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Monday, 26 August 2013

TFC AV-8B Harrier II [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

It's been 4 months since the last update on Project Uranos. It might be old news already for some, I've just received the 4th member, AV-8B Harrier II (Not-Slingshot)

Pic Credit : Web

A selfish jerk! That pretty much summed him up. Slingshot, along with other members of the Aerialbots, was created as countermeasure and answer to The Stunticons threats. However, Slingshot made it clear that the safety of the earth, human and fellow Autobots are none of his concerns. Not to mention his zero respect to his commander, Silverbolt.

Despite having his opinion about the Autobots and protecting the innocence changed, Slingshot admired the Decepticons Jets and more, Megatron himself. It didn't last as Slingshot and the rest of the Aerialbots went back in time to Cybertron's pre-war era and watched with their own optics as past-Megatron casually destroy past-Orion Pax.

Pic Credit : Web
With that, he declared that Megatron will never be able to run from the Aerialbots ever again! Which Megatron did...over and over again...

In Package

Just like the previous members, AV-8B Harrier II (Not-Slingshot) packed in Alt Mode. I really wished that TFC would do better in packing them, instead of letting parts fall off here and there

From Project Hercules till Project Uranos, I gave always admired the character artworks TFC did of their releases

Robot Mode-Alt Mode-Combined Mode
TFC Harrier comes with a bio-card and a manual, aside from the figure itself.


Instructions Sheet

TFC followed the same formula from the 6 members of Hercules towards the 4th members of Uranos (and the 5th will likely follow suit) which honestly to me a bit dull. Hopefully they changed it during Project Ares

Alt Mode

Presenting, Not-Slingshot, in alt mode different from his G1 incarnations of British Aerospace Sea Harrier, a model introduced in 1978 with the current AV-8B Harrier II

One thing that I like with each release of TFC Uranos, is their alt mode. The jet is beautifully made with great detailing. That, paired with the size, kind of beats most Transformers with realistic jet modes (especially those of TFTM, ROTF and DOTM)

S5HOT - Slingshot

Despite the quality of the box, TFC does focus on their figure, a lot. Harrier has a lot of detailing and really nice finishing

Like previous members, Harrier's cockpit can be open

One extra gimmick is the the extra landing gear on both wings to follow the real Jet. However, the landing gear at the front is a bit too short tilting the jet forward

I need a bigger set
Robot Mode

Not-Slingshot in robot mode. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit underwhelmed the first time TFC showed his picture. However, in hand, he's a lot better

Harrier consist of red and white colors with some black, roughly the same colors of his G1 self

Harrier has nice detailing with clean paint job. Head sculpt was really well-made albeit the use of red instead of the orange-ish color his G1 toy had

Harrier's back is more-or-less the same as Phantom's where it gets a bit crowded on the legs with the wings attached. However, not to a point of limiting his articulations

Articulations wise, Harrier comes with ball jointed head, hinges and swivels on the shoulders, waist joints, double-jointed thighs and ball jointed feet

As opposed to Phantom, Harrier has a better waist swivel with no squeaky sound and tighter

Chest compartment can be opened
 Now, for the big question, at least to me. Is Harrier a repaint/simple retool of Phantom?

2 hands of Uranos
Let's observe

The lower leg of Harrier is totally different from that of Phantom's

Phantom and Harrier, despite having roughly the same structure, has totally different design to them, in terms of the mold.

Can't wait for the last figure

Combined Mode

First let me say it, I hate TFC for not giving the left leg first! Carry on

Harrier transformed into Uranos's left hand with same transformation as Phantom's as the right hand.

However, I'm still thinking how to configure his wings, between attaching it to the lower arm or upper arm. Opt for the upper arm for now

Unlike Hercules, Uranos will end up with bulky upper body (which is fine for me though)

Uranos is shaping up nicely, can't wait for the 5th member and the add-on set. Great quality on Harrier by the way, nicely done, TFC

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