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Thursday, 17 January 2013

TFC F-15 Eagle [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

Next is the 2nd part of Project Uranos, released not along after Phantom, the F-15 Eagle (Not-Air Raid).

Pic Credit : Web

Nothing much can be said about him but during the attack of Decepticons with their new weapons, the Stunticons, Air Raid had proven to be the most effective out of the Aerialbots in the battle, taking down Seekers whent his fellow members took a few hits

With that heroic act in mind, let us see the warrior, 80s style!

Pic Credit : Web
More or less like his team member, Fireflight. Don't get me wrong, this was almost 30 years ago that during that time, Air Raid and his geng was PRETTY DAMN AWESOME!!

Let's move on to TFC version of the Not-Air Raid, F-15 Phantom

Sorry, didn't get to take his picture before taking him out of the box, can't wait already, haha

TFC's artwork depicting Eagle. You can see that it potrays a bit more bulkiness then the figure really are (as was Phantom)

Box - Side View

Box -  Rear view

Eagle comes with the figure itself, Uranos's foot and a yellow extension that act as a display stand (used together with the foot)

Let's go to the alt mode first

Alt Mode

Seriously, I was really shocked at how amazing he looks. Has been awhile since I have a Classics Jet bigger than deluxe (aside for variants of Silverbolt, Powerglide and Jetfire)

A really fine detailing, with glossy black finishing

I would like to warn that Eagle (and Phantom, if not mistake) has a few sharp edges (namely on the side of the missiles, the tip of the fins, etc) so please transform with care if you don't want to have scratches

A small but great gimmicks nonetheless

Another nice gimmick of Eagle (which was a shame that Phantom doesn't have it) is the display stand

The gimmick was derieved with the need of using each and every part of Uranos's member which explained the absence of Phantom's.

 The ankle tilt allow the jet to be angle multiple way for display. However, the weight of the jet cause problem of toppling over

Comparison shots standard deluxe size jet (Classics Ramjet). Seeing this, I wonder how awesome it would be if the Seekers and Coneheads were upsized to voyager

Wonder if there would be separate stand (from any future Uranos add on) for Phantom

Robot Mode

Not sure about others but my first impression of him is less enthusiastic as I was with Phantom

Still, after some time, he kinda grows on me. He has a clean design and awesome transformation sequence, more involving compared to Phantom

 One thing I can't really get into though, the smirk on his face. However, the detailing is nice and piping as always, great

Kibbles are as much you could expect from a jet alt mode which I don't mind. However, the tip of the jet doesn't really lock into place (not falling, though). The thrusters were flip upwards giving me more stability than Phantom

Articulations are great with pretty much what you can expect from these kind of new figures. However, the wings need to be at different angle for the hands to be pose.

The missiles can either be hand held or attach to the side, the Seekers and Coneheads

One more additional gimmick is the missile launcher in his body compartment. Nice touch

Size comparison with Phantom

Combine Mode

As you all know, Not-Air Raid form the right leg of Not-Superion.

However, I would just change a small part of the configurations

Different from Hercules, Uranos's feet are formed with the help of external parts. This however, goes back to the G1 homage

Side View

Hercules uses the saddle joints on Structor and Madblender's body to act as the ankle joint which from my experience, aren't enough to take Hercules's weight. It's different with Eagle as the ankle is using ratchet joint

Some other range of articulations

Comparing to Hercules (based on Eagle), Uranos is looking to be having a sturdier combine form. Seems like TFC did their improvement on this that really made a different


  1. It's great to see G1 revived in such solid form. Truly awesome

    1. yes, TFC managed to do justice to these great team