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Thursday, 10 January 2013

TFC Dr Crank [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Ok, first of all, "Dr Crank", playing the word crane (maybe), not a good choice. There's a fine line between using derivative name and down right silly.
--End of complaint-

Dr Crank (Not-Hook) was the 4th member to be release, right after Structor. Both were shipped to me together from Robotkingdom

In Package - Front View

Not sure what's he happy about...

Out of box

Alt Mode

New take on Hook....I meant Dr Crank, a character that never exist before old take...?

Roughly the real-life construction vehicle that inspired Dr Crank's alt mode

Compared to the previous three figures, I dare say that Dr Crank possesses more detailing which made him look gorgeous. However, paint apps wise, he's pretty normal (detailing are done on the mold itself)

Working crane (Yes!, WORKING CRANE)

This might not mattered for others but, one of the details that I really appreciated was the functionality of the figures which add more to its playability

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Robot Mode

An awesome interpretation of G1..not Hook.

There's debate on which is the best rendition of Neo-Devastator, either Hercules or Maketoys Giant.

I won't go to details in terms of quality, size, etc. But I do feel like the individual robots of Hercules's Team has more G1 spirit in design rather than generic robots

Had roughly the same point of articulations as the other members (aside from wrists swivel maybe)

One thing to be noted is that the crane was long in which in a standing still pose, it touches the ground.

Problem Solved
 Combine Mode

The head which is incorporated in the fig itself, is well hidden in Alt Mode and Individual mode, one of the pluses of this release. However, it does seems like the crane hinder his articulation. The crane was design as it is purely as a homage to the 80s iteration which that is why TFC made the crane detachable

The beast taking shape
From the beginning, this was the reason why I choose the Hercules set especially when Maketoys Giant set was revealed not long after him. A combiner should be big (but can't be bigger so that it's in scale with other classics figure) hence Fansproject's Crossfire I and Crossfire II were gone awhile after this pictures were taken.

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