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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Transformers Classics Optimus Prime (Voyager) - Pictorial Review

Optimus Prime...what can be said about him? Iconic character, leader of the Autobots. They killed him off back in the day, during G1's 1986 Transformers The Movie to be replaced by an adrenaline-junky (which turns out to be a low self esteem kid) Hot Rod (as Rodimus Prime)

Fans wept, parents shooked their heads, kids wet their bed, it was an awful time. Then it got better when they decided Optimus Prime should live again (reanimated, more likely)....just to die again while saving his fellow Autobots. Talk about pouring acid on a burn.

At last during The Return of Optimus Prime, while all being were in dire time, Optimus Prime was brought back to save the day and claimed back his place as the Autobots' Leader.

Taken from Diaclone mold by Hasbro, Optimus Prime was first release on 1984. Contrary to popular belief, the toys was not release to promote the series rather the series was created to promo the toys. That was, until Hasbro realized the potential of their franchise.

Give him a break, this was 20+ years ago
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 22 years after that, a new mold was release to refresh the franchise and honoring the old warriors

Classics (Voyager) Optimus Prime

Neo - G1 live!
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Alt Mode

A new, refreshing looks. Maintaining the ultimate color scheme of Red and Blue with a little hint of white/grey and yellow

Worth noting that unlike his 20+ years selves, the fig wasn't built with die-cast part. While mine suffers from paint chips, the finishing was actually really nice and rich

Incorporating all the accessories, making use of the gun as smokestacks. Still, maybe this isn't how Optimus Prime was remembered. No, not cab alone, where's his freakin trailer? It was initially rumored to be release as complete Prime but maybe due to budget constraint etc, the trailer was cancelled out. 

But if you must....

With a 3rd party release, G3 Trailer (we'll get to 3rd party sometimes afterwards) to get his G1 aesthetic. However, it's long and space consuming hence either you keep the trailer aside of change to Repair Bay to save space.

Robot Mode

Optimus Prime, in the flesh (well, sort of). Just to note, this figure is a comeback for Hasbro as the last 3 series of Transformers (Unicron Trilogy) was design by Japanese and the last they did was RiD (Robot In Disguise) and to me, the design was below par.

Hasbro succesfully live up to fan's expectation, the release was welcome with full support.

Being a Hasbro release, Classics Prime color scheme pretty much highlighted by the yellow strips which bring the figure up even more. However, the strips on the hands are easily scratched during transformation or play.

Side view

Let's go into detail. For a 2006 release, it possesses a somewhat above average articulations.

Heads on a swivel joint, as were the shoulders, thigh and legs, torso. 

Really possable (at least poseable enough) for photoshot purposes and display. 

Upgrade Design and Articulations

This is the start of many releases of repaints and variants in which till this day, about 6 more variants. But I love this mold, Hasbro passed with flying colors.

Why is it that people still can't remember which route, which lane? You're there every single effing time!