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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fansproject [Causality] CA-12 Last Chance - Pictorial Review

It's been 3 months since I last reviewed Down Force and now Intimidator (Not-Menasor) is one step closer to finishing with CA-12 Last Chance (Not-Dead End)

The last limb of Menasor, Dead End of the Stunticons transform into Porsche 928, forming Menasor's left arm (although not exclusively). Along with the other Stunticons, Dead End was given life  by Vector Sigma in an attempt by Megatron to form a ground-based unit, rivaled by Autobots' Aerialbots

Released 27 years ago

In Package

Last Chance (Not-Dead End) comes in a same theme packaging as the previous three, but with different base color

Side View

Back View

Following the same formula, the back of the box are filled with Last Chance's toy image in different poses and his alt mode

Biocard and Instruction Sheet
Alt Mode

As opposed to his G1-counterpart, Last Chance transform into a Ferrari FXX, with roughly the same paint scheme of his former self

Last Chance has a nice paint job with full detailing which makes me really sad with how Hasbro and Takara releases are nowaday

Back View

Last Chance's gun can be split into two and attached underneath the alt mode for storing

Group shots

Left to Right : T-Bone, Down Force, Last Chance, Car Crash
Robot Mode

Transforming Last Chance is fun, like Down Force is. More or less intuitive. And from what I see, it appears that Fansproject keeps on improving their design from Car Crash to Last Chance

Like I said, his paint jon is excellent. And his head sculpt is the best compared to Car Crash, T-Bone and Down Force

Side View

Back View
Last Chance's gun can be stored on his back like the previous three members. The peg is tight enough to safely secure the weapon

Articulation wise, Last Chance has roughly the same range of movement as Down Force. However, the kibble on his hands does limit his hand posebility a bit

Last Chance has a ball jointed head and shoulders, swivel joint below the shoulders, double jointed elbows and swivel jointed wrists. On his lower body, ball jointed and swivel jointed thighs, hinge on his kness and ball jointed feet

Last Chance has a 360o waist swivel but it's restricted by the peg from the front part of his body. Detaching this allowing full turn of the waist

Solid and stable

Group Shots

Left to Right : Car Crash, Down Force, Last Chance, T-Bone

It turns out, Last Chance is my personal favourite out of the 4

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