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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Generations Hoist - Pictorial Review

Generations 3.0 continues, now with 2 additional Deluxes through the 2nd Wave release, Generations Hoist and Thundercracker. Sadly though, Thundercracker is FOC Starscream's repaint which by default, I won't buy it. So that left me with Hoist. Who is Hoist?

Pic Credit : Web
A familiar face to the fan (maybe because he looks like Trailbreaker), Hoist is one of the favorite recurring character in the G1 cartoon. Most notable episode would be "The Master Builder" where upon rejection, Hoist and his trouble-mate, Grapple, turns to the Constructicons for help so they could build the Solar Power Tower (which back then, was a big deal)

Although not apparent, Hoist was a doctor to the Autobots, almost as much as Ratchet was. Hoist never really played a big role throughout the series but he were there for the most of it. Before we move on, here's a blast from the past

G1 Hoist
Pic Credit : Web

Alt Mode

For more detail review of the mold, please checkout out Generations Trailcutter from before

Generations Hoist is basically a green Trailcutter (as his G1 toy was) with different accessories for each of them

Front View
Being that Hoist consist of mostly colored plastic and only few parts are painted, the overall looks are good

Side View

Side By Side Comparison

In general, Hoist and Trailcutter are exactly the same aside from the weapon which form Hoist's hook and Trailcutter's cover. It is also noted that, Hoist have full colored rims while Trailcutter's are plain white

Robot Mode

Another reason why Generations 3.0 excites me. Hoist is gorgeous

Homaging his G1 toy, Hoist (like Traicutter) has a sensor on his back facing forward. However, unlike Trailcutter, I don't really like this look

I prefer the sensor to be facing upward hence giving his a different look than Trailcutter

Back View

Hoist's hook can be folded to form his gun which to me is nice touch. However, mine came with sloppy paint job. Though, it might just be mine

Another improvement would be that the shoulders can be properly pegged to the body, unlike Generations Trailcutter

Since Hoist shared the same mold as Trailcutter, I won't be reviewing his articulations but these pictures can be used as referance

With Trailcutter

Due to the difference in their color scheme, in addition to the different head and weapon, Trailcutter and Hoist doesn't look like sharing the same mold at all

Generations 3.0 brought a nice twist to these duo. Given new aesthetic, they look like a totally different characters but at the same time, homage their G1 incarnation perfectly


  1. Hi man,
    Both hoist n trailcutter were hasbro version? Do you bought takara ones? Which one you preferred most?

    1. Yes, both are Hasbro. I will once they reach my shore. I haven't seen takara's myself yet but based the pics on the internet, Takara has an awesome paint app especially for Trailcutter