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Friday, 11 January 2013

TFCC 2012 Exclusive Runamuck Pictorial Review

Now, for the TFCC 2012 Free Subscription Figure, another half of the Battlechargers, Runamuck. First, his G1 toy transforms into a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am sports car. An autotransformer, he uses a pull-back motor to propel him forward in both car and robot modes, though starting in car mode triggers his transformation to robot after he rolls forward a short distance. His mold is very similar to his partner Runabout, but it is highly unlikely one is actually a retool of the other since they had simultaneous production. Also, because of his design, he lacks complete articulation.

New millenia update

Comes with an instruction and biocard, he followed his G1-counterpart paint job of white (glossy) and orange. But, the finishing is quite poor compared to Over-run (maybe it had to do with the fact that he's a free figure)

If you have TFCC Over-run, Runamuck can be stored in the upper compartment as a set.

Alt Mode
*forgive me for the pictures, my set aren't well equipped for white-colored figure

As was Over-run, Runamuck used the mold Generations Wheeljack with only retool of the head

Here's some side-by-side pictures with TFCC Over-run

Neo-G1 Battlechargers

Robot Mode

Retool head, sharing the mold of Over-run on Generations Wheeljack body.

The blasters are optional as in if you're prefer his G1 looks, than they can be stored at the back of his legs

The battlechargers! Now, is it worth to pay the (secondary market) price for this two? That depends on how you collect.

For me, I aim to fill up my Neo-G1 shelf with all the characters of G1 (including Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory)

Nonetheless, they are well produced figures that held a special place for all the G1-er

Wreck and Ruin!