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Monday, 21 January 2013

Renderform RF005 Kit Nebulous Tempest - Pictorial Review

I mentioned earlier that recently Hasbro and Takara seldom release straight-repaint figure anymore without small retooling/remolding, especially giving new head for the figure. But 3rd parties has been doing this for quite some time. While company like Fansproject and a few others focused their release on add ons/weapons, some offered fans with alternative heads (Fansproject did, by the way, releasing a new head for Classics Cliffjumper and iGear's Kup head). Some of the companies are Beelzeboss and Renderform

Renderform is a garage kit label, a custom made upgrade kits/accessories by Venksta. More can be found here Renderform.

Here's a review of the RF005 Kit for Universe Darkwing

The kit contained a biocard (with serial number which you can see the set is limited), 2 guns, 1 new head and a few visors

In alt mode, there's hardly any different other than the 2 guns on the side of the jet

Robot Mode

G1 counterpart
The main attraction of this kit (at least fror me) is the G1-accurate head sculpt which improve the looks of the figure.

With just a change of head and guns, Universe Darkwing gets a different feeling of it, felt more G1-ish.

Spot-on head sculpt. With this, the overall look of the figure changed and it felt like the mold itself specifically made for Darkwing rather than Silverbolt.

It has great detailing and paint job where the blue and grey really match the figure

The new head also allow the electronic gimmick of Unvierse Darkwing to function as it was, giving a light-up visor during transformation (not in picture)

The kit doesn't really have any QC issue but the guns does felt a bit "soft and rubbery" but that might be just me. However, there's no indication of stress mark or anything like that even after transforming a few time

Is this kit worth the money? Well, IT IS quite expensive considering that it only contain  a head, guns and other small parts. For me, it's really great, especially if you want your classics figures to be as perfect as they could get


  1. well, it was a fun time i guess :)

  2. Last time struggling on this kits,but in the end felt damn regret!!
    by the way,this kit was improved a lot if compare to his 1st project (skyfall upgrade kit)

    1. yes. will post a review on Skyfall's kit also later :)

    2. Oh my god~!you got this kit also,but this character is from G2?Looks like you plan to collect all G1 or G2 characters.

      Here is my review but is in chinese (poor english)

    3. yup, that's the only 2 kit i have from venksta :)
      your pics really2 nice dude! thanks for sharing it!

    4. Thanks for your compliment. Not many people know about this company especially asian country. besides that, his kit are quite expensive,plus materials are resin too, so this will cause tf fans less focus on him.

      Btw,I just got the news from venksta fb,he said that if his fb page got 1k like,so he will redesigned darkwind add on kit.such a good news for me!hope the price don't mark up too high.

      ps:I need ur help to like his page because i found out u didnt appear in his fb page. ;p

      here is the links

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