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Monday, 14 January 2013

TFC Hercules [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Finally, started from July 2011, the set finally completed on January 2012. To recap, let us first have a look G1 Devastator and next, the Hercules Team (Not-Constructicon) assembled

Neo-G1 version

For now, I'll exclude TFC-007 Rage of Hercules Set and focused on the parts included

There a generally 4 accessories included for the set, 2 guns (each made up by 6 individual guns), the visor and also chest plate (3 piece, the wing with Structor and middle part with Madblender)

Also, 2 of Hercules fists

Combine Mode

Behold, Hercules!
Ok, this wass how he initially been designed, inspired by IDW Devastator.

Significant different between this and the G1 version are the absent of chest plate, visor and also the forearms

Pic Credit : Web

This was the first time I ever saw it but as if TFC heard the complaints of the fans on it keep on improving their design. Like the chest plate and such, it never being showned,only after a lot of complaints were made,


Bulky but stable.

Piping aren't affected with the visor however on closer look, the eyes are still visible. The visor however, doesn't really snap so it's easy to pull it off

Size Comparison

Next to standard Voyager and Deluxe


Individual fingers with 2-articulation points, ball jointed thumbs.

Full 360o forward/backward motion on the shoulders but a bit limited to the side. This however is fix using the Rage of Hercules set

Considering the fact it's a combiner and a huge one at that, he poses wide range of articulations. Of his class, he's better than Energon Omega Supreme, Galaxy Force Supreme Starscream. More or less as Galaxy Force Primus is

The ankles on both feet are flexible allowing various pose

It was found out that the connector on madblender are a bit loose (for some) but easy fixes are available on the net. Also, even without using the replacement hip, Hercules seems able to stand and poses

Ok, there's been debated on which looks better, this or the Maketoys Giant set. It might just be me but Hercules really fits well in Classic line (it's not G1 design, it's Neo-G1, as Classics are). But in the end of the day, to each their own


  1. Hi,

    What may I do with the crane on the shoulder? It is so freaking huge that annoys me. If you know how place it somewhere else without sacrify Heavy Labor's gun, would you let me know? If you don't, would you like to try something for me? My Hercules is not completed yet, so I cannot try it on my own.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to say. I have 2 ideas instead of 1 to place the crane somewhere else, it is just that I cannot test them because missing figures. I know the other way to move the crane (other than using Heavy Labor's gun) is with the Rage of Hercules kit (but I do not want to buy it XD).

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Em, with the basic mode (without Rage set), the only plausible place to place the crane is one Hercules's shoulder. Other than that maybe on the small peg on the fist however the pegs aren't deep enough so it might not me too secure. Hope this answer your question

  3. If you mean Heavy Labor's fist, I tried that too, but with result =_=. Before I forgot, I like your review about TFC toys :) very nice and picture are jsut great :D As I told before, I had 2 ideas (in fact, they are 3 XD, I remembered a third one) to place the crane somewhere, else I'm missing figures, so I cannot try them. If you don't mind to try are as follow:

    1) The first way is using Exgraver and Structor's cockpits. You place either over the shoulder and the other on its hole in back, so the peg points to the back of Hercules. Then, please the crane there in the same matter you would if using Heavy Labor's gun. I think this one those no sacrify the look too much, but not sure about if the cockpits would handle the weight (I still do not have Exgraver, so I cannot test this).

    2) The second way uses Phantom and Falcon yellow pieces that you use to pose in plane mode. Place each piece one on each side peg of the crane, with the piece's pegs point to the same way. After that, put those peg on Heavy Labor's fist. I tried that only with Phantom's (I still do not have Falcon), and it was kind of strong. Once again I'm not sure if they would handle the weight, but looks very good.

    3) the final way, is simply place the crane on the Neckbreaker's cockpit peg. The same problem as before, I do not have Neckbreaker and still not sure if the piece would handle the weight.

    I will try to get Exgraver, Neckbreaker and Madblender next December. But I'm so anxious that I cannot wait until then to know if I can get rid o the crane or not XD, and I hoped you would mind to help to know :)

    If you try any of them, please let me know if they work. Thanks for your help and thanks for your blogspot, it is awesome.

    1. No no, I meant on top of Hercules's fist but not sure can hold the weight. Em, most of your suggestion seems plausible. I tell you what, I'll try one by one when I got a chance to see the results. Hopefully I can find time to do so cause currently most of my stuff are back in the storeroom, haha

    2. Thanks for the support by the way. Hope I managed to somehow help you :)

  4. OK.Thanks. I will try the one you said but with Urano's fist (it is the only hand I have XD). IF i got something interest, I will let you know too. I hope I do not cause too much trouble, and so much thanks :)

    I'm waiting for your review of Warning Line (I check the blog everyday jajaja). In case you haven't see it, there are pictures of Hydrant (No Hotspot) on internet.

    1. I'm happy to help just that with the baby and all, couldn't find enough time to do anything else, haha. Yeah, got my Warning Line yesterday already, will do the review in near time.

      And did I mentioned Hydrant is gorgeous?

  5. Do not worry. Take your time, your family and other things go first, toys are for later :)

    No, you didn't mentioned that. Yeah, I don't how it can be so HUGH and look so great. The only things I complain about are:

    1) Torso Mode looks a bit "big" (in the upper part). I hope there won't be problems with the scales, but it gives the impression to be bigger that the limbs. Besides Note: There are photos for the protoype of First Response (No Ambulance. Sorry do not the name XD).

    2) My second complain is the name. "Hydrant" is like "meh". They could give a better name, IMO.

    1. Well, this is just me speculating but I saw that picture of Hydrant in main body mode is actually a picture taken of TFC's poster and it was later photoshopped and circulated online. And I found that the angle of the picture is from the top, that might explain why the proportion looks a bit out. But again, it's just my speculation. I've already taken half the picture of Warning Line, hopefully can put up the review by tomorrow. And Hydrant will be arriving mid of September so a lot of question will be answered then

  6. It looks like you reallly enjoy that, right? Are a photographer? (I notice by your comments, and also by the picture you made, they are well done). Yes, I think that bad proportion is seen because of the picture itself. I will be check time by time to see once the review is up :). Please do not forget to investigate what I asked you for Hercules XD. Another form I thought was to exchange the shovel and crane place, but it will make him looks far away of "devastator" concept. I guess I will give up at the end and leave the crane over the shoulder (just don't want to lose without fight jajaaj). After all this work, you could make review of "how get rid of Hercules crane (only if at least 1 method worked jajaja). Once again, thanks for your help :)

    1. Haha, nope, never been a photographer in my life. just specifically enjoy taking pictures of Transformers. Will do, once I got all the pending reviews sorted out ;)