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Thursday, 10 January 2013

TFCC 2012 Exclusive Over-run (Runabout) Pictorial Review

Was up till late last night and ended up waking a bit late, rush like hell to get to the office, the day seems bleak....until I received my Parcel from US. My TFCC (Transformers Collectors Club) 2011 Exclusive G2 Ramjet!

Made me remembered of other TFCCs figure so instead of Hercules, I'll proceed with TFCCs for awhile

TFCC Exclusive 2012 Over-run (Runabout)

Over-run is the first half of the Battlechargers that received recognition to be released under TFCC. Let us see how he was years ago

Pic Credit : Web

Menacing, ain't it? (sarcasm mode : on) Runabout transforms into a Lotus Turbo Esprit sports car. He uses a pull-back motor to propel him forward in both car and robot modes, though starting in car mode triggers his transformation to robot after he rolls forward a short distance. Neat, huh?

In 2012, TFCC released 3 figures being TFCC Over-run (Roundabout), TFCC Runamuck and TFCC Shattered Glass Drift. Runamuck is a free figure that comes with the TFCC membership.

In Package - Front View

Here's a look at Over-run in package. Comes in a box with awesome artwork of Over-run and Runamuck

In Package -  Side View

Here he is, pack in a sturdy box, comes with Bio-card.

A compartment was made for his partner, the subscription-free figure, Runamuck (as all the other free figures before, doesn't come with a box)

Alt Mode

Using the mold of Generations Wheeljack (which in itself is a retool of Reveal The Shield Turbo Tracks), Over-run transform into a sports car that resembles Chevy Corvette

Awesome finishing of Black and Red. It might not look so but the black used is glossy and the QC is well done here. Little to none smudge and paint chip can be seen (at least on mine)

Side by side with the previous 2 used of the mold, Generations Wheeljack and Reveal The Shield Turbo Tracks

Robot Mode

The battlecharger! Over-run comes with a retooled head (thank god) which I think is a nice touch. However, I do think they should opted with Turbo Tracks mold as it is taller

Spot on homage on the head, a really nice one at that. But take note that the new head doesn't have any light piping, just straight painting of the eyes

Articulation wise, he's great. Head, shoulders and legs on a ball joint, double jointed on the elbows, swivel on the wrist and ankles on ball joints. This allow a vast pose to be done. And unlike the regular releases, the joints on him is really tight.

Personally, this figure is great. I understand it's tad bit more expensive than regular releases, it comes down to your own preference. What I want is to have the G1 (US and Japan) characters to get a new own representation with better articulations and mold

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