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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fansproject [Causality] CA-11 Down Force - Pictorial Review

First and foremost, thanks to 1 Toy for lending me this figure to be reviewed

Pic Credit : Web

The third member of the Stunticons, Drag Strip is the most competitive spark in the group. Winning no more becomes an option, it's a must for that he rather be obliterated than losing. Like the rest of his comrades, Drag Strip debut in the 2-part episode "The Key To Vector Sigma"

Drag Strip is one the recurring charatcters that showed up in almost all publications. He was originally voiced by Ronald Gans in the G1 animated series

Back in the days
Pic Credit : Web

In 2008, Drag Strip, a re-deco of Classics Deluxe Mirage was released under Universe Special Edition which only had 4 figures on its catalogue.

Now, let us continue with the 3rd release of Fansproject's Not-Stunticons, Down Force (Not-Drag Strip)

In Package

Like the previous members, Down Force came in his own box theme, like Car Crash (Dark Blue) and T-Bone (Red/Black)

Down Force's mode and poses

Down Force comes with an instruction sheet and a bio-card. Can't help but notice, the his artwork is really nicely done. However, it's too slim compared to the figure

Alt Mode

 Personally, not the best alt mode for him. The car looked a bit weird somehow

Not only that, I wish Fansproject could've incorporated the 4-front wheels to homage his G1 self more

Despite all that, the Alt Mode felt solid and holds together nicely. The 2 yellow parts on the side of his crotch is his gun, stored nicely

Size wise, Down Force is around 2/3 of Universe Drag Strip's length. You can see the different tone of yellow used in both of the figure. Wonder though, if Down Force can be better using red color as Universe Drag Strip, instead of light blue

2 more to go for the team to be at full force!

Down Force, more or less the same size as his comrade

Robot Mode

Now, the best part. He is better than Car Crash and T-Bone. Transformation wise, he is a lot of fun

Amazing head sculpt and detailing. Down Force really has great QC, nothing to complaint in terms of the finishing

Articulations wise, Down Force has wider range of motions than his current teammates. Down Force felt easy and intuitive to pose compared to Car Crash and T-Bone

Down Force came with ball-jointed head, waist swivel,  double jointed shoulders and arms, and swivel on the wrists. The thighs are on ball-joint and swivel joint.

However, his knees really a limited with less than 45o range, due to his design

Never would have thought that Down Force would be almost a head shorter than the previous two.

Despite the design and color, Down Force fits well with Car Crash and T-Bone.

Although it might just be a coincidence, Fansproject seems to improve the design of the Not-Stunticons project. And if Down Force is the testament for that, can't wait for the rest of the to come out

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