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Friday, 11 October 2013

Takara United TG-20 Ratbat - Pictorial Review

Haven't been reviewing normal/mass release figures for quite some time now but I'll make an exception for him.

Pic Credit : Web
Ratbat, along with Lazerbeak, is one of Soundwave's main minions. With alt mode of the ancient where most newer generation of kids won't even have a clue, Ratbat transform into a cassette tap, fitting into Soundwave's cassette player alt mode

Obsessed with efficiency and self-surviving, Ratbat was featured during the Battle of The Autobot City when the Decepticons ambushed and later succeeded in killing Optimus Prime. Taking Lazerbeak's task, Ratbat act as spy and information gatherer to give the Decepticons advantage over the Autobots

In Package

Ratbat is a robot instead of a..well, bat!! Blasphemous! (LOL) We'll get to that later. Ratbat is the first of the the new United figures (of Generations 3.0) that I got as the previous releases are the Fall Of Cybertron line which I (happily) skipped.

Carded in a somewhat G1-themed design packing, Ratbat has an awesome artwork on the top of the card, together with the "Transformers 30 Years" stamp

No, I can't read that

Near-bottom below his tech spec are 5 previous releases, TG-19 Grimlock, TG-15 Autobots Data Disc Set, TG-16 Decepticon Data Disc Set, TG-17 Blaster with Steeljaw and TG-18 Thundercracker

Comparison with Taraka United Decepticon Scourge (of Generations). Ratbat is the 4 variant of Scourge mold, last after Generations Scourge, United Scourge and eHobby Decepticon Set Clear Scourge

Alt Mode

As was Scourge, Ratbat transform into a Boeing X-48 based jet. Back when Scourge was first shown, he caught the attention of Transformers collectors with the awesome design and what seemed to be a great transformation

Ratbat has a great paint app with brilliant color scheme with Black, Gold and Purple which are Metallic at some of the part while glossy on the other

With United Scourge
Robot Mode

He is BADASS! I admit that at first, getting him was just for the sake of completing the variants but now in-hand, I'll regret if I didn't. Now, addressing the complaint. HOW IS THIS RATBAT? Most collectors see Ratbat's release is just to milk the collectors of their hard-earned money, taking any mold and slap them with any name. But that's not the case. Meet, Senator Ratbat

Pic Credit : Web
In the IDW Generation 1 Continuity, Ratbat was a member of the Senate before the war broke. Responsible for the the automation of Cybertron's energon mines, he was somewhat the reason Megatron, who was a miner back then, to rebel and flee underground.

Pic Credit : Web
Initially Ratbat's servant, Soundwave betrayed him and had his spark removed and transferred into the small compact form that Ratbat's known off

So, with that being said, is this NOT Ratbat? Beautifully done head sculpt based on the IDW version, with great paint job which I haven't seen much for quite sometime even with Takara releases.

Side View

Back View

Ratbat (and this mold) comes with weapon storage in both side of his wing, a much better look than of current Transformers toy with big a** weapon on top or at the side etc

Ratbat comes with pretty decent articulations

Ratbat has a ball-jointed head (a bit limited compared to Scourge due the head design), hinge and swivel on the shoulders, hinge on the elbow and wrist swivel, waist joint, double jointed thigh, hinge on the knee and ankle tilt


Compared to United Scourge, Ratbat has better joints, cleaner and richer paint scheme

With another Soundwave's minion, Overkill


Despite being satisfied with Ratbat's alt mode, I couldn't help but try doing his Bat Mode

Close enough~

The Verdict?

- If you go for 'accuracy' and think this is not Ratbat, read IDW's Megatron Origin and you'll find out
- But if you STILL can't get past that, name him something else but just buy him because he's great!


  1. bro mentioned he got better joint compare to Scourge? why isit? they are sharing the same mould isnt it?

    - kiien

    1. not sure, maybe better production run? the ball joint on his thighs, the joints on the shoulders, are tighter than Scourge

  2. What's your view in term of colour scheme btw takara n hasbro? I not so keen to collect both..

    1. em, if you don't want to collect all variant, there's no need for both. during the henkei years, takara variants were different enough at least but starting from united, there's are lesser differences. for instance the new takara generations springer, is kind of a let down. but some are worth getting, for instance this Ratbat

    2. Yup, Noticed that..but I have been looking for the right price for united perceptor..the colour scheme was amazing than RTS..price at ebay was ridiculous in my opinion..

    3. Same here, I've planned to complete my United Line but few have a ridiculous price tag like United Perceptor, Kup etc