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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fansproject WB-003 Warbot Assaulter

Reset my set so spent a few hours taking pictures of Assaulter. Thanks to my brother for this great Engagement Present, you rock! By the way, here's a bit about Assaulter (Not-Broadside)

Pic Credit : web

He's one of three G1 Autobots Triple-Changer with Springer and Sandstorm. He transformed into  a jet fighter (F/A-18 Hornet) and a 1200 ft aircraft carrier (mass shifting, apparently)

Still, that's not the biggest problem. Although impossible, he has a great design which sadly wasn't presented all that well

Problem? It's 1986 for god sake!

Alt Mode

His first alt mode would be an aircraft carrier. Although, Fansproject interpretation of it wasn't as his G1 counterpart rather Macross-like carrier

 He does have a few details that are consider hit-and-miss and for such a massive figure, the tabs are too little which easily unlock.

Even so, the alt mode is well executed and 'plausible' enough which I'm able to tolerate considering he's a triple changer

He's twice the length of Ramjet

Second alt mode would be a fighter jet. And looking at this, I really don't mind about his carrier mode

Fierce fighter


Slick design. Considering his massive and bulky robot mode, Fansproject did wonders designing such seamless alt mode

Comparison with Ramjet

Robot Mode

Presenting, one of the Wreckers, Not-Broadside! I got to say, Fansproject went on extra length to incorporate as homage as they can to this design.

Back view

I would rather prefer this configuration for the legs

Head sculpt

The next gimmick would be alternate head (inside of the helmet)

Nope, not my cup of tea

The last gimmick would be the alternate cockpit. Although most of the gimmicks might seems petty, it give chance for fans to choose their preferred configurations

Stability Test - Pass!

Design that limits the articulation of the thigh

One thing that surprise me was the articulations of this massive figure.

Swivel joints on the thighs, ankle tilts, waist joint, ball jointed wrists, swivel joints on the shoulders and a ball jointed head


He comes with 2-changer weapons set, one would be dual-wielding energon axes (homaging his G1 weapon)

And also Ion-Blasters

Comparison shot

My take? He's well worth-it! An awesome figure (and huge at that) HIghly recommended to any Transformers collectors and G1 fans specifically


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