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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Transformers Universe Darkwing - Pictorial Review

One thing that Transformers collectors could expect in any line of the releases. REPAINT! It started long ago and continued till this day. However, recently, Hasbro/Takara choose an alternative way of reproducing existing mold which is retool/remold.

This wasn't the case for years back where a straight repaint were done whether or the not it's resembles the said character (which most of time, didn't)

An example of it, here's Transformers Universe Darkwing (2009), repainted from Universe Silverbolt.

Pic Credit : Web

First of all, he shouldn't be confused with Decepticons Hydra which appeared in G1 Masterforce series. However, he did made an appearance in the commercials for the Powermaster toys.

Repaint as a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, his new alt mode is an XB-70 Valkyrie jet.

Pic Credit : Web

Alt Mode

Darkwing have a really nice and slick design (taken from Universe Silverbolt)

However, he suffered from a massive robot kibble below the jet which is visible from most angles. Being an Ultra Class, he's equipped with light and sound gimmicks which varies depending on whether he's in Alt Mode or Robot Mode

Clearer look on the kibble

Three points of lighting (clear purple plastics)

Robot Mode

My first take on him would be that the mold suited him more than for Silverbolt. Transformation is rather simple and easy since the robot is mainly below the back side of the jet

The gimmick of light and sound differs in robot mode compared to the alt mode. The eyes light up in mid transformation with the classics G1 transformations sound

Articulation wise, he kinda have limited posebility. He have a swivel joint above the elbows but the shoulders are blocked by the back kibble and the wrists doesn't have any joint

He has a wider posebility on his leg (but doesn't come with waist joint, bummer!), pretty much what you can expect but without ankle joints

Despite all the flaws, personally I think he's sufficient  enough to homage G1 Darkwing. He carries the same aesthetic and if you go into details, he possesses considerable amount of resemblance with his G1 counterpart

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