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Friday 30 January 2015

Takara MP10A Convoy BAPE Version (Knockoff) - Pictorial Review

Not too often but there are few Transformers releases made as exclusives for a specific brand. One of the famous one would be Pepsi Convoy!

Carbonated drink is the right of all sentient being
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One brand in particular had released a number of exclusive, even more than others. A Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing company founded in 1993 (currently owned by Hong Kong company), currently available [at most part] around the world.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

The first of the exclusive was released in 2011, a green Convot Reissue BAPE Ver. The green version is the first out of 3 Bape Version of Convoy Reissue, released at 2011 (Green), 2012 (Black) and 2013 (Red Camo). The most recent release was quite different where it's no longer a Convoy Reissue but instead, green-camo Takara Masterpiece, MP10A Convoy.

This review however is not of original MP10A but instead a KO version.

In Package

First of, this figure is currently being sold at 95USD, roughly the same price as MP10B when it was first released.

KO MP10A comes with a box having the same design as the original version. The box does feel a bit lighter compared to MP10B but it's something not really noticeable unless you're looking.

One thing that I noticed was that the finishing of the box is not as fine as the original version and pretty dull (since I don't have access to original MP10A, the comparison was made between KO MP10A and MP10B).

Back View

Just like the original, KO MP10A comes with a tech spec and an instruction sheet.

Unlike the original, KO MP10A's matrix has a blue core while the original is gray. The blue core actually belongs to MP10 Convoy.

Alt Mode

A good KO, I must say. I had no problem transforming him between modes.

In general everything pegs in nicely which is great. However, connector between the legs are abit loose on mine and lining up the front part  of the cab does take a few tries.

The KO is rather impressive as unlike normal MP10, MP10A has more detailing especially the camo on the cab. The KO nailed it! The paint apps are clean and the finishing is well done.

Even the chrome parts are nicely done, don't really feel like KO to me but rather closer to the quality of the original.

However, there are few parts where the plastic is a bit defective. For instance, there's a lot of jetting marks on the back of the truck.

Other than few minor issues, I'm very satisfied with KO MP10A alt mode. Moving on to the robot mode.

Robot Mode

After few cycles of transforming him, there're no joints loosening or parts breaking. Great!

The detailing is very well done. The head sculpt is nice without any paint issue. But the most glaring defect of this mold is the chest can't be closed properly if the matrix is inside. Original MP10 has the same issue (but from what I've read, MP10A can close the chest all the way) but not as bad as this. A bit of sanding can be done to fix this issue though.

Back View

The definitive way to identify the KO is the shoulder. The original MP10A comes with a new left shoulder where the embossed insignia is not there but instead, A Bathing Ape logo.

The KO however has the insignia on the left shoulder and BAPE logo on the right.

Weapon Storage

Matrix Chamber

The joints are all surprising fine, unexpected considering it's a KO.

The KO does has an issue holding the gun as the pegs on his palm seems to be a bit bigger. The tight fingers however can help secure the gun.

There's no problem at all attaching the energon axe, as easy as it is for the original version.

What I posted only allow fans to identified KO MP10A from the figure so it'll be a problem if the figure you're buying is still MISB. However, shajaki of pointed out that :

Picture Credit : Shajaki/

"You'll see that the bottom right of the box (of the legit Takara version) has a stamp with "G1214". And if what I know about lot number is true, the 14 at the end probably means "made in 2014", but I digress. I think most figures of the same type and mold will have the same lot number, especially on such a limited run like this. So all legit MP BAPEs should have that number.

Below this, is the bottom of the KO box (I'm not bothering with other angles cause they're the same as the legit). You'll notice a couple differences, mainly that there's no bar code, and no lot number stamp. And BOOM. You just confirmed a sealed BAPE to be a KO."

Picture Credit : Shajaki/

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  1. I need the white version of this.. Hope they do a Diaclone Blue as well.