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Monday, 14 January 2013

TFC Madblender [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Finally, we're on the last member of team Project Hercules before diving into Hercules. These review seems strech out a bit possibly because I've had them for a long time already and kinda 'old-news'.

But, my TFC Project Uranos's Eagle and Phantom should be handed to me any day now, hope will post here as soon as possible

Okay, back to Hercules's Madblender (Not-Mixmaster)

In package - Front View

In package - Side View
Out of box

He comes with roughly the same set of accessories his brothers came with, a manual, biocard and 2 guns. Also his cement-barrel which will be shown later

Alt Mode

The modern version! Em, I do think that out of the 6, Madblender has the most plain alt mode. 

Been looking for reference pic of his alt mode on the net, still couln't find one thats plausible so I can't be sure whether he SHOULD looked like that

A bit dull if you ask me. Something could've been done with the cab

Robot Mode

First, let have a look at what he was

Here he is, improved, more or less retaining the G1 design aside from the panels on the shoulders. This isn't the proposed configuration of him but we'll get to that shortly.

Closed up on the face, has that cool looks as Dr Crank. The light piping doesn't really worked on him due to design issue

B**ch, I'm beautiful!

Possability wise, he has the standard articulations of his teammates.

However, there's no wrist articulations but comes with double jointed knee


One thing that bothers me was that, the othes were design for both homage and practicality hence Exgraver retaining his hos, Dr Crank his crane for G1-sake but detachable if collectors found them tiresome etc. So, was hoping for the cement mixer to be able to attach on his back in Robot Mode aside from becoming weapons

 Full Weapons

First of all, the barrel (cement mixer) breaks into 8 pieces (blasters) and a gun. However, (for me) only half of em can be attach without looking redundant while the other 4 need to be stash somewhere. Still, that depends on the owners creativity themselves

Combine Mode

Madblender formed TFC Hercules's left leg. Like Stuctor, the existence of the saddle joint are for the sake of the combine mode

The design of him does allow more range of poses however restricted a bit due to the weight of Hercules

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