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Monday, 14 January 2013

Tokyo Toy Show 2012 United Black Henkei Convoy

Here's a review of a repaint of Classic Voyager Optimus Prime, United Black Henkei Convoy

In Package - Front View
Packed in a white box, different from normal United releases (even if compared to United WFC Darkside).Comparing the cost, it's just a bit more expensive than normal United Voyagers.

Alt Mode

Alt Mode - Front View

Alt Mode - Close Up

 Comes with glossy black and metallic green-ish finishing. However, different with Henkei Convoy, it doesn't come with chrome grill (it's a given considering it's a United release but later release United Ultra Magnus does come with chrome grill)

Alt Mode - Side View

Alt Mode - Back View
Comparison Shots

Here's a comparison shot with 2008 Universe Nemesis Prime

Nemesis Prime came regular black with grey stripes, bumper and blue windscreen while United Black Convoy came with glossy black, metallic green stripes, silver bumper and red windscreen

Finishing wise, United Black Convoy has a better paint scheme.

More significant different is that the back part of the cab (formed the legs) also has glossy black finishing.

Not to forget, painted rims! Considering that Universe Nemesis Prime was a SDCC exclusives, the plain rims kind of below par.

Many might be interested in this release (aside from the mold itself) is as an alternative to be paired up with Fansproject Shadow Commander.

Here's Universe Nemesis Prime paired with Fansproject Shadow Commander and Prefect Effect Shadow Warrior. Notice how the stripes are neatly aligned and continued throughout the trailer

Shadow Commander with Universe Nemesis Prime

Might not be a turn off, but United Black Convoy's stripes of metallic green and the back part of the cab doesn't really match

Henkei Black Convoy with Shadow Commander - Close Up

Robot Mode

Maybe it's my obsession to black colors but he is gorgeous. The black and red combination really pops with clean finishing


Light piping on this figure is terrific (not to mention he's a Decepticons again)

Before we proceed, it's worth mentioning that there was an unreleased 2008 Wonderfest Henkei Convoy which was where the color scheme came from. (albeit the difference in insignia, metallic green and red windscreen color tone)
Pic Credit : Web
As was his previous variant, the mold was produce in 2006 hence kind of under-par compared to recent releases of Generations

Comparison shots

Compared with Nemesis Prime, Black Convoy possesses darker finishing that make him more menacing

Better light piping that Nemesis Prime's blue colored

Next, using Fansproject Shadow Commander Add On

Considering that the add on covered most of the original robot, there's not much significant difference aside from the translucent part on the forearm

Part that doesn't fit well would be on the green stripes to match with the grey stripes

The last one would be the black on the legs but this aren't really visible

All in all, United Black Convoy is a great releases for those who missed Wonderfest's (which wasn't even release). On top of that I personally think that it was even better in terms of the finishing, totally worth the money