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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Toyworld TW-T03 Trace - Pictorial Review

Recovering from the heartache of Doubledealer, now is a review of a figure that I've been anxiously waiting for, the next Not-Throttlebot by Toyworld, TW-T03, Trace. It seems than this year has been a good year for Toyworld and I especially love most of their releases. Can't wait to see their next release for Not-Throttlebots, Not-Headmasters and of course, the IDW versions of Not-Megatron and Not-Magnus

Pic Credit : Web
The bot that talks more than he should, Chase will strike others as being a motormouth braggart. Still, despite his flaws, Chase able to win the attention of all his comrade with his enthusiasm and flaring charisma. A rather great scout, Chase paid attention to details and the perfection of the mission he carried out. That would include taking things into his own hand which most often than not, led him into trouble

.. Yet he can reach 240 mph top speed..what's your excuse?Pic Credit : Web

In Package

Following the same scheme as Grindrod and Aurora, Trace comes in a red box, complimenting his own colors (as were Grindrod's and Aurora's boxes)

One thing though, I'm kinda bored with the template design of Toyworld's releases. Hope they'll update this for a fresh looks of their future releases (but keep the old template for the Not-Throttlebot and Not-Headmasters)

TW-T01, TW-T02 and TW-T03
Something did improve. Trace has a sturdier box than Grindrod and Aurora, hope they'll maintain the quality

Trace's Biocard

Trace manual actually is not helping much there's a lot of detail in the transformation been left out, not sure intentionally or coincidentally

Alt Mode

Gorgeous! Trace comes in a mix of vibrant red and black with few silver-colored parts. Unlike his G1 counterpart's Ferrari Testarossa alt mode, Trace instead transform into a car 'inspired' by Lamborghini Urus

Yeap, 'inspired'
|Pic Credit : Web

Trace has an impressive detailing all-over, especially on the rims (which 'coincidentally', the same as Lamborghini Urus)

Aside from the impressive detailing, Trace seems to be an improvement compared to Grindrod and Aurora in terms of the plastic quality, which is obviously better and more solid

Half of the Not-Throttlebot

Compared to the first two release, Trace is a bigger than both. Am not really good at scale and car but I think it's about right

Robot Mode

By far, Trace has the most complex transformations out of the 3, in fact more complex compared to most CHURGs cars. Also, Trace is different than Grindrod and Aurora in terms of not having the signature design on the chest (homaging G1 Throttlebots)

The overall plastics and joints are really solid, however there are panels that you need to watch carefully in order not to stress them

Back view

Trace actually has a great light-piping though not visible in my pictures, sorry

Gorgeous head sculpt but am not sure why he has a mustache?

Out of the three Not-Throttlebot, Trace definately has the best design. Unlike Aurora and Grindrod, Trace be put in almost any way you want but still looks heroic as hell, haha

Trace has a ball jointed head, shoulders on a hinge and ball joint with hinge on the elbows and swivel joints between the elbows and the shoulders. Trace has a waist joint, although a bit lower, double-jointed thighs, hinges on the knees for 90o range of movement backwards and ankle tilts

My version of stability test

One minor complaints is that Trace is noticibly bigger than the first two which kind of bothers me a bit. But maybe when the team is complete, it'll look ok, who knows

Throttlebot Assemble!

Combine Mode

Trace and his team was rumored to be able to combine and form a gestalt. The talks continues when Toyworld themselves posted picture of Aurora and Grindrod in Leg configurations. So, let's try Trace

Trace seems to be able to form a what looks like to be a combiner's hand (without the fist)

This can easily be a fan mode but the fact that there's 2 peg on Trace's leg to attach them together might confirmed the rumors as these pegs aren't used in neither robot mode nor alt mode. Also, there's two round hold on the blue parts  (above) that looks like a peg for gestalt's fist

Another is the 3 round holes on Trace's body suggesting pegs combining the hand with the main body

Am really anxious to know, what will the gestalt looks like (if there's going to be any)? Somehow I think it would be a homage to this, maybe?

Gobot's Puzzler
Pic Credit : Web


  1. Still waiting for the final combiner before decide to buy or not? Do you thinks its worth it?

    1. Em, for me, I like them as throttlebot, not sure I'll gonna like the combiner mode IF it's not a real character. But, if the combiner mode is important to you, better just wait. In short, if as Individual, worth it