure, another half of the Battlechargers, Runamuck. First, his G1 toy transforms into a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am sports car. An autotransformer, he uses a pull-back motor to propel him forward in both car and robot modes, though starting in car mode triggers his transformation to robot after he rolls forward a short distance. His mold is very similar to his partner Runabout, but it is highly unlikely one is actually a retool of the other since they had simultaneous production. Also, because of his design, he lacks complete articulation.

New millenia update

Thursday, 10 January 2013

TFCC 2012 Exclusive Over-run (Runabout) Pictorial Review

Was up till late last night and ended up waking a bit late, rush like hell to get to the office, the day seems bleak....until I received my Parcel from US. My TFCC (Transformers Collectors Club) 2011 Exclusive G2 Ramjet!

Made me remembered of other TFCCs figure so instead of Hercules, I'll proceed with TFCCs for awhile

TFCC Exclusive 2012 Over-run (Runabout)

Over-run is the first half of the Battlechargers that received recognition to be released under TFCC. Let us see how he was years ago

Pic Credit : Web

Menacing, ain't it? (sarcasm mode : on) Runabout transforms into a Lotus Turbo Esprit sports car. He uses a pull-back motor to propel him forward in both car and robot modes, though starting in car mode triggers his transformation to robot after he rolls forward a short distance. Neat, huh?

In 2012, TFCC released 3 figures being TFCC Over-run (Roundabout), TFCC Runamuck and TFCC Shattered Glass Drift. Runamuck is a free figure that comes with the TFCC membership.

In Package - Front View

TFC Dr Crank [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Ok, first of all, "Dr Crank", playing the word crane (maybe), not a good choice. There's a fine line between using derivative name and down right silly.
--End of complaint-

Dr Crank (Not-Hook) was the 4th member to be release, right after Structor. Both were shipped to me together from Robotkingdom

In Package - Front View

Dinner, dinner!

My office will be having our "2012 Annual Dinner" today (Yes, they're late). Got me thinking, been working here for 3 years (2013 will be the fourth year) and this is the first time I won't be coming alone.

Thanks princess

Death's Voices of the Soul Cover

Prayin that things will keep on getting better and better. Good riddance, Past-Me


Great night indeed!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

TFC Structor [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Ok, one thing about Project Hercules....I get bored after a few time (reviewing, not the figure) so this and the last 3 figure, the review will be short.

TFC Structor (Not-Scrapper)

In Package - Front View

TFC Heavy Labor [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Back when it was released, I had to wait around 1 month plus for the release of the 2nd component, Heavy Labor (aka Not-Long Haul). Was initially scheduled to be released on September 2011, was delayed till end of October due to unforeseen issue arises in regards to the replacement part (Exgraver's hoe)

TFC (Project Hercules) Heavy Labor (Not-Long Haul)

In Package - Front View

TFC Exgraver [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Project Hercules started at 2011, created a wave of frenzy to the fans. Created by TFC, this is the first independent release that tackled Transformers Generation 1 combiners. A lot of love-or-hate comments thrown, some skeptical, some had faith.

Project Hercules (aka Not-Devastator) takes on G1's Constructicons, the first combiner of the G1 series.

From left to right: Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Hook and  Scrapper
Pic Credit : Web

 20 years ago, here's Devastator

The vintage design
Pic Credit : Web

With hard work and creative design, TFC accomplished (to me) the impossible and created this monster

Pic Credit : Web

3rd Party 101

I'm gonna jump ahead on the review to start introducing 3rd Party product. But first, let's dive in a bit about the manufacturer. 3rd parties are a term used commonly by TF Collectors for independent (no ties with neither Hasbro or Takara) that produce items from simple parts, weapons, add ons, convert kits to full-fledge figures.

The first company that set up the trend and win the heart of fans would be Fansproject with their first 3 releases.

HKTFP-001 Cliffjumper Conversion Kit
Pic Credit : Web

Crossfire I Set
Pic Credit : Web

TFX-01 City Commander
Pic Credit : Web

Basically, 3rd party companies produce items that held high by the fan, most by sheer memory of the said characters or upgrading the playability of the said figures. 4-5 years back, only a couple of 3rd party releases were put out in the market as time goes by, more and more companies established, releasing their very own unique view on the TF fandom.

Huge debates erupted on the ethic of the said company releasing figures/add ons of a characters that are clearly belongs to Hasbro and Takara. However, what if the said product doesn't really copying any of the official products (which mean the design itself is original)? Albeit some easy cases like iGear PP01 that's directly copied and shrink down of MP-01/MP-04 mold.

Personally, I know there are certain figures that won't be release under HasTak banners. Repaint and reusing of the same mold aren't something new to HasTak, releasing a half-a** design of fan's favourite characters. Don't get me wrong, I supported the official releases, not to mention Botcons and TFCCs figure.

2012, Hasbro released Fall Of Cybertron's Bruticus, a homage long awaited by fans alike, including myself but the final product? Pure disappointment. But on the other hand, Toyworld released their take on Classics Megatron, Hegemon that is spot-on G1 Megatron but I'll opt to the official one.

To each their own.

Saw a new trend in local TF Community here in Malaysia. People with buying power but no idea on what they have in their hand. It's a hype kind of a thing. Maybe I should find around 20-30 peoples, show them that collecting wood is the new s**t, maybe they'll jump into the bandwagon


Got up to continue..

2 years ago, I was down on my belly, can't find what to do, to get up. Thought of quitting crossed my mind over and over.

Found someone who not only helped me got up, but also walk by my side

Luv you

Amcorp, June 2012

Transformers Classics Megatron (Voyager) - Pictorial Review

Presence of Optimus Prime alone is not enough in the Transformers Universe. The far end of the equation of fair, responsible, peace loving leader, comes the cruel, saddistic, war-born tyrant, Megatron of the Decepticons

Named from the fallen one of the first 13th, Megatronus, Megatron have his own vision in leading the Cybertronian to glory. Commanding an army, they meet face-on with the Autobots, defending their own version of justice that brought Cybertron to it's death

Sure, he looks awesome and menacing
Pic Credit : Web

Despite of his design in animation, Megatron actually came from a somewhat sad looking toys during the diaclone era. However, taking the form of a modified Walther P38, he definately had one of the coolest alt mode in Transformers history.

He's happy to see you
Pic Credit : Web
As I mention earlier, his 1984 toy was sad.... I don't mean any disrespect in which I now the technology of that era and the fact that it wasn't Hasbro design to begin with but I call things as it is (by the way the design of MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron is awesome).

After his career drop dead on 1986 movie, Megatron never became a gun again. Maybe he doesn't like people pulling the trigger. So, begin Megatron's career as a tank, a small aircraft, a T-Rex, a Dragon, a slightly smaller lizard-like dragon, something-something-that-is-also-a-hand, a beetlebug-tank and many more.

So in 2006, fans rejoice on the return of Megatron as a gun again...

Or did they?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Transformers Classics Optimus Prime (Voyager) - Pictorial Review

Optimus Prime...what can be said about him? Iconic character, leader of the Autobots. They killed him off back in the day, during G1's 1986 Transformers The Movie to be replaced by an adrenaline-junky (which turns out to be a low self esteem kid) Hot Rod (as Rodimus Prime)

Fans wept, parents shooked their heads, kids wet their bed, it was an awful time. Then it got better when they decided Optimus Prime should live again (reanimated, more likely)....just to die again while saving his fellow Autobots. Talk about pouring acid on a burn.

At last during The Return of Optimus Prime, while all being were in dire time, Optimus Prime was brought back to save the day and claimed back his place as the Autobots' Leader.

Taken from Diaclone mold by Hasbro, Optimus Prime was first release on 1984. Contrary to popular belief, the toys was not release to promote the series rather the series was created to promo the toys. That was, until Hasbro realized the potential of their franchise.

Give him a break, this was 20+ years ago
Pic Credit : Web

 22 years after that, a new mold was release to refresh the franchise and honoring the old warriors

Classics (Voyager) Optimus Prime

Neo - G1 live!
Pic Credit : Web

Transformers Classics

Between the gap of Japaneses Unicron Trilogy and the 1st live action movie, a new line was introduced to pay homage to 1980's Transformers G1 series.  Given new designs, old (but memorable) characters were release, catering the fanboy's thirst for the character they idolized 20+ years before

Remember any of this?

Or maybe this?

Still ongoing, the Classics Line continued with Henkei, Universe 2.0, Generations and United. It became a permanent sub franchise as not only it capture the newer generations, but also brought out the inner child of a man such as myself.

The pilot

Been a fan of Transformers (since forever), when I'm still wet behind the ears. Found my passion back around 4-5 years ago, now collecting became a habit to me, a stress-release activity in which I engulf myself at the end of every tiresome day.

As we usually said from where I come from, this was the picture that 'poisoned' and brought me to the collector's world.

Joined few forums then settled with TransMY circa 2008-2009, meet a lot of great people, men and women alike.

1Utama exhibition setup

Eve of 1Utama Transformers Exhibition in conjunction with the 3rd installment of Transformers Live Action, the Dark Of The Moon. And more came after that, in Genting Highland, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

With some of my collection during MITF 2011

Dark Of The Moon Movie Premier

My fiancee wrote her own blog and told me to do one. Just to note, she's also a collector and as understanding as a woman can get of man's interest. Thanks dear

Aside from the hobby itself, I found extra joy in photography (note, not PROFESSIONAL). While I'm not good at it, it's more than enough for my own viewing.

People once ask me why I became a collector. Because I enjoyed it. A friend once asked me to join him, going overseas for holiday as (his word) it opened up your mind seeing the world, not sticking to this nonsense hobby.

I ask him, after his trip, what is left aside from few crappy photos? Me, I can get my money back if i sell everything, consider this as converting my money into assets. By the way, No, 3 days trip doesn't make you an insightful person, nor 'opened to the world'.