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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Generations IDW Waspinator - Pictorial Review

Hasbro surprised many with their choices in the new Generations 3.0 (Thrilling 30) lineup, starting from Springer and Blitzwing, then the gigantic Titan Class Metroplex. Not only that, they also released a character from a line that its reboot back in 2008 was long forgotten, Waspinator of Beast Wars!

The Maximal

Many not know Beast Wars, some even call it an abomination for me personally, Beast Wars had on of the best storyline of all the Transformers series, albeit with some shady computer-animation (but understandable considering the time it was aired)

Pic Credit : Web
Either people had watched Beast Wars or not, most of them WILL know him. Despite being a fan's favorite, the universe (well, Beast Wars universe, at least) hate him! Imagine any bad circumstances, any disaster, any battle, you can bet that most probably Waspinator sustained (at least some) damage.

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However, all the tortures, the humiliations, the disrespect, the constant explosions and everything the universe throws at him, Waspinator is a survivor and loyal to the Predacons'cause

Beast Wars Waspinator (1996/1997)
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 In Package

First of all, I would like to thank a dear friend for lending me this figure as I have to skip Waspinator and the upcoming Rhinox just like I skipped Universe Cheetor and Dinobot

Just like previous Generations IDW, Waspinator comes with a comic book. And the Decepticons symbol is replaced by the Predacon symbol

Waspinator's Bio
Back View
Hasbro Exclusive Cover
I personally really like the artwork on the cover as opposed to Waspinator's computer-animation back in Beast Wars. I won't be revealing anything about the comic but here's my best part

That's right! Clash of the Titan, Metroplex VS Monstructor

Alt Mode

Wazzzzzzzpinatezzzzz! In hand, I'm rather surprised on how accurate he looks. Transformation wise, he's a lot of fun, not too complex and intuitive.

Waspinator has a really nice detailing, not to mention superb paint app. The alt mode stays togather nicely without any loose parts

One thing though, I found that the stinger (converted from his gun) doesn't sit flush in his abdomen

Waspinator's legs are strong enough to support his weight which is a plus considering most figure with this design, the legs are unable to withstand its own body weight

Waspinator has a gimmick where the wings flap where you pull the tab

Scene from 'Honey, I shrunk the kid'

Robot Mode

Waspinator in his glory! He is by far the best figure of his wave

Though he needed more paint app, Waspinator's head is really accurate to his design back in Beast Wars. This may be fixed with Takara release later

Back View
Waspinator has few kibbles which is acceptable considering his character design. And he has a really visible hollow place on his alt mode's abdomen where his gun should be

Waspinator's articulations can be considered on par with most of the newer Generations figures. He has ball-jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, hinges on his elbows and wrists swivel, double-jointed thigh, hinges on his knees and his feet. Waspinator however lacks wrist swivel and ankle tilts

Feels like 97 again
Prime : Should I call pest control...?

What's my take on Waspinator? He's great! It's kind of sad considering I have to skip him...


  1. I don't like BW but I think Waspinator is very beautiful.

    1. Agreed. Him and Rhinox are the reason that my wife decided to collect them

  2. where can i find the stand????

    1. I'm not sure where you're from but basically, here's a pic a it, called Gundam Action Base