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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

TFC F-4 Phantom [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

After the success of Project Hercules, TFC offered fans with similarly craved by fans figures, continuing their effort in releasing yet another Transformers G1-Not-Combiners, Uranos (Not-Superion)

First of all, the team that formed Superion was Aerialbots, a 5-jets team consisting Silverbolt (Leader, Concorde SST), Air Raid (Boeing F-15C Eagle), Fireflight (McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II),  Skydive (General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon) and Slingshot (McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II).

Pic Credit : Web

Rebuilded from old shuttles, they act as a counter-measure of Decepticons newly formed combiner team, Stunticon. Stunticons were set out to 'take the ground' dominated by Autobots (as most are land vehicles) resulting in Autobots taking the area once dominated by Decepticons, the sky

Pic Credit : Web

For the first release, TFC had given has F-4 Phantom (Not Fireflight). First, let see him from the last century's prespective

In G1, he can describe as a reckless flyer, pays no attention to the safety of others as he can get easily distracted.

Pic Credit :Web
Toy representation, as it were. And he was small! Really-really small. Now, for TFC's offering

Presenting, TFC F-4 Phantom! As was his predecessor, Uranos Team have the same designs in terms of packaging. But rather than green, white is use as the base-color

I really TFC artwork on their take of the figures, as good as IDW and Dreamwave design

In box - Side View

As you can see in the artwork, the design is slightly 'different' compared to the figure itself in terms of the bulk and the feel
In box - Back View

At the back is the 3-modes of Phantom, the robot mode, alt mode and combine mode. I notice that this release have a cleaner finishing to it compared to how Project Hercules was

Out of package
As were Hercules members, F-4 Phantom came with the robot itself, a combiner fist, an instruction sheet, an artwork of Phantom, also Biocard

Alt Mode

Before we move further, let's start with his G1 counterpart

Pic Credit : Web

And the new version
TFC really did a good job capturing and the G1 aesthetitc of Fireflight in the design and finishing of phantom. A really slick jet, with a certain weight on it

You would notice that the wings seems a bit thin on Uranos. Not only that, the overall material have a 'fragile' feel on them but suprisingly, it's more or less as solid as most Transformers figures. One design flaw that I noticed was that with the attached missiles, the landing gear doesn't really touch the ground

Another small issue is the hands which transformed into the side of the jet, the locking doesn't really work. Not sure whether it was intentional or not since there's also another lock, tabs on the wings of the jet

Just like their previous offering, TFC goes extra miles in putting those little details, same with Phantom. The cockpit is beautifully molded with fine finishing.

The size difference between Phantom and Classics Ramjet. Roughly, Phantom is 1.5 time longer than Ramjet is making him roughly a Voyager size jet

Robot Mode

Nicely done, that's my impression of him. Notice that he hold a large resemblance to his G1 counterpart mostly on the back part.

One might argue on this back kibbles but TFC obviously going with the G1 homage

The wings that attached to the legs can be detached. This might be the issue of practicality and also creativity, as they can be used as weapons or attached elsewhere

Phantom have a great piping (notice the red of the jet front from his eyes). However, the head sculpt is (great but ) kinda off compared to his counterpart

Phantom is a poseable figure, wide range of articulations. But his heel is kinda small which makes him fall backward if in wrong a stand. He comes with ball-jointed feet, swivel joint on his thighs and a body swivel

The way the shoulders were design give him extra range of articulations

As I mentioned before, he have weakness in terms of stability (just a bit) but he can surely do this. LOL

Phantom height is in between of a normal voyager (Henkei Dark Skyfire) and deluxe (Classics Ramjet)

He is well design to fit together with TFC Exgraver.

Combine Mode

The right arm of Uranos. Transforming it is easy, halfway between the robot mode and alt mode. Compared to Exgraver, he has a slender design as oppose to Exgraver's bulkiness. The elbow swivel formed from the waist joint of Phantom.

As was Exgraver, Phantom 's head isn't properly hidden in this mode.

For extra articulation, the legs can be extended so that the knee joints can be used, to have double joints for extra poseability. However, the hand does look a bit long, well need to see when we have the Blackbird (Not-Silverbolt) in hand

Where does the fist go in robot mode? Well, I can't see a good way of storing it but for me, this is sufficient enough

All in all, I'm really happy with Phantom. The set is one of my Must-Get Transformers of 2013


  1. nice review :)

    just notice that with the jet at his back, the eyes becomes red