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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kre-O Micro Changers Combiners Constructicon Devastator - Pictorial Review

After getting the Preview Wave, I was hooked! Brick had never been my cup of tea but the image of the new Combiners set really get my attention. Found all 4 of the set at a local Toys R Us, went back home with all 4

Let's start with Constructicon Devastator set

In Package - Front View

My first impression on it was, "Awesome!" Well packed, the packaging seemed interesting enough (at least for me to grab all)

In Package - Back View
At the back, a full picture of the set, includes Individual Mode, Alt Mode and Combined Mode. Also, the pics of other Combiner sets release together with Devastator. On the top corner is the logo of Beast Hunters, the upcoming line of Hasbro, extension of Transformers RID/Prime.

You might realised that the set only contain 4 out of 6 of the Constructicon set (also 4 out of 5 for the other 3 Combiners). A fifth member of each team are going to be release together with the 16 figures of next Blind Pack. It's still not known whether the 6th member will be release or not.

Okay, let's start


Sorry bout the floor though

In Alt Mode, Bonecrusher just have a few left over parts. One thing about Kre-O though, be prepared to use your imagination as MUCH as possible

Not sure with LEGO since I never really collect them but Kre-O has some plastic tolerance issue in which you need to push hard sometimes

Here's Bonecrusher in Robot Mode, with 2 extra parts.

To be honest, material quality, Kre-O is a bit lower compared to Lego. However, they does have ball jointed shoulders and thighs, allowing some articulations


Utilizing all the parts

One thing weird me off, most of the figures are painted on their body but with the additional parts used to attach anything to their back, the detailing aren't event visible

The back kibble is a bit heavy so the extra part can be used as base


For the purpose of this review, I'll stick with the proposed configuration

Scrapper does have a decent alt mode compared to most

A bit more extra stuff laying around

The ball joint on the should able to withstand the weight of the giant blaster. However, the C-Clips on his hands prone to get loose (for all of them, in general)

His Alt Mode doesn't really screamed 'Cement Mixer' though, more like a dune-buggy or someting

Doesn't really remind me of Mixmaster but good enough

The thing that really got me into Micro Changers is the combine form. It really impressed me in a way that it's both awesome homage and well...cute, haha

Group shots

If only I was fast enough, could have taken pic of them with Hook

To your surprise, he's some of the most G1 release of Devastator aside from well, G1 Devastator

The pile of unused parts. Yes, there are a lot! And also, in combined mode, there is no longer individual parts instead all mix up together. So you need to separate them if changing back to individual robots (or you could just buy another set)

I'm very impressed on how he turns out. Great proportions and not at all fragile. And again, this is using the original configuration. It's up to you to customize the looks

Great detailing and enough similarities to be called Devastator

He is really stable and the way the feet are formed, with ankle and knee joints. Also he has ball-jointed shoulders and thighs

Only after owning him that I realize the full extend of his posebilty. It might be weird but he posseses better (a LOT better) articulations than Hasbro's Fall Of Cybertron's Bruticus

Back View
So, is he worth getting? Depends but if you love G1-homaging character, he (and the Micro Changers line in general) is worth getting. Based on their offering, I already owned more than 20 G1 characters. And I like huge line-up


  1. giler kental encik bukak pasang bukak pasang hhehe

    1. and hence my dear we'll need another two sets of hercules,uranos,predaking,and bruticus. all for combiner,robot,and vehicle/beast mode. i'll get more shelf at ikea to display them, thanx!

    2. haha, they are yours :)