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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Transformers Classics Megatron (Voyager) - Pictorial Review

Presence of Optimus Prime alone is not enough in the Transformers Universe. The far end of the equation of fair, responsible, peace loving leader, comes the cruel, saddistic, war-born tyrant, Megatron of the Decepticons

Named from the fallen one of the first 13th, Megatronus, Megatron have his own vision in leading the Cybertronian to glory. Commanding an army, they meet face-on with the Autobots, defending their own version of justice that brought Cybertron to it's death

Sure, he looks awesome and menacing
Pic Credit : Web

Despite of his design in animation, Megatron actually came from a somewhat sad looking toys during the diaclone era. However, taking the form of a modified Walther P38, he definately had one of the coolest alt mode in Transformers history.

He's happy to see you
Pic Credit : Web
As I mention earlier, his 1984 toy was sad.... I don't mean any disrespect in which I now the technology of that era and the fact that it wasn't Hasbro design to begin with but I call things as it is (by the way the design of MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron is awesome).

After his career drop dead on 1986 movie, Megatron never became a gun again. Maybe he doesn't like people pulling the trigger. So, begin Megatron's career as a tank, a small aircraft, a T-Rex, a Dragon, a slightly smaller lizard-like dragon, something-something-that-is-also-a-hand, a beetlebug-tank and many more.

So in 2006, fans rejoice on the return of Megatron as a gun again...

Or did they?

Alt Mode
I was a Nerf before Nerf was cool!

Release as a Nerf gun with striking colors, Megatron made a comeback into firearm arena. However, not entirely Hasbro fault as they are bound with US's law which resulted to this abomination (LOL!) and the infamous orange cap.

Still, the alt mode is a nice unorthodox approach to bring back Megatron as he was 20 years before, comes with functional scope and trigger

Again, a different approach on Megatron, his robot mode consist of a pair of wings (which becomes the shell of his alt mode). Pardon mine, already yellowing on the shoulder.

This is a nice figure, color aside. Great aesthetic, above average articulations and posebility

The aesthetic of the a leader

However, I still think green is poor choice of color for his light piping, since red/purple always the choice for a Decepticons.

Mind you that this was released back when extra articulation weren't included so absence of ankle tilt, double jointed elbows, etc.

 My take on him? He's THE Classics Megatron for me. Even though Toyworld released Hegemon as a stand in figure for Megatron, I think Classics Megatron fits well in terms of re-imagining and modern take on G1 characters (Neo-G1 if you will)

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