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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Generations IDW Orion Pax - Pictorial Review

Now, for the best of the bunch, the last of Generations 3.0 First Wave Deluxe, the most anticipated (I know I did), iconic and obscure character in the G1 continuity.

Before there was a Soldier, there was a civilian, before there was war, there was peace, before there was the greatest leader Autobots had ever had, there was the run-of-the-mill bot, Orion Pax

Orion Pax and Ariel (the former Elita-One)
Pic Credit : Web

Based on the G1 continuity, before the war broke out and devastate Cybertron, bringing the inhabitants to the brink of extinction, Optimus Prime was known as Orion Pax, hard-working dock worker that knew nothing about war, let alone commanding one side of it.

Towards the end of Golden Age of Cybertron, a new generation of Cybertronian surfaced, more powerful  with the new robot-mode flight, lead by the one and only, Megatron. Fate brought them together, Megatron took interest in the dock warehouse where Orion Pax was at and the clash begin...but ended shortly with Orion Pax and Ariel being critically wounded. 

End of Orion Pax
Pic Credit : Web
Brought to Alpha Trion who in return, helped to save them, Orion Pax and Ariel were both used as the first subject to his new reconstruction process, restructuring and reconfiguring them as Optimus Prime and Elita-One respectively. (Elita One's name shares the same root meaning as Optimus Prime's: "Best First")

G1 Orion Pax and Dion
Pic Credit : Web

In Package

Presenting, Generations IDW Orion Pax

Like Megatron's comic book cover, am not really a fan of the facial expression. Other than that, the artwork is stunning

Alt Mode

Gorgeous! That's what I think. Oriox Pax's alt mode resembles a modernize pickup truck in Blue and Red with a little hint of yellow, like Classics Optimus Prime was.

Detailing wise, it's better that Generations Trailcutter and Bumblebee. The rims are painted and the paint app are very clean.

However, I've grown tired of the unpainted, grey plastic that the current Transformers figure have.

Size Comparison

Size wise, I think Orion Pax fits well with Classics Optimus Prime mold (don't have all of my collection right now so I used United Black Convoy instead) giving a nice continuation between Orion Pax and Optimus Prime

Robot Mode

Orion Pax, locked and loaded! His transformations is very involving and also resembles that of Classics Optimus Prime mold

Not only that, the way Orion Pax is design too resembles Classics Optimus Prime mold noticably on the chest and abs, also, the yellow paint the arm

Orion Pax is basically Optimus Prime without the mouth plate. The sculpt and detailing are nicely done

Like Trailcutter, Orion Pax is considerably not hollow compared to most figures today.

Articulations wise, Orion Pax has wide range of articulations. Ball-jointed head, double-jointed shoulders, wrists swivel, waist swivel, double-jointed thighs, more than 45o knee joint and ball-jointed feet

Size Comparison

Orion Pax size befitting the fact of he's pre-Optimus Prime

Of the 4 figure released, I must say my favorite would be Orion Pax and Trailcutter. However, if these are indicators of how Generations 3.0 will be, sign me in all the way!

You're million years too-early to challenge me


  1. so IDW design are OK in your book? :D

    1. Haha, yup. Considering IDW design has been in CHURGs line for quite some time

  2. What's the actual retail price?