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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

TFC Heavy Labor [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Back when it was released, I had to wait around 1 month plus for the release of the 2nd component, Heavy Labor (aka Not-Long Haul). Was initially scheduled to be released on September 2011, was delayed till end of October due to unforeseen issue arises in regards to the replacement part (Exgraver's hoe)

TFC (Project Hercules) Heavy Labor (Not-Long Haul)

In Package - Front View

In Package - Side View
Artwork of Heavy Labor

Out of Box

As was Exgraver, Heavy Labor came in with 1instruction manual, 2 guns and 1 bio card. The most important part is, the replacement part for TFC's Exgraver which only come (normally) to those ordered online since I never seen the part brought in by local hobby shops

Alt Mode

Compact and Solid

Design wise, like Exgraver, TFC had opted to different type of construction vehicles with bigger size rather than the domestic construction type

Side View

H-5-19-C-21-L-5-19 = H-E-R-C-U-L-E-S

Do note that the grey connector (above pic) is one of the part that people said to be fragile. Personally, I think it's sturdy enough to withhold the stress of transformation. But just to be on the safe side, exercise caution when folding the part

Two flaws on the alt mode design as opposed to the seamless design of Exgraver were

Fists are visible at the truck bed

The connectors stuck out

Size comparison with Universe Nemesis Prime and TFC Exgraver

Robot Mode

TFC's take on Long Haul. Compared to how Exgraver was design, it seems the bulkiness of Heavy Labor was to his role in Combine Mode

Ok, before proceeding, some collectors reported QCs where 1) One of the leg stick out to the side a bit (note, don't try to straighten out both feet, will explain later) and 2) The hip. The fixes can be read on the following link

However, mine didn't suffer neither of the issues <------------- This is what I wrote Nov 2011. LOL!

After few times transforming, the hip started to lose its grip and strength. I have yet to open and fix it. Still, a replacement hip was given on the release of the 5th component (only for the 1st issue version, TFC fix the problem for the 2nd version)

Side View

Back View

Size Comparison

A head shorter of Nemesis Prime, both Exgraver and Heavy Labor can be considered as small voyagers. And he might not seems like it but he possesses a huge range of articulations

Double-jointed elbows, shoulders on ball joints, no wrist swivel

Aside from ball joints on the shoulders, the body part on which the ball joints are (black part) can be push to the back, extending the range of the hands. And Swivel joints on the thighs
One thing though, unlike full range motion for Exgraver's head, Heavy Labor has limited articulation for his, only to the side and back

Double-jointed knees

The ever-famous kick test

Combine Mode

Unlike other combiners of 5-robots team, Not-Devastator, Hercules formed by 6 members which includes the normal, 2 hands, 2 legs and Upper and Lower Body
Lower Body

Simple transformation, in between Alt Mode and Robot Mode. Personally, i think the gears of the thigh shouldn't be fixed to make the legs straight since in combine mode, the leg thigh will be spread a bit

Range of movement

Nothing hinders the leg for side and front movement (almost 90o to the side and front)
However, due to the back kibble, might make the range a bit limited.

Jan to May are the most annoying period of time to drive to work. 3 days late in a row, damn!


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