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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

TFC Structor [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Ok, one thing about Project Hercules....I get bored after a few time (reviewing, not the figure) so this and the last 3 figure, the review will be short.

TFC Structor (Not-Scrapper)

In Package - Front View

In Package - Side View
 Personally, he's has the best head sculpt between all of the Hercules Team. And thinking about that, what would it be if a new G1-based-design animation created. Freaking awesome!

Out of box

I think I forgot to mention one thing. Of all the 3rd party releases that I've owned (or at least had handled em), this set has the worst quality box ever! Prinout and artwork is nice though

Alt Mode

Equipped with workable hydraulic, a great re-imagining which still a homage to his not-former self

As you can see, the attached-wing mode is purely for the sake of homage. The original Devastator, Scrapper can have the combiner's chest plate attached to him in his alt mode.

If you look at all the releases of the team, TFC tried to cater well both homage and practicallity.

Robot Mode

One might argue but Structor has the best robot design! Menacing and slick at the same time. Again, attachment of wings is just to proof that ANY accessories included can be use on both mode and not being left aside.

Smooth design

The kibble on the back does show resemblance for his not-former self. This might not be everyone's cup of tea but despite what seems to big back heavy, he's suprisingly stable and stand without much effort

This is the best part of Structor. Articulation wise has practically has

- Ball jointed shoulders
- Hinged joint on the elbows, no wrist join
- Head on swivel joint
- Swivel joint on his body
- Ball and swivel joint on the thigh
- Hinged joint on the knee
- Saddle joint on the body!!

Combine Mode

Hercules's right leg

 One thing, despite the looks, it is really stable!! The supporting joints are tight which help to support the soon-to-be-complete Hercules


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