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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

TFC Exgraver [Project Hercules] - Pictorial Review

Project Hercules started at 2011, created a wave of frenzy to the fans. Created by TFC, this is the first independent release that tackled Transformers Generation 1 combiners. A lot of love-or-hate comments thrown, some skeptical, some had faith.

Project Hercules (aka Not-Devastator) takes on G1's Constructicons, the first combiner of the G1 series.

From left to right: Scavenger, Mixmaster, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Hook and  Scrapper
Pic Credit : Web

 20 years ago, here's Devastator

The vintage design
Pic Credit : Web

With hard work and creative design, TFC accomplished (to me) the impossible and created this monster

Pic Credit : Web

I'm getting ahead of myself...

So, for starters

TFC (Project Hercules) Exgraver (Not-Scavanger)

In Package - Front View

In Package - Side view
Artwork of Exgraver
Out of Box

Aside from the fig itself (consist of the robot, the combine hand and detachable hoe), a 2-page manual and a biocard

Alt Mod

A new take on his G1 counterpart. A very slick looking and alt mode. One thing though, more detailing would be better to resemble a construction vehicle

Hercules's fist fit in the alt mode and hides well. The threads are actually on wheels and rolls smoothly

360 degree rotating hoe and working hydraulic gimmick, big win!

Size comparison with Classics Voyager Optimus Prime

Robot Mode

As simple as his G1 counterpart, as a Classics line fan, i personally think he fits really well. One thing that surprised me was the feel of it. Not hollow, a really sturdy plastic.

 Great paint job and finishing with awesome light-piping on the eyes.

If you guys are wondering whether he'll be back heavy when the hoe is attached, surprisingly no. It's really stable even without the hoe supporting him

But, the 1st release of Exgraver had a defect on the base of the hoe. Almost all suffered a crack that resulted by being too tight. So, if you're getting the 1st version, be sure the replacement parts are given (came with the 2nd component of Hercules, Heavy Labor).
 TFC fix the problem on the 2nd release of Exgraver

 The head is on a ball joint so wide range of motion although in certain angle, the combiner port is visible

Combine Mode

Size comparison with Takara 2010 Unicron

End of the first part, more to come with rest of the team


  1. when you compare with the vintage i see the huge differences...

    1. haha, but it was pure genius back in the days

  2. This is utterly amazing.