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Friday, 11 January 2013

TFC Neck Breaker [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

It's Saturday and I've to wake up early to go the office supervising some maintenance work....yay me..
So I thought of continuing the reviews since there're 3 reviews left for TFC Project Hercules.

Let's go to the 4th member, Neck Breaker (aka Not-Bonecrusher)

In Package - Front View

In Package - Side View

Out of box

Neck Breaker came with Hercules's left fist, 2 guns, a manual and a biocard.

Aside from that, (after the fans demanded) packed in were also Hercules visors (for a more G1-look) and and Heavy Labor's replacement hip

The hip (which was directly fix on the 2nd version) was improved to withstand Hercules upper body weight. I have to change though since the 'defected' one is sufficient enough to use for display

Alt Mode

In general, he still retain his G1-counterpart's alt mode. But deco wise, while the G1 version is almost fully green, he's a mixture of black ang green (with some hint of red)

G1 Bonecrusher

A clean transformation but does involve aligment bits and pieces carefully. And the transformations are the most involving of all the releases (Madblender included)

Awesome detailing however paint is a bit lacking

 An option but you can use Hercules fist as a ripper, attached at the back of Neck Breaker

Robot Mode

Personally, I think Neck Breaker is by far the most different in terms of design, with their counterparts.
He does however has a great twist on the transformation especially on the chest piece. I don't like, however, that his legs (as was Exgraver) used ball joints

The feet was design to either look like this or the blades are flip upwards (the feet will resemble Exgraver's)

Great light-piping as usual and great help sculpt
One of the way of storing the fist though not the most unakward.

Having basically the same base as Exgraver's, he possesses a wide range of articulations.


Combine Mode

Forming the left arm of Hercules. While fundamentally the same as Exgraver, he was design to with minor changes on the forearm to look different

One member to go then it's on to Hercules~


  1. like the way u compare them with the original classic mold. ape satu lagi versi hercules tu?takara nyer version ke?